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As much as i love big futa-cocks..
That is a bit to much.

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I want to nap on dem balls

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Which size is right then?

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Giant warm cock dakimakura?
..A dakicockura?

Either way, do want.

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Is this what you want?

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Her scrotum hangs over her dick. Over her dick. Starting above her dick. Above it.

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I bet it has the most amazing smell...

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That size right there is pretty okay.
As long as she can put it inside someone without killing them it is a okay size.

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Take all my money.jpg

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All dickgirls by this artist have smegma, so we can assume she also has some hidden away.

Not really a dakimakura, it's too small to even hug it.

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>Not really a dakimakura, it's too small to even hug it.
Damn it.

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A pure girl must have drawn it

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Don't question the futa anatomy.

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I can't be the only person who enjoys the unnatural superiority of futa without balls.

Balls just are not pretty.

Also I know .jp/ is all about being an unmoderated shithole but can we at least keep the stuff spoilered?

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oh god, fortunately I creamed myself in a messy way five minutes ago...I can't pass 24/7 masturbating to futa.

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So where would someone find a dakimakura like this anyways?
I only want to buy one for scientific purposes and study.

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Where the fuck has meido been these days?

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On /jp/ deleting threads. He's not on 24/7.