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Why does /jp/ hate their mother?

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but i love kanako

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She constantly sabotaged my life and made me dependent on her.

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I don't hate her. I feel sorry for her and want to help her. But she is so stubborn. The only person that she would let help her is my dad, but he is lazy and won't do anything.

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Because fuck my genepool.

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Don't hate her, anymore.

But I used to. For no good reason, either. I just disliked her because she never seemed to understand my humor and seemed almost simple minded. Turns out she's easily one of the better members of the family, if not the best.

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did you fuck her

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my mom is awesome

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/a/ quality thread

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Because shes is everything that I hate in a person.

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>Don't hate her, anymore.

When I was younger she never gave me any privacy but I realise now it was because she didn't know anything about me and felt bad about it... But because I'm here on /jp/ you can bet I had a good reason to hide my pastimes.
However one thing still pisses me off, whenever she heard a girl's scream on TV or something she'd run into my room, what did she think it was? Did she think I was busy raping a girl in my room while she was home or something?
I don't know which offends me more; the fact that she thought I would do such a thing or the fact that she thought I was stupid enough to do it so conspicuously.

Anyway, we've since found a common enemy in my half sister so we get along now.

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Because he can't return to the womb and resents her for it.

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It's not exactly that I hate her

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The concept of "mother" is retarded and inherently flawed. What, you want me to say why? I'll tell you why. Your mother DIDN'T give birth to you, GOD did, so what, God's your mother? Yeah, good luck with that. GOD HAS A DICK.

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You need to add some more sentences to that and it's perfect kopipe material.

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it's shit, son.

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thanks dad

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But I don't.

I do hardly talk to her though. It's very hard to talk to someone when you don't even have the same "interests" or are able to bring up a conversation at all.

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Sure it is! Just pat her on the back to call for attention. Then you'd perhaps whisper jokes in her ear so she softens up, then you'd massage her stiff shoulders. Soon your relationship is all but stiff. Hey it worked for me!

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go to bed jimmy

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Shit, I miss my mom so much.

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My mother was overprotective and seldom allowed me to join my group of friends when they invited me to do something with them, and would yell at me for hours when I came home late (and by "late" she meant 6pm, even later at the age of 16). She also called the parents of my friends all the time and asked them to send me home if I'm there right now. At some point I just stopped accepting any invitations from anyone, because it became too embarrassing.
The worst she did, however, was to turn me into a disgustingly obese piece of shit by forcing me to eat the fatty, sugary crap she called food. When I refused, she would yell at me, throw the leftovers into my room and at times hit me in the face. As soon as I became able to buy my own food and stopped being dependent on what she prepared, I lost 10kg in the first 4 weeks and another 20kg over the next few years, totaling 30kg of overweight that I don't have to carry around with me anymore, simply due to eating healthier food. (I tried exercise of course, but it simply wasn't enough and always felt like a sisyphean task)

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A question? Does the excessive skin for wrinkles that's gathered in the aftermath form like the layers on a tree? Or does it somehow get reabsorbed

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I don't think my mum is like that. And if she were to see me doing what you've suggested to me, she'd probably think I'm insane or something.

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Having once been overweight myself, you get stretchmarks, usually. Shit sucks, but better than being a fat bastard

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I was fat and lost weight rapidly. I had stretch marks for a while, but I exercise and do stretches and eat healthy so they went away eventually. It depends on the person. My skin has always been soft and heals quickly. I used to get cut up when I was younger by playing outside a lot, but I have no scars from anything other than a small one on my hand. Skin doesn't just stay flabby though when you lose weight. There will be some extra skin at first, but it goes away and leaves stretch marks which might go away depending on the person.

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She was abusive controlling condescending manipulative

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Weak/no father figure and a controlling mother who makes her child dependent on her so he doesn't develop into a man or learn any life skills.

/jp/ in a nutshell, single mothers are destroying western society.

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>controlling mother who makes her child dependent on her so he doesn't develop into a man or learn any life skills.

My dad was like this. My mom was controlling and beat me more though

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Wenever I spilled a glass of something my mom would yell at me and hit me.

Now as an adult I never spill my drinks ever.

Thanks mom.

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go spill some juice dude

fuck that ho

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spill your juice in my ASS

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My mom's a cunt

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are you white

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fuck off then

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Frig off shit skin

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Are white moms just generally more mean than other races? Also, I'm glad my mom wasn't a fat bitch.

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I have a hard time imagining non-white moms being NEET enablers in america

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It's a big world out there.

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My mom hates pedos. Nuff said.

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Moms made this way...

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ahahah oh wow

white moms are the easiest moms

asian/indian/black moms are the worst

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Uh, that's what I said.

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Shitskin and gook moms are usually more disciplinary and expect more out of their children. They concern themselves highly with the success of their kids.

White moms are usually lax on discipline and not as "mean" but are more likely to neglect. Especially single moms, if you have a single white mom you're probably a failure or will be one soon.

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What's The W's preferred method of loli rearing?

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Loli rearing?

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I want to touch a loli's rear.

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That's rape

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Not if she consents...

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Children cannot consent

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I uh... Touched a loli's butt before, I guess. I slapped it because she slapped my butt. She also squeezed my butt and it was really embarrassing.

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>white moms
You don't know what neglect is. That's what black mothers do.

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Probably the same as white mothers, both of them just sit around pounding back the burgs and pepsi.