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Doesn't it seem kind of useless to have a sign that does nothing but point out Rumia?

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You have no idea how useful it is at night. Even Rumia needs it so she doesn't get lost.

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☜ Rumia

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Ostatnio byłem w Rumii...

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Why would she need it at night? She manipulates the dark, she should be used to those conditions.

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Yes, she should, but that doesn't changes the fact that it is confirmed by canon that she bumps into trees sometimes

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Haven't you heard? Little Rumia can't even see past the darkness sphere she generates. Because of that, she constantly bumps into things at night.

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A ja w niej mieszkam

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It's a warning. She eats humans.

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Why do they have to be foreign humans? Fucking racist nips at it again!

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Foreign as in, humans without magical power who stumbled into gensokyo

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>stumbled into
Sure, we'll go with that.