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I know some people here watch fighting game tourny streams sometimes but Catherine tournament is being streamed.

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/jp/ related because Catherine is the greatest game ever made and it's too obscure for /v/

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There are pro Catherine players?

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It's Q-Bert with a milquetoast VN portion. 6/10, best I can do.

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It's just funny listening to Marvel-type commentator hype being used for Catherine 2p mode.

Also stream has more viewers now than Blazblue.

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I'll admit, this is actually pretty fun to watch.

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High level play

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>>lol hype, anime, internet memes

I think I'll just mute this stream while I watch.

Also nice Mami logo. If they were really cool then they would use homu though.

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>Anime fashion
Morons, all of them

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I would like to see this go big. It seems to have the depth to be a competitive fightan

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they should also do aosuguri2 tourny

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It's more interesting than Mortal Kombat and Tekken at least.

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I hate the commentators. I hate the player's personalities. I hate the people in the background. I'm enjoying the games a lot though.

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shut up nerd

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It's like /a/ and /v/ in real life!

Arcana Heart and Guilty Gear seem to be next though, so that's a plus. I don't really get the Catherine game.

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2 deep 4 u

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I'd like to see some AH3, also, just realized I once played on that prod7gy guy's room and got my assed kicked.

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ah3 sucks is for pedos

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Intruder from /v/, begone

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>i don't know how to play

BC Super

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So much /v/ in here
Will you guys fuck off already

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Angry casual who can't finish Catherine on easy

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>People hating/not knowing GG
What the fuck man.

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>glances at comments
If it ain't manly men beating each other off, game instantly gets the shit treatment of approval.

This is why I hate the modern gaming scene.

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Yeah man, those guys have no soul.

Do they even lift? Or like 2D fighting games?

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Take your 2hu there nerd.

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Stop being so frustrated, anon. It is unsightly.

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Goddamn, forgot GG music was so good.

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Awesome fight right now

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So good.

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Melty Blood?

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>22C Blood

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what the fuck is melty blood

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Wish I could not suck at fightans. At least Blazblue. Looks fun.

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Aww yeah, Red homu versus Neco Arc Chaos.

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She lost horribly though

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Hell yes AH3

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