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What is the furthest extent of your paranoia, /jp/?

I think everybody is trying to kill me.

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That seems fairly reasonable.

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Sometimes I think my mother might try to off me in the night.

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Everybody? That's pretty drastic.

I posted this previously in a chubby thread, but I sometimes if I go outside I feel there is a team of snipers waiting to shoot me in the head.

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Ever since playing Deus Ex I'm paranoid as fuck of the jews and corporations. Have you seen some of the shit the original game predicted about the world?

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I was certain that my mother was only visiting to bother me. She's gotten a job and has since stopped coming over as often. I still fear looking out of the blinds in the morning incase her car is there.

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I think you are a fake trying to elicit my response to test whether I am autistic or not. Get out fake.

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You don't even know man, you don't even know.


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But that's what I loved about Deus Ex 1.

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I think someone watches me on the internet every day, waiting for the chance he can steal my identity.
That's why I make sure I keep my loose ends tied up.
I also hear children laughing and sometimes saying things I don't understand, but I don't think that's paranoia.

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Same here man. I know its stupid and irrational, but...

I sleep with the door locked and with a bat next to me.

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If you guys are worthless NEET autists still living with your parents well into your 20's then there's a good chance your mother might want to kill you, so your paranoia is justified. Moreso if you yourself feel/are crazy or depressed.

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Well, I do feel a bit crazy, laughing for no reasons at times when alone...

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Ever since my house was broken into while I was asleep, I've become wary of noises inside my house at night. This is especially true during the morning if I hear noises I don't normally hear.

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My house has never been broken into, but I don't feel comfortable going to bed before 1am.

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The funny thing was, it was 12pm when it happened.

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I have to admit that I'm totally crazy, a lolicon (lol surprise) sleep with all the doors locked, gun next to me, bat behind the door. Locked windows, three blankets even in summer and random shit.

I might be crazy, but at least I'm not a nigger nor a hipster

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What are the blankets for

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I don't even know, they make me feel safe.
And I can't take to sleep just under one cold blanket.
I want weigh on me, I want to be crushed.
I've always hated the outside, and like to be in small, closed and warm places.
Looks like some childhood trauma to me

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I fear I may never find love and that any who do love me could never truly love me. Also deeply confused since the girl I like has asked me if I'd rape her and how the hell am I suppose to answer that?! Σ(゚Д゚)

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A true alpha would joke and say yes and then kiss her and proceed to fuck her. A pussy beta that will forever be friendzoned would say "OF COURSE NOT I WOULD NEVER HURT YOU"

What did you decide to do?

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Pretty much told her I might and have been showing continued interest in her, but kinda awkward since she's already got a boyfriend. Though I've been pretty blatant on showing her I have an interest in her.

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Why are you even dealing with 3DPD, again?

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Because pretty much being around her makes me feel like everything is alright, and hell just hearing her voice can pull me out of having a shitty time. As much as I wish i could try no other person or things has ever made me feel that way.

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Why the fuck would you tell a girl that you "might rape her"?

You shouldn't even be dealing with 3DPD. Ya blew it.

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I bet I could (`・ω・´)

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She still talks to me so clearly haven't blown it, plus really I don't know what to say she helps pull me out of the dark sadness I've been in. Guess you just have to find the right one to understand.

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( ゚ヮ゚) hope you're female because I'm not into penis. Which I understand is weird coming from someone on this board.

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I don't know if this is the first girl you've befriended, but women purposely keep men like you around so they have emotional fulfillment while they fuck their boyfriend for their sexual needs.

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Thing is she's actually pretty unhappy with her boyfriend and she's told me that she kinda has a thing for older guys and I'm about 6 years older than her. However yeah I know what you're talking about this isn't the first girl I've befriended but she is the first that makes me feel the way I do and is the first who has actually treated me different than the others. Also gotta say it's rather nice getting to talk to /jp/ tonight I normally don't get this much interaction here.

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She doesn't treat you any differently than other guys, dude. You only think this because you're thinking with your dick and/or this is the first time a girl hasn't been completely repulsed by you. Just drop her and move on, this already sounds like some terrible NTR is going on and you, not the boyfriend are the cuckold.

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You sure you aren't just calious over past heartbreaks? Seriously no offense meant, but a lot of people on this board are rather beta and kinda shut-ins who never really socialize. Also it's not like I'm 15 or dating someone that age. Thanks for the concern though and hell I'll keep a closer eye on how she treats others just to make sure you aren't actually right.

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Wise beyond appearance, anon is. Subject of this conversation is getting played like a fucking shit. Does she come along when you invite her to do something she would consider boring? No? Then you don't have leverage over her and you are expendable.



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>Does she come along when you invite her to do something she would consider boring? No? Then you don't have leverage over her

This doesn't make any sense.

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Why is everyone around me so happy? Why don't they have problems? Why aren't they helping me with mine? They are supposed to be my friends, right? Right?

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Actually it makes perfect sense.

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And why is everyone smiling? I'm sure they must have problems! After all, they are with other people. And everyone knows that's nothing but trouble! So, why are they smiling? Come on, start frowning already, I want to help you with your own problems and feel better about myself!


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When they called for me and looked so sad, I was so glad to come and help them! I thought they would stay my friends after that for sure! But now, when I'm calling them, they don't respond. They pretend they are busy with their lives! I'm trying to get busier with mine too, but it's not working, I always end up back here again. And they still don't respond. Are they really my friends?

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No, it doesn't because that would make the leverage equal. Not below her.

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They're not my friends! I just found out! They were just using me to feel better about themselves. I guess I can't blame them. After all, I was after the same thing. But I would stick around with them afterwards. I wouldn't abandon them! Honestly! Why can't they understand that? And why haven't they still responded? I'm still waiting here!

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Let's say there's a girl who hates fish. If I ask her to come fishing with me, with no consideration that I will give her back anything else, then it is because I have leverage over her, because in her perception, there is something to gain out of doing something she would usually not do because I am there.

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The leverage would be equal to her. She would hang out with the hottie she likes in exchange for doing something boring, such as fishing. If she isn't willing to do the latter, it means you're not her hottie.

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Let's say that same girl also talks to you for herself. Now the both of you are gaining!

It's equal.

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>talks to you for herself
Hah, good one.

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Someone seems to understand. The whole point is to trade something you don't give a shit about, to her for something that is valuable not only to you, but to her too.

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>women purposely keep men like you around so they have emotional fulfillment