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Old one is one post from autosaging.

Get the v1.02 patch here:

Weather Text patch can be found here:

You know what to do.

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West Coast, Day 1 Remilia. Will use Reimu or Youmu if driven too hard into the ground.

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Maybe it's just me, but you don't look like one to be driven into the ground by the average /jp/eer.

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I'm horrible with Remilia, and some of these random /jp/ers are certainly skilled.

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Well, an Alice did kick my ass a day or two ago, though I can't say if it was a /jp/eer or someone from IRC who happened to drop by.

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EU Patchy

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Sorry, I think my sister is downloading.

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I think so

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be a man and put that bitch in her place

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East Coast
Weather: On
Intermediate with most characters, but I'm working on my Suika and Youmu game for now.

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Weather text patch is useful.
Also tested this out of curiosity. Hahaha. Counter train in drizzle.

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Weather text patch has "Mountan Vapor" in it.

I wish some parts of it were a bit more clear on what they did (I know what they do already, but still), and that they didn't just let the text cut off in the translated text. Oh well.

I'll just lurk and spectate a few matches for now.

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GG, it was very good practice for me since I'm a beginner.

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GGs, Ciao.

You could go the defensive a bit more, but other than that, you're fine.

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Yeah, I have noticed it against anyone I play. They always tend to counter me easily. I'm so bad that I get hit by Remi's 22CD a few times. By the way, any suggestions on the deck I am using? Counter-melee looks good to put in.

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Anyone still alive in here?

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Yeah, I'll host if you want to go a round.

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Sure thing

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Beginner: Sakuya

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GG's, Duckator.

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GGs, Eclair. Did you experience any lag while we were playing? I was lagging a bit.

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GGs Jetm

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None. but everytime we'd get to 1-1 with Sakuya, yopu'd quit back to character select, it was kind of annoying

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Newfag Ausfag Sakuya

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Isn't that how it's suppose to be though? Say for example we finish a match, and after the characters talk, a dialog box appears. Is it asking if I would want a rematch or record the replay? Never understood what that was about.

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That's only once one of us actually wins 2. Must have been incredibly unsynched cause it was dropping to character select at 1 round each.

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It prompts you on whether or not you want to save the replay of the match. Regardless of how you answer, you'll return to character select.

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GGs, the lag was horrible though.

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Those were good.

I learnt a lot about how to play Sakuya from those.

And I think I'm better with Remi than Sakuya, any comment?

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Playing against Remi was tough since I would charge in recklessly and you would catch me off guard with her 22CD. You seem to know how to set up your bullets with her, so it's fine.

As for your Sakuya, you should air dash more often and Perfect Maid (22CD) less often. It's really punishable if you don't land the counter. It's good to see that you're using her j.5D often since that's your primary air bullet attack. The bouncing works wonders.

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what is CD

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Yeah, thanks for that. I still haven't gotten used to the flying, but I imagine I'll pick it up soon.

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EU novice

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anyone from europe;

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Awesome games, Magister. You're Remi might no be as good as your Reimu and Chiquita but it's gettin there.

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GGs, sorry something came up.

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And by Chiquita, I mean Youmu.

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GGs, GP.

Man, we played a lot. I think I'm getting the hang of baiting people into grazing things, even though her B projectile does extremely low damage. I probably 22B/C too much; you fell for the Red the Nightless Castle cancel once and never fell for it again, so I probably should've stopped abusing it so much, it only got me a fastball to the face.

Anything you think I should work on?

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Too bad, we were pretty even. ggs.

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Well, it's really hard for me to say what you need work on, since you did win more than I did. I do agree with you that you 22B/C too often.

I guess another thing you could TRY would be to use more of Remi's portal bullet things? Towards the end, those were really kicking my ass.

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tl;dr You need more cover fire.

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Yeah, I realized that they were much more annoying than the mini-Gungnir altcard, so I started using it more. I already changed my deck to include those, because it freaking rocks at level 4.

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Newfag Ausfag Sakuya hosting again

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Intermediate(?) Sakuya player, US West Coast
Haven't played in a week, but I'd like a challenge anyway

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Newfag Ausfag Sakuya/Remi hosting again

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sorry about disconnecting, I enjoyed the fights, you're a good Reimu. The lag in the third round was killing me, not sure if it's someone on my network downstairs or just distance.

Good game.

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Whoever that was, good game, but damn did that get laggy. Half the time my dashes came out like half a second after I entered them (which is why you kept getting me with MARISABEAM when I got up )

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Lets try this again

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Novice EU Suika

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rehosting again

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here, GGs.
Dear god do I suck.

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Suck? I wouldn't say that. Very ggs imo, it was fun

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Gotta take a short break,Good games though. I particularly liked your Sakuya and Aya. You kept getting me with that damned foot orb... THING and her awsome dive kick.

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Oh god I was crushed

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You played well too. Too bad I couldn't win much against you.

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ggs whoever destroyed me.

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GGs. You handled Sakuya pretty well, but there's always room for improvement. You telegraphed your 66C a bit too much. Try to limit it to counter attacks where the opponent has a long delay (Remilia's 22B, for example) and when face to face with someone throwing bullets. Try to do more 214B/C setups, as well. the cover is definitely necessary. Lastly, if you're going to use Perfect Maid, use the shorter 22B version. People freeze up when they see it (as I did during that last match), deciding on a bullet punishment for it. 22B doesn't give them that time. If they're nearby, be sure to start mashing 5A like crazy to poke them out of their attack.

As for Remi, I'm not too good with her myself, but I'm trying to get there. I fell for you 236Cs more times than I wish to count, and you disguised them pretty well in between 5B/5Cs. Cut down on the 22B/Cs, though. You used it perfectly during a 214B setup, but only once. [5C] does eat up alot of bullets, but leaves you extremely vulnerable for any grazable dash attack (Reimu/Youmu's 66B, Sakuya/Yuyu's 66C). Try to watch out for those.

Keep netplaying. Hopefully, the slight lag wasn't too bad for you.

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Novice EU Suika hosting again

Could use some tips from an experienced player.

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Thanks for the advice.

The only problems I could see with you were mostly due to lag. Other than that, why do you have Sakuya's normal 22BC spellcard? It doesn't actually improve anything.

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As deck filler (the rest of her cards are crap to me), but mainly to back out of Perfect Maid if need be. PM works well for Super Armor weather or if I know my opponent's going to be melee happy. Sometimes, you need your teleport for surprises, set-ups, and just getting out of bad situations. It's nice to know it's there rather than standing still waiting for execution.

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Why are there always so few EC players? /jp/ is usually always filled with EU or WC.

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Sunday. And on the 7th day, everybody rested.

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GGs, first time I play a Suika, she hits hard.

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783541 EU
please hurry and connect before this menu music drives me mad

>> No.783550

LOL, I have started ton HATE that damn theme now.

>> No.783561

Hosting again.

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I was watching the match with Yuyuko in it... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, she's gross.

>> No.783649

Did you quit or did I get DC'd?
Either way, GGs. Yukari is always fun to play against, hope you make much progress and violate me next time.

I need to stop braincramping against those hax lasers.

>> No.783659

Is not! She clearly needs more projectiles with wider range.


>> No.783664


I accidentally quit and we can play some more if you want but no more yuyu. I can only take so much of the same two moves being repeated ad nauseum before the match becomes an utter bore.

>> No.783671

I gave up and stood there waiting for it to end half way through. I guess I should use esc.

>> No.783689


Hosting again.

>> No.783694
EU patchy

>> No.783735

Maybe. I just didn't know if you were lagging and I should wait it out or if you gave up.
I'd play more, but I'm somewhat good with Yuyuko, decent with Remi and horrible with everything else. You'd probably beat me with any other char.

>> No.783741

How do i play? It seems i can only spectate

>> No.783744

Join a game before anyone else.

>> No.783746


Probably just getting in too late each time. You only get the option to spectate when the guy has found another player.

>> No.783755
anyone from EU

>> No.783773

USeast shitty alice

>> No.783778

US/Canada host would be nice..

>> No.783782

I would play you if Alice wasn't fuckin disgusting.

>> No.783783

Well he said shitty, that evens out.

>> No.783794

so lets link this here as well

also, hosting EU

>> No.783795

It doesn't even out the CHRIST THATS FUCKIN ANNOYING part. I might win, but I'd hate every second of it.

>> No.783801

sorry, had wrong profile set for some reason. Reconnect whoever that was

>> No.783805

I would, but someone ninja'd it.

>> No.783835

It's far from shitty. I fucking hate Alice

>> No.783841

Of course. Alice players are lying bastards too, so that they can trick you into thinking you had a damn chance, and then 6A, MOTHERFUCKER, HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT?

>> No.783896

I have nothing against Alice players, it's Alice herself that's the pain. Her corner trap is exactly that. Not even Border Escape can get you out of it, because there's a giant gap in between you and her, enough of one to either get 6D.A or Dial-A back into the corner. Doll swarms aren't a joke either. Your forced to air graze until inevitably dropping into a 6A, or get Crushed from the constant spray of danmaku.

Just waiting for at least one of the better players to come along and exploit the holes in this damn set-up...

>> No.783921


ggs and over

>> No.783925

itt people talk to themselves

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If there is a projectile ANYWHERE in that string, and there MUST be one for it to be considered a string in the first place, it's Border Escapable. Always Border Escape at the projectile point in a string for an easy getaway.

>> No.784024

Aren't you supposed to be sleeping

>> No.784030

Yes. Yes I should. But every time I say it, I always end up going back to this thread...

>> No.784036

Well, I guess that makes us both liars

>> No.784042

any hosts?

>> No.784059

Try waking up in the middle of the night to come back to this thread to check if there's any more players around... Earliest I've ever went to sleep, and the earliest I've ever waken up on a Sunday morning.

>> No.784258

Up again

>> No.784315

Needs moar hosts.

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EU novice

>> No.784655

/r/ing hosts

>> No.784729

Alternatively, come back in about 10 hours.

>> No.784754

No one wants to play unless Magister's up I guess.

>> No.784764

It's mid day where I am. Not a lot of people are on at this time anyway. It's about 1/3 west coast 1/3 yurop 1/3 everyone else.

>> No.784791

Is it just me, or did this patch cause some connection problems?

>> No.784808

Just you.

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You guys made me want to get a controller for this so I went to ebay and what did I find? Only the best game pad ever made, fuck yes.

>> No.784839

EU Patchy

>> No.785014

what platform is that for? Are you using some sort of adapter?

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Yeah it's for the dreamcast and I'll be using a usb adaptor. If you're in the market for a controller I'd recommend either one of those or the classic saturn pad. It's a matter of taste and is basically a choice between 6 full sized buttons or shoulder triggers.

>> No.785225

Which IP do you use for hosting? External? Gateway?

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Good games, I'd like to play more but I only have time to play two games today.

>> No.785558 WC preferably

btw, anyone plays here with the No Weather launcher?

>> No.785570

it froze, what version are you using? whoever joined

>> No.785575


it froze, mind rehost?

>> No.785576

you need the new version of no weather for 1.02

>> No.785585

Im using no weather 1.02 right now,

>> No.785602


you are either not blocking or it desync, are you using no weather launcher 1.02?

>> No.785628



>> No.785635


l'll need to get new launcher.

>> No.785644


>> No.785651


Donwload it off swr.mizuumi.net, then we can play, we werent really playing each other since it desanc form the moment the first weather came in.

>> No.785698

ok I got the no-weather.

>> No.785701

gg, rehostan

>> No.785706

Sorry, it was a bit laggy.

>> No.785709

np, I noticed.

>> No.785711
EU novice

>> No.785726

go guys

>> No.785758

gg, sorry but quite the lag

>> No.785762

GGs, damn too much lag.

>> No.785777

god I am such a scrub, the lag didnt help either

>> No.785805


>> No.785871


gg, the lag was bad though, blocky and stuff.

>> No.785887

yup, barely tolerable lag. ggs still.

>> No.785917
semi noob, us west.

>> No.786087


>> No.786269

GGs candide

>> No.786284

GGs but pretty frustrating on my end. I had a terrible amount of input delay and kept eating things I should have been able to block.

>> No.786292

I noticed. But damn I can't play anything else than youmu.

>> No.786343

Anyone want to host?

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>> No.786932

GGs magister, any advice for me as an fellow youmu player. Or can you send me some of your replays?

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Sorry about that Tao, laptop overheated. GGs.

I'd almost advise against dialing A when someone's getting up, but the thing is I fell for it a lot. A whole lot. More Myon Cs would be a good thing. It's a really underrated projectile. It's great on oki, and most of the time if they try to graze it you can pop an elbow in their face. I'm still not very good with Remilia's movement, so I ended up getting hit by a lot B slashes, but they seem to work for you.


>> No.787243

Whoever's playing Youmu, DP MORE. 623C grazes! You're missing a lot of opportunities to stuff Remilia.

>> No.787330
East Coast
Intermediate skill
Will start with Youmu and Suika, but will random afterwards.

>> No.787331

So, I'm thinking that they intentionally gave Marisa a shitload of obscenely good stuff and then made none of them link together except in situations that Marisa can't get into in the first place. She can do a 3500 damage combo (no spell card) in the corner, but she has such pathetic corner pressure that you'll never actually hit with it. Her only midscreen combo does 2400 damage and has a one-frame link, I shit you not, right after the dial-A, so 99% of the time, you can only do dial-A for a midscreen combo. All of her spell cards are obscenely good, but her dial-A is the only thing that combos into any of them and it prorates 50%. Marisa had so much potential to be ridiculously imbalanced, but somehow she's stuck as a projectile spam character because her attacks don't work together.

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I just started playing this game.


Is there a guide anywhere? I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

>> No.787351

Look around here. You may be able to learn something.

>> No.787357

Don't use Alice, if you're just starting out. She's pretty much the hardest character to use but one of the best if you can play as her.

>> No.787365

What's wrong with your numbers?

>> No.787370

..No. She's not. She's probably the easiest after Youmu and Remilia. The only thing you need to know to beat ANY beginner with Alice is 6A and what her attacks do, since they don't work in a predictable fashion like other characters, but that would take 10-15 minutes tops. She's great for beginners since you'll likely be playing people who simply can't get past 6A spam (other beginners), and you'll win an assload of matches with no effort.

>> No.787380


How are they supposed to look?

>> No.787383

Well I remember her being hard as fuck to use in IaMP but I haven't used her in SWR yet.

>> No.787390

It really doesn't matter. Download the score.dat off swr.mizuumi.net and you'll never have to worry about those numbers again.

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File: 141 KB, 640x480, 1212970610934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All-Around Amateur (and slipping...) HOSTING! (Cen US)
Weather ON

>> No.787405

Still hosting...
By the way, weather is on.

>> No.787425
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New guys here.

Yeah, I think somethings fucked up here.

>> No.787433
File: 58 KB, 640x480, 1212971094660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New guy from before here.

Yeah, I think somethings messed up about my numbers

>> No.787442

How do I turn off the weather?

>> No.787451

Get the patch

>> No.787452
File: 94 KB, 646x506, 1212971370231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.787454

I have it. Where do I turn it off?

>> No.787459

read ze op

>> No.787475

Oh wow, I fail.

>> No.787491

Applocale or change your system to Japanese. That's usually what causes display errors in nip games.

>> No.787532

GGs magister. "I'm sweating bullets". Oh boy but fun to play against you.

>> No.787549


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File: 215 KB, 800x800, 1212972491866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GGs again, Tao.

I'm still having problems with moving the way I want to with Remilia. I can't really do any low-air movement easily because instant air dashes have really small input time, and aren't even really instant anymore.

The Border Escapes you started pulling towards the end were actually done very well. Most people screw them up against Reimu, because even the Border Escape gaps are small.

Yeah, whenever there's a Typhoon, I just go to a corner and sit. Nothing else. If they keep attacking, they eventually get the idea, because I don't think they want to win with me just sitting there.


>> No.787559
File: 28 KB, 125x94, 1212972532535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.787561

Remi's cross spellcards make me think of Angels and I think of her lance as the lance of longinus. Am I doing it wrong?

>> No.787565

It depends on where your character is.

>> No.787575

Typhoon weather degrades the game to button mashan. I don't like it much either.

Also sorry magister for pulling of 1-2 punches almost everytime. I'm quite the slowpoke with weather changes.

>> No.787577

I think the problem is that I've rewatched Eva about 3 times in the past month.

>> No.787585

Why would you subject yourself to that kind of torture? It's an 8 at best the first time around, but that's like 30 hours of the same crap in a month.

>> No.787591

I'm getting ready for 2.0

>> No.787602

fans trying to understand a nothing to understand ending

>> No.787608

GGs. Gotta go, foods here.

>> No.787614

Don't bring up the ending. I don't want to start another shitstorm

>> No.787625

Hosting ON, Canada. Yukari/Iku/Reisen/Random.

>> No.787633

His Majesty, the Emperor, would take that chance anyway!

>> No.787638


>> No.787707

Rehosting. Weather ON.

>> No.787727

GGs, Teruyo! Patchi's 5C will get you in trouble more sooner than later.


>> No.787779


GGs. Thanks for having weather manners, makes weather much less frustrating.

>> No.787854

Why not just play with no weather if you're going to idle during bad weather?

>> No.787856

GGs. Reisen is by far your best character. Also, abuse Yukari's retarded teleport attack more against my other characters. I'll always knock you out of it if I'm Marisa, as you noticed, but use it more if you're playing my other characters, as they don't have a slow projectile to shoot and have you run into.

>> No.787867

Because it's only 2 or 3 that are actually bad, and it's sort of annoying exiting out of one copy of SWR and opening another, and you have to ask if they want weather on or off.

>> No.787882

I love to destroy people who try to sit there during weather. They should play with noweather if they don't like it.

Also try to chain yukari's 3As into 2Cs or more 3As. (I was observing)

>> No.787896

Wut, no advice for me? I need to improve too. Particularly my Marisa...I missed about 40 opportunities for her fuckawesome corner combo.

>> No.787925

gg's. I really don't know why people whine about Marisa's 6C so much. If you keep moving, it's really not so hard to avoid. Suika's turbo fireball is far more rage inducing for me, especially against Reisen who really just sits there and takes it.

Kind of funny I got better with Reisen than Yukari, considering I was concentrating on Yukari far more when the game came out. I don't know what it is about Reisen than makes me far more aggressive when using her.

You might want to put in Marisa's alt broomride. You never use her default one, and the alt one combos a lot easier.

>> No.787933

Hosting(USA), practicing Reisen, feel free to rape my ass

>> No.787944

I have the normal one for the corner combo I mentioned earlier..and I wouldn't use the alt. one either. It's just her broom ride doesn't graze, so there's not much point unless you're playing against a melee character. Even then, it leaves you open for a long time, and I'd rather not get into a bad habit.

>> No.787960

Someone should make a new thread...before this one is on the 6th page, preferably.

>> No.787967

Yeah, I don't know why they took the grazing away, but then gave Aya the exact same move WITH grazing.

Remember Marisa's 22B/C move while in the air above someone. It fires FAST.

>> No.787969

Good idea. I really should remember that.

>> No.787998

I also forgot to mention that that mid screen yukari combo you were trying to pull off on sakuya doesn't work against her and a handful of other characters.

I only noticed the opportunities he missed because I'm a yukari player. I know jack shit about marisa.

>> No.788024

New thread on 1st page.

>> No.788080

GGs, Tao. Nice Youmu you have there.

>> No.788083

GGs, it's too late for me lol, 4am here and I can't play anything else besides youmu

>> No.788090

you're pretty good with almost everything, I hoped for a remilia match like we had before.

>> No.788374

It's impossible to not get hit by a crossup. Can't be done.

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