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What would you do with a touhou on the bed?

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lewd things

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Lewd things

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I'd hug.

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There are no beds in hell

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Don't post your shitty /a/ memes on /jp/ please. We don't find them funny here.

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I would hug her tight. Oh god I'm so lonely ;_;

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You should be telling that to the OP, silly.

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decent things

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yeah, me too. I want to take her hands and keep them in mine. I want to touch her face with mine. thigh on thigh. chest on chest. breath on breath.
just for a night.

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I would hold her gently all through the night. Run my fingers through her hair, nuzzle my face into it and sniff her a bit. The just fall asleep with her in my arms.

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I nearly cried from the thought.

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>I don't care. I just want to sleep with Aya, and I want to remember every second of it. I want to listen to her quiet breathing, I want to watch her shift around in her slumber, I want to see her chest slowly rise and fall, I want to feel her cuddle up next to me unconsciously, I want hear her sleep-talk, I want to remember every slight detail from the moment we climb in bed to the second I drift to sleep.

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This is disgusting

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.../jp/...I want to know, do you still hope in a miracle? do you still stare blankly at a window blackened by the twilight, waiting for her to knock at the glass, and bring you with her where nightmares goes to sleep?
because, deep down, under all my years...I'm still waiting.

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I'd hug her and cry.

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Happiness doesn't come to you, that's why you have to work towards it.

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Yeah, Cirno's wings look like they would hurt if they poked you.

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Wrastle and get my ass handed to me.

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Be fucking pissed we couldn't afford a damn couch.


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I'd paint her portrait.

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She will be the one to grope Nue's breasts.

Powerful isn't it?

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Wait till she's sound asleep and then I'd wake up because touhous don't exist and you'd have to be a sad fuck to want to be in a fantasy world with a fantasy girl.

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I don't want to wake up, I'm sleeping only since a couple years. I'm so tired...let me dream a little more.

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And I would play that famous bed-top sport for indoor types.

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I'd get a bit of hardboard and play some motherfucking Battletech with her.

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Look at each other and smile. Then, when she leasts expects it, start tickling her from under the sheets. She laughs a little and tries to defend herself, but my tickles become more forceful and she flips on her back and in the fetal position starts to flap her wings frantically and laugh hysterically. As she runs out of breath I stop, and she holds her hand over her forehead with her eyes closed, blushing as if she just had an orgasm. Then to calm her down as she catches her breath I start to softly stroking her head, running my fingers through her long strands of hair, occasionally taking small sniffs of its pleasant aroma. I pet her in such a way that causes her to make cute little Unyu noises, which makes her start to resemble more of a loyal pet than a lover. At first she doesn't notice, but then regains her composure, embarrassed and blushing bright red from behaving in such a way. She seems a little ashamed, but I put my hand on her cheek and kiss her on the forehead, letting her know that I thought it was cute. and we go back to looking at each other and smiling.

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>this thread
I thought the other boards were kidding about your autism.

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Liberate tutemet ex /jp/

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But most autistic people wouldn't like being touched.
I think you have lonely confused with autistic.

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Get out of /jp/ then.

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/h/ likes the vanilla lovey stuff too. Anyone with reasonable taste does.

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this thread made me cry. not figuratively, I really cried, with tears, snot and wails. the first time in years. and I feel better now.

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Watch movies all day, eventually falling asleep with her in my arms. She'd be so soft, softer than both my blanket and pillows combined. When the night is over and the new day has begun, I'd gently sneak out of bed to make her breakfest.


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I'm not sure, but it would be overwhelmingly awkward.

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It is not surprising as to why Lovey dovey stuff is favored though. It, more often than not, has a plot or at least tries to have one, compared to other works.

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And the worst thing is, that the situation like that will never happen.
For her, I would be some uninteresting human, that is ignored by everyone.
But at least I can dream...

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Diaper her.

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I have absolutely no idea how a jealous woman who sold her humanity for revenge and then got sent to Hell would react to my advances.

I would take it really, really easy.

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Well even in standalone pictures it's appealing. But fair point.

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Depends. Is she able to move?

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...let's say she isn't.

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I would fart on her face while hugging her.

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it goes a little something like this

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It depends.
If she was Remilia, I'd surrender myself to her and let her do whatever the fuck she wants to me.
If she was Marisa/Reimu, I'd fuck her like crazy.
If she was Patchy, I'd hug her tight and fall asleep just like that :3
If she was cirno, I'd punch her in the face.
As for the rest, I dunno.

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If she was Chen, I'd honk her.

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flan why must you have those hips
put those down
you're going to hurt somebody

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Fuck you /jp/. I was about to fap, but then I read this thread and now I've lost my boner and I'm writhing in self pity.

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Where is Flan's right leg?

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Under her butt.

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I'm probably being too anal, feel like we would see it because legs shouldn't bend to be out of sight like that.

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I'd report and sage you're thread, retard.

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What would you do with a touhou handcuffed to the radiator?

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With a Touhou on the bed? Now, that would be a cozy situation: you and your Touhou would sit on the bed with the laptop in front of you and you would think of insults for OP together, joking and laughing, then after a while, you'd both get aroused by the moment, throw the laptop aside and start taking off each other's clothes. The rest is lewd details.

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Wouldn't it be strange browsing /jp/ with your Touhou and constantly seeing lewd pictures of her?

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Move it off the bed, obviously.