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Good evening, /jp!/

What's your favorite kind of cake?

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Carrot. Why?

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Remember /jp/, little girls shouldn't have too much cake. They're already sweet enough!

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>little girl cake

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Momiji, I waited since 1:00 in the morning for you.
I have work tomorrow.
I love you.

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Cakes made out of little girls?
I don't think anyone else would enjoy that..

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Aww.. Thanks for waiting, I'll try to be earlier tomorrow!

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Boston cream pie

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Momiji, do you mind if I live with you? I don't have a place to stay in Gensokyo.
Also, is there something I could call you for short?

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Where did Momiji go?

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Momiji, I just wanted to talk!

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But isn't Momiji short enough?
Maybe you should ask if you can stay at the shrine? I'm sure the shrine maiden would give you a place to stay

But I'm right here

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Momiji is so long, I want to call you something like Momi or Mo-chan.
Do you think Sanae would let me stay at her shrine? I don't think the youkai nearby would take kindly to me...

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Momiji, is your vagina like a human's or like a wolf's?
Would you feel unsatisfied if I wasn't able to knot you?

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I'm sure they'd be happy to help you, in exchange for your faith
How about Momiji-chan?

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Interestingly positive reception to this one, what differs these from these and Satori's or chubby.jpg's?

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Six of these responses are mine.
And this thread is the closest I can ever come to actually speaking with Momiji.

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Are you making fun of me?

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No! I just... I really want to know!
I'm sorry if I'm being rude.

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We will never know the truth.

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Eh? Are you baking a cake, Momiji?

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Are you the only one making posts in these threads then?

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Honestly it's a bit frustrating and I have to resist the urge of snapping their cock off

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No, he's not.

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Then my first question still stands

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I don't like cake, but I do love me some apple pie (or any pie).

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Wait, which kind are you talking about?
...and why are we talking about this?

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Now it makes sense.
But... who is they?

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I've always given RPers a positive reception. RP is nice as long as it's not spammed.

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>momiji has the wolf vagina
That's all I needed. Thanks you Momi-chan~

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One warped individual with dissociative identity disorder and alot of free time.

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Momiji, can you explain why you're so rude to Suwako?
I mean, she doesn't seem like such a bad person...

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Actually I don't like pie all that much, aside from pot pies. They're usually too sweet

I thought we were talking about wolf vaginas
Becasue it was brought up

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Nononono. See >>7863888

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Momiji, how was your day?

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I thought this was a satori thread. I've stopped paying attention to poster identity.

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Momiji, how many people have you had sex with?
I'm just curious, you don't need to answer if you don't want to.

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He's a virgin, of course.

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My Tengu companions

It was great, thank you for asking~

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Makes sense.

Hey virgin guy pretending to be Momiji, how many people has the real Momiji had sex with?

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You mean... you're not pure...?
Do male wolf tengus have knots?

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At least 4

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Only team shanghai alice knows that~

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You are a furry.

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I never knew how versed in bestiality terms your were /jp/.

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No, I just have a weird fascination with animal sex organs.

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Wasn't aware "knot" was such a high level word in an esoteric order. I'd kind of expect knowledge of that to be common.

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Facepalm, facepalm everywhere

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It's more of a bestiality thing, really.
I don't want them to be like that on the outside, just on the inside.

Wanko to Kurasou is what started all this.

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The fucking sex scenes in wanko man.

Goddamn I never want to learn that much from a japanese porn game ever again.

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Man, I fucking WISH other visual novels were that detailed.
The art was also great (to me, at least).

I think we scared her off in either case. Dumb bitch.

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The only way i'd be pro something like that is if biologist anon/nat geo anon did it.

Then it would be wonderful.

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I'm glad you're here, I need to ask you a question:
Do male wolf tengus have knots?
I don't know if you have experience or photographs or just common knowledge, but I need to know.

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Can't say I know 'em.
Maybe I should try my hand at writing something like that... Only problem is that I'd have nothing to compare it to.

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>scared of /jp/
I disagree. You're all horrible people.

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The art style was cute, but expressions kind of looked weird to me.

The veritable biology lessons given in H-scenes at least made them bearable, better than jibberish pleasure words or worse yet; aquatic analogies

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Well it did become my #1 fetish over time, so I guess I have stronger feelings toward it.

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>mfw never played/read wtk
>mfw i have no face

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You guys ruined the one chance I had to talk to my waifu.
I hate you guys.

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the descriptions?

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An anon takes interesting species of plants and animals and then makes them moe visual novel trope'ish girls.

Search "just imagine" on the archive for a few minutes and you'll probably bring up one or two of his post. Though I don't know if there have been any recent ones.

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The descriptions and just the whole idea in general.
Animals... but people.
I'll look it up. Thanks.

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Relax, she'll probably be back tomorrow.

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You make it sound like some novel idea to have anthropomorphic characters.

Unless you mean the fine details of course, which is actually part of your first line.

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I don't mean people with a few animal features, I mean actual animals as people.
That just... I don't know, it's hard to describe. I'm sure a lot of fetishes are like that.

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Humans with animal genitalia and quasi-behaviors but still humans?

Like monstergirls sorta.

>> No.7864015

I guess I understand. As a fetish I suppose you mean what traits they share with the animal halves, most importantly the anatomy/behaviros surrounding the reproductive system.

That's a rather specific fetish, but then I have specific ones too.

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Yeah, but in a few specific areas as opposed to the whole thing.
That's pretty much straight-on.

The closer their mind/sexual tendencies are to an animal, the more it turns me on. At the same time, I wouldn't really want to have sex with a real wolf or anything.

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I think you guys scared her away.

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She's not the real Momiji, don't worry about it.
It's probably some sicko who gets his kicks by portraying Momiji to be some slutty bitch.

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I can see the lure of having mating behaviors like seasons being in heat, but generally that'd be a bit weird.

Though I can't deny that it'd be a bit cute to have them be more or less human except when they goof up or fall to their animal ways.

Such as perhaps you're talking with one while tossing a ball against a wall, as they converse back, more and more of their attention is drawn to the ball you're tossing. You toss it bad and fail to catch and it goes bouncing off elsewhere, at which point they'd completely stop talking and lunge out of their chair to capture the stray ball, gnaw on it some before realizing what they just did and be overcome with embarrassment . That's actually kind of common i think.

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Yeah, I've seen it a few times in a few manga, but it's never really expanded on in anything.
It's an unscratchable itch.

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You have to rely on media for that? I know I have a vivid imagination, but is it just no good for others?

>> No.7864049

Well I can use my imagination too, I just wish I could see it a bit more often instead of constantly having to make my own stuff up in my head.

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But he doesn't.

>> No.7864060

Read between the lines and pay attention to the details, you'll notice a lot of little things here and there.

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Details like her sleeping with FOUR different guys in the hundreds/thousands of years she's been alive?
Golly gee what a slut.

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Yet a few threads ago she said to one anon that she couldn't love him because she only loved Lord Tenma.
And she was rude to Suwako for no apparent reason.
And she said she has to resist snapping off people's cocks.
And she said she doesn't like Marvel vs Capcom 3!

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You're right, this proves everything!

Go to bed, Hatate. You're no good at this.

>> No.7864085

tengu are the worst goblins.

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Look, I know even calling it a stretch is, well, a bit of a stretch, but I just have a bad feeling about this guy.
Like he's trying to poison our minds with false information or something.

I know I shouldn't be pointing or calling names without any real evidence, but there's something unsettling about it that just nags at me...

You don't need to pay attention to me until I can prove it, I understand that much.

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/jp/ - Physical Anatomy

Also, did we lose Momi?

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Looks like it.
Sorry about that.
She'll be back tomorrow, hopefully earlier than today.
She promised.

I'll try not to scare her off, I learned some valuable information.

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Hm. Yes, well, at least we learned something today.

Also, is there a quick link for WTK? I'm curious, now.

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Just use >>>/rs/, it can't be that hard to find.

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Yellow cake.

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There isn't nearly enough cake in here.

Princess cake or chocolate mudcake.

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