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Patchouli is going to love this place I built for her.

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Indoor suicide rates just skyrocketed.

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Marisa too

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That seems like a nice place to open a portal.

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Patchouli already loves my place if you know what I mean

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Wonk wonkk. Too 'cold' anyway.

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Yeah, its quiet because you have no friends. I do know what you mean. She also feels safe because even with all her aliments, she could still kick your ass.

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>all her aliments,

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Nips stealing western design in their chinese cartoons again.

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So, why was Shaft all over the place this episode?

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>taking references from real places
OH NO! Please tell me you don't think that every building and background in anime is made up from the scratch.

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shits ugly

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What a mess it would be if those books fell, but at the same time, large libraries are awesome.
I was going to ask you for source, but I just watched that episode (10 minutes ago).

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Real library appreciation.

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It's not a real place though. It's a CG image made by Olivier Charles.

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Well europe stole democracy from america

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the only thing that's lacking in these libraries are Koakuma and Patchouli. ;v;

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You made me surprisingly sad with this image.

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You bet your sorry ass they did, we also invented freedom, and guns, and burgers, because we are the best damn nation on the planet.

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Those books are as big as the people.

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Visual director from Bakemonogatari did the key animation, storyboard, and animation direction.


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You forgot water, electricity, oxygen and god.

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The apple is a lie.

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Public libraries (major ones) are fun - you can put really interesting designs for them.

Post methods. But at Monday, OK?

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Hahaha, you could fit the same amount of text into a couple of hard drives. Get with the times.

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Except there's too much old non-digital stuff.
Even for digital stuff, there's too much stuff behind paywalls. Why does humanity try to make it so troublesome to improve itself?

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I may not be and avid reader nor have I read even half of the stuff and average book reader would read but even I think that it is still nice to have books around.


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But the cooling systems in libraries are far more sophisticated.

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In 100 years nobody will be able to read what you have on "current" HDD. It will be just small box. And book will last longer. Even HDD and date on them from 20 years ago are hard to access for average person.

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Is it just the strange perspective or are each of the books three feet tall?

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You are not that bright are you?

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Well yeah, I don't really want to spend all day here listing all the wonderful things the great America has invented. Man, I wish /v/ was more like /jp/, you can actually have a thread up that lasts more than 1 hour, everything 404's after maybe 30 minutes, and that's if you are getting lots of posts.

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I think my library is better.

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Don't forget books today are made from a much better quality of paper. Digital data storage technology is still young. Current HDDs are the equivalent of papyrus and parchment.

For that reason, we still need the digital equivalent of monks and scribes of the ancient and medieval times, whose sole purpose was to keep written data alive by copying it into new material.

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>Patchouli is going to love this place I built for her.

But Koa is going to hate it. Her poor back...

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Is this at Yale?

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Today's paper is not high quality.
Paper of the 1700's was good quality.

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From Patchouli with love.

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>Patchouli is going to love this place I built for her.
Only if it has a copy of SICP