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Masturbation is rapidly losing its effectiveness for shaking off this deprived feeling.
What do NEETs and otakus do when the desire to put their dicks in something becomes overwhelming? Onahole? Porn? Buy a dog? Does anything truly quiet the libido for more than a day?

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An antidepressant regiment. It sends your penis into hibernation.

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I haven't fapped in weeks, man.

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Penis shaped vibrators.

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Not OP but I'm on 40mg of Prozac and I don't feel like its doing anything to my libido. One other antidepressant I tried even increased my libido or at least made masturbation more pleasurable.

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Gain weight and stop washing yourself.
Watch and see if you ever get it up again.

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Female hormones.

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Stop when it's not pleasurable anymore.

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I haven't had such desires since puberty.

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This is true, having been on HRT since i was 17 (now 20) this is one thing that kills your libido.

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Does sex actually kill the libido for more time than masturbation? After all, an orgasm is an orgasm, right? Right?

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And how/where I could buy them without prescription or people thinking I'm changing gender. (not OP btw)

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Sit around and watch the phone, but no one's calling
Call me pathetic, call me what you will
My mother says to get a job
But she don't like the one she's got
When masturbation's lost its fun
You're fucking lonely

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try being 30 in a month, and having failed any single thing you tried to in your life, what got you out of the post-failed suicide depression too. plus, be virgin, neet, without friends, and family.
lately, I feel no sexual desires at all, so probably it works.

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So are you the little girl now?

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what a shitty song

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That's a good answer. I was on citolopram for a while, and it completely killed the urge. I didn't care for the damaging side affects though.


Not sure what you mean... I could fap every day for months and nothing would change. Every day I think about horribly perverted things, and the /jp/ oriented entertainment I enjoy doesn't help.


But... I don't want to actually change gender.

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It was made by Green Day, after all.

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Fuck if I know... You think I'd be asking if I had tried that?


And what if you're 34?

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Not available over the counter.

The most easily available source is probably a birth control prescription, but I doubt you could get a doctor to prescribe you that.

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I'm not sure I understand your first statement, as for the second, why bother?

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No, but i do look like one.
..Provided i dont take my underwear off, i mean i still have my penis after all.

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well, I hope to die before a year or so.
I won't be able to survive another year, and I'm too old to go back sleeping in the metro without taking deadly pneumonia

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>Provided i dont take my underwear off
But where's the fun in that?

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So you're a tranny?

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Yah, yah. It's just that... it'd be strange if sex was more 'effective'. It's the same thing, plus touching some delicious meat. Should that make that much of a difference?
I demand explanations!

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how nostalgic. I still remember when traps looked like something new, hot and strange to me

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Just curious and I'm too lazy to go look it up on wikipedia, but what pscyhological effects did it have on you? What about physiological ones? Does it modify the refactory period?

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>>a girl with a penis

So you're like Anon's perfect waifu, but you got no libido?

That sucks dude.

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Maybe it's psychological. You know you actually fucked someone, after all.

Or it could be the fact that sex requires more moving than just jacking off.

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>What do NEETs and otakus do when the desire to put their dicks in something becomes overwhelming?

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Cumming into an onahole is more mentally satisfying than coming onto your stomach or hand.

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Well yes.
A person who does not know me would not be able to tell that i am actually male unless i take off my clothes.

Medical science is not advanced enough to give me a vagina so i guess i am stuck with my penis.
Not that i mind though, i quite like my penis.

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nt dude, but check THESE out

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so, wanna go on a date out or something?
i'm sexually aggressive like a cup of tea after all.

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lol noobs

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I do have a libido now that i dont take the same amount of hormones i did at the start of my HRT, doctors also prescribe you various pills to raise your libido for that phase.

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/jp/ - Transsexuals with a penis/General

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I should not have laughed, but I did.

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I've been wondering if that might be the case. I always feel that I'm holding back on what could have been a much greater orgasm when I have to worry about not cumming everywhere.

Is it worth getting an onahole just to feel the pleasure of cumming inside?

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/jp/ - Little girls and double precision floating-point numbers

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File: 2.61 MB, 909x691, 1298120244799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Hell yeah doobles thread

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Depends, do you want to be the giver or receiver?
I can play both fields.

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This is the point where you both waltz to >>>/soc/

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How come you always post doubles girl?

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Son of a bitch... YOU STOLE MY DUBZ

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I'm okay with both, I guess.

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Are you okay with trips?

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Just because.

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OP wants a loli bot.

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I'm just happy to see that she hasn't been forgotten.

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When ordinary masturbation becomes boring, buy a nice dress, a dildo, and a kigurumi mask.

When that becomes boring, dress up and invite people over for "tea" parties.

When that becomes boring, you'll probably be so desperate for cock up your ass you'll have no problem selling yourself into sexual slavery.

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I think an onahole is worth it if you like to masturbate. It's like a massage on your entire penis.

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Try the so called "traumatic" masturbation syndrome, it is always super effective. The guys telling that is a decease just want to sell pills and things like that. And anyways you are going to stay virgins forever and become wizard like me

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I might try one of them there loli onaholes... Hope it doesn't give me penis cancer.

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ITT /a/

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That feel when I become wizard in a few years.

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>Try the so called "traumatic" masturbation syndrome

Do tell.

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Doesn't /a/ discuss Chinese cartoons?

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Even though this is the worst "meme" to come out of 4chan, I just want to tell you something.

>>7822851 is how you should make those images. Notice how her finger is pointing at the post number, and that's clearly visible from the thumbnail.
>>7822843, >>7822874 and >>7822878 are not. Notice how they're pointing at everything BUT the post number.

If you want to ruin 4chan, at least spend some effort on it. Jesus fuck.

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actually, i'm quite amazed by the fact that I'm so desperate for intimate human contact that I'll go even with a male. but then why I can't try to fuck the ugly, retarded girl next door?
I'm fucking disgusting

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Actually SRS can reconstruct a functional vagina, clitoris and labia by disassembling your penis and scrotum.
What they can't do is giving you an uterus and ovaries.

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>The guys telling that is a decease just want to sell pills and things like that.
Masturbation is only a lewd artifact derived from the 3D nature of humans.

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The fuck show is doubles girl from anyway?

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Seitokai Yakuindomo, also known as sex jokes - the animated series.
It still manages to be pretty entertaining, despite that.

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Oh cool, thanks.

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misusing memes completely is a great way to run it into the ground though.

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I don't think it matters as long as you know that the person is going for the matching numbers.

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Yes i have looked into it quite a lot, but in general i would say its not worth it at this point to cut my dick off only to get a half-functional vagina.

>Picture somewhat related..

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Besides, the dick is likely more entertaining to a partner anyway, right?

>> No.7822947

Can they reconnect the nerves to an appropriate map as a female has or is it just a hacked up male genitalia?

>> No.7822948


Do you realize you're on /jp/?

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That's how I first started to masturbate. It really is effective, it's pretty much a guaranteed orgasm every time just so long as you can get erect, and for some reason I find it really easy to lose myself in my own fantasies when I do it. The only downside is you can't use external masturbation material whilst you're masturbating, but so long as you've got as lewd an imagination as I have, that's not a problem.

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If you like your dick and don't feel the need to be penetrated like a woman or to wear a bikini, good for you. One less costly operation to pay for, and a lot less bother.

>> No.7822956

People on 4chan seem especially experienced at doing that.
The problem, zunbar, is that those discrepancies might lead to misunderstandings. For example, people who don't know about that guy might think he's just pointing out their file size, which isn't anything special at all. If they don't correctly point at the post number, this "meme" loses all its meaning.

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Do you realize the population of this board at the moment consists of 80% of /a/jin?

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Depends on the partner but yeah.

As long as i let the other person know that i actually have a penis so i wont get stabbed once i bring it out as a surprise its all fine.

..Not that i have ever been with another man sexually that is.

>Again picture somehow related.

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shut the fuck up, I'm almost 30 and not even homosexuals wannabes want my dick.
maybe it I cut it and I sell it to a butcher I can oull out a couple euros

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that's a tricky question. Basically a penis is an enlarged clitoris, and that's the most sensitive part for a woman. Some women don't feel that much on their vaginas, and some don't feel anything at all. In addition on the inside there is no sensibility at all, porn and hentai have lied to you.

A post op transexual however would still retain the prostate, which is responsible for feeling pleasure from anal sex. And women don't have that.

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(the second line is like that because the keyboard is slippery from all my tears)

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Everyone seems to be giving advice, I'll give my own:

Try fapping without fapping. I can mentally summon an orgasm more powerful, intense and of long duration just by using my mind in the right way.

I learned it when I was jelly of females being able to have long, intense orgasms, and some of them can do mentally without physical stimulation, and I decided to see if males can achieve something similar. It took me about a month to learn and I didn't have to do anything more different than just change my fapping routine a bit. The idea behind it is similar to one I've seen more recently in Hong's guide (was posted on /jp/), but I didn't take the same path, nor was I even aware of the guide before I learned it. At first try getting orgasms using any erogenous zone you can find without using your penis, after that, try moving more of the stimulation mentally. Having a lot of fetishes helps a great deal. After a while, you can condition your mind to give you long, intense and sometimes multiple orgasms without having to do too much and they are a lot better than I can get by normal fapping. It also cuts down the refractory period in half and you can even fap normally right after that if you want (recommended at the end).

tl;dr: Fapping is becoming a routine? Try to surpass your own limits and find out you can do things you didn't think were possible.

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I'm a 27 year old virgin too (well 28 in a few months) but I never get depressed about it.

I think it's funny more than anything.

>> No.7822994

>In addition on the inside there is no sensibility at all
My ketsumanko is sensitive on the inside. Does this mean it's superior to get fucked anally?

>> No.7823002

Just looked this shit up.
This is so stupid that it might work.
And you are right, I'm trying to die as a virgin and I want to get rid of my lidido once and for all

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Depends on the person, some people have a very sensitive manpussy where as others do not.

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actually, I'm more depressed about the general fail than the virginity, but I love to baaw about everything. I never had the chanche to do it irl, so I let it out on the internets.
well, topic closed for today.

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This has happened to me many times. I just take a full week break from fapping and then the next week my drive is back to regulated levels.

You should also consider investing in an onahole and prostate stimulator.

>> No.7823018

Getting erectile dysfunction sounds kinda hot.

>> No.7823020

that sensitivity is however not connected to sexual functions. A hand and your finger are at least ten times more sensible but they aren't erogenous usually.

The pleasure for men comes from the prostate. Women don't have that and that's why they usually dislike anal sex.

>> No.7823030

That reminds me of the time when Anon hooked up with a cosplaying girl at an anime convention. Then when he went back to the cosplayer's room Anon felt the penis and discovered that she's a trap.

She didn't say anything beforehand so Anon just ended up running out of the room screaming or something.

Though I'm surprised you're a virgin (?) too. /jp/ Anon traps usually seem to have sex a lot (not a negative thing IMO despite what nerds think).

>> No.7823031

So making your hand into a fist and fucking it will feel 10 times as good as anal sex for a woman? I'm calling bullshit.

>> No.7823039

You didn't pay attention I see.

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>She didn't say anything beforehand so Anon just ended up running out of the room screaming or something.

Quite a commons story in a way, if you dont let the other person know that you are not female it could lead to bad things.

As for virgin status, i did try to be with a female before i started the HRT seriously.
But it turns out that my ship does not float on those lakes.

>> No.7823054

...what a /jp/ trap user will possibly look like?

>> No.7823056


I don't get it. I'm not meaning something about fucking another man or the ugly girl next door, It is a way of masturbation in prone position http://www.spiritus-temporis.com/traumatic-masturbatory-syndrome/.

I guess my English is still too shitty.

Yes, that is true. Maybe that make true what they say about it makes difficult others ways, but it isn't too much problem

>> No.7823083

no, your english is good, i was just typing bullocks off-topic
sorry, I'm lame like that

>> No.7823084

I'd like to pick up both.
Do you have any experience with a site?

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>> No.7823110


Got you beat at 34, so don't feel so bad.

>> No.7823119


>A post op transexual however would still retain the prostate

How in the world do they drain it?

>> No.7823126

You veterans are a true inspiration to me. I'm only 22 right now but I plan to live the rest of my life as a virgin too.

>> No.7823146

This is not "doubles girl" - it is Amakusa Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo

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It can still be "drained" with anal stimulation, the difference is that they dont pump it out the same way you would with a penis since the muscles are missing and so on.

>> No.7823159

Did you really have to post that?
He's either ignorant about something most people here already know (unless they don't watch anime anymore, which may apply to some people) or he's trolling. In either case, it doesn't warrant an answer.

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File: 770 KB, 1280x720, enough.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly, your reply wasn't warranted either. Probably less so. I suppose my tripcode is primarily responsible for your unnecessary attention.

>> No.7823173

>>what a /jp/ trap will possibly look like?

Maybe like a touhou or homu homu?

Someone on /ghost/ just said all that our traps are super sluts, but this obviously isn't true.

>> No.7823175

>Yes, that is true. Maybe that make true what they say about it makes difficult others ways, but it isn't too much problem
I taught myself to masturbate in the normalfag way when I was about 19, after over a decade of masturbating in the prone position. It was hard at first, and for a while I couldn't climax like that, though I imagine mostly due to lack of technique. After I kept going at it I improved to the point where I can masturbate normally like that. (I started learning simply for the sake of masturbating to porn games. I probably owe my success in learning this way to Hizashi No Naka no Riaru.)
I now masturbate in both ways in probably close to a 50-50 mix. I'll do it in the prone position if I want to get off quickly and easily, whereas normal is what I'll do if I want to spend a bit more time and attention on the act.

>> No.7823179


Ah yes, I understand. After prostate massage, the fluid goes into the bladder doesn't it?

>> No.7823184

I'm going to assume you're referring to my post.

and no that's not what I said, I just mean trap threads attract the wrong sort of crowd sometimes.

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File: 1.58 MB, 435x185, doubles girl 18.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Sageru !!urJEZqUHd8g

Her name is Doubles girl because she always likes to go for doubles.

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File: 34 KB, 750x539, nexus_vibro_black_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This and a fliphole, I highly recommend it OP. It will make you shudder and ahegao like a little girl when you cum.

I also do it while wearing a maid dress, but that's just me.

>> No.7823191

Please leave your doubles in /b/

>> No.7823193



>> No.7823207


>but I plan to live the rest of my life as a virgin too.

Yeah, 'cause if you weren't consciously avoiding it with your grand "plan" you'd be knee-deep in pussy every night, right?wwwww

>> No.7823211


Sure, rub it in why don't you.

>> No.7823212 [DELETED] 

Do you also pretend that you're meido deleting good threads?

That gets me off too.

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>Someone on /ghost/ just said all that our traps are super sluts, but this obviously isn't true.
I guess it all depends on the "girl"

Myself i am a closet slut, but i would also like to be with someone who wants me for more than my "TARP!" fetish factor.

Not to mention its kinda hard to find another nice male who shares my interests irl that is also acceptive of my situation.

>> No.7823218

I don't, but now that you mentioned it perhaps I should.
But who's dick should the vibro represent?

>> No.7823232
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Aaw... how cute.

>> No.7823233

I will not deal with it.
Also you're a tripfag too. Why are you greentexting my tripcode?

>> No.7823235

What's that supposed to mean?

>> No.7823236

Oh meido never change

>> No.7823237

That depends on your interests.

>> No.7823238

So that one beats the standard aneros? Because that one does nearly nothing for me, and I've been constantly hoping that someone will tell me it's because it sucks, not because my body just wasn't made for this kind of play.

>> No.7823242


How ironic

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File: 42 KB, 263x254, okarin_pointing_up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check out my epic as HELL singles

anyway i fap like once every 2 days and it never gets boring whenever you find new material

>> No.7823248 [DELETED] 

That's surprising as HELL.
I do the same thing.

>> No.7823249


Maybe your penis engine is broken.

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how the HELL are there 2 mes?! go back to your own time line!

>> No.7823251

I haven't tried aneros but I would guess yes. From what I can see vibro is bigger than aneros and it's vibrating bullet is very powerful. Aneros is inert and relies only on you moving it around.

That said it's not magic "oh god why can't I stop cumming!" like ero would suggest. It takes a few practice with it to get used to and starting to feel good. The most important thing is to take your time instead of fapping like crazy while it's inside of you and try to cum quickly. It takes me 20 min before I really reach the "little girl being tenderly loved" feel.

>> No.7823259

>20 min
How the hell am I supposed to last that long while masturbating anally? That's impossible.

>> No.7823261 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 633x758, 1314018971663.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no way in HELL! this one is mine!

>> No.7823268


That wouldn't help.... The problem is probably finding new material that actually works. When your fetishes are scraping the whory edge, things get old real fast.

>> No.7823272
File: 9 KB, 300x168, 74g74bv4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It could be that your body is not made for that sort of play, or you need to treat it more like foreplay.

Its important to spend time on backdoor play as alot of the pleasure from it comes from getting into it.

If you just put something in there and lie down like a potato sack not much will happen, you need to use your whole body alot of the time.

..Though this is usually the case with bigger things than the aneros.

>> No.7823278
File: 177 KB, 538x303, taku_thinking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your not real, you sure as HELL are not. you fake delusion

>> No.7823279

What I mean is that it gets too arousing, and I can't keeping myself from starting to stroke wildly.

>> No.7823280

You could always castrate yourself

Supposedly burdizzos are very safe
I've been considering it lately myself, and I don't have any desire to be a trap

>> No.7823288

>>Myself i am a closet slut

Yeah but who isn't?

I would probably put my penis in every object imaginable if I didn't control myself.

>> No.7823297

You aren't everyone

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File: 32 KB, 243x262, 05567321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no way in HELL will i be beaten so easily!!

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>> No.7823306 [DELETED] 

It is done.

>> No.7823310

I don't really know. I have just got so bored of it I stopped doing it anywhere near as often as I used to. I think I am so dead to the world I don't really care about it anymore.

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>> No.7823356



You can buy hormones here without a script

Make sure to do your research though

>> No.7823367

I would advise you to not buy such things through the internet without talking to your doctor first.

In the end of the day wrong use and doses can kill you.

>> No.7823374

Hormones fresh from russia, what could go wrong?

>> No.7823410

After I reach orgasm all the lust I only moments ago had dissipates instantly and I ask myself, "Man, what the hell was I doing?" After a while it comes back but prior to that I'm practically asexual. I'm assuming this happens to most people.

>> No.7823442


Whereas I usually continue to have perverted thoughts immediately after, and usually gaze out the window in hopes that I'll see something nice, but I never do.

>> No.7823443

That is totally normal.
Anal play on the other hand usually leaves you just as horny as you were before you had the orgasm.

Horny goggles is a dangerous thing, more soo than the Beer version.
>Fap to x/y/z porn
>Oh god why did i
>Close 51 tabs and a few downloads.

>> No.7823447

I used to be like that, now I can come 5 times in a row and still have a raging boner, it's pretty weird, feels like I'm in an anime or something.

>> No.7823451

Is it too late for a 20 year old to start?

>> No.7823453

If you've completed puberty it might not be as effective.

>> No.7823460
File: 131 KB, 1280x720, 31312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No it is not, i would say its never to late to start but that is a half-lie.

If you start before the age of 25 the result is usually good, obviously this depends on what you have to work with and genes to some degree.

>> No.7823463

>>instantly close like 30 porn tabs in web browser

Pretty much.

>> No.7823486

Im only 20 and i can only cum like two times a day until it starts to not feel good, is there something wrong with me? back when i was like 16-18 i was able to cum 4 times a day. Also i have to piss while im jerking off and its getting really annoying.

>> No.7823513


Careful bro...you might be on the road to blowing out your prostate.

>> No.7823514

How thoughtless, tossing the girls you're masturbated to like dirty rags.

After I come, I make sure to switch through the tabs to appreciate every girl that assisted in bolstering my erection and eventually bringing me to climax.

>> No.7823545

Fuck, should i get myself checked out? Ive been getting nervous over it because ive been having bladder problems, oh and maybe i worded it wrong but i dont piss while im jerking off, i go to the bathroom, wait till im ready to piss, then go back to jerking off. also sage bevause this is not /jp/ related and every thread on /jp/ is fucking terrible.

>> No.7823561


Well, in my case non of them are real, so I just don't see the point.

>> No.7823568

I lol'd

>> No.7823600

My problem is that I've desensitized my the female body (and porn in general). Once I hit puberty and started fapping I was an unstoppable force. I could have flooded the oceans with all the white sauce I've shot out over the years but once I hit maybe 19................fapping became a chore and a bore. 3D porn, 2D porn etc. It doesn't matter. It's all the same to me. A insanely beautiful sexy woman could walk into my room butt ass naked and it wouldn't faze me. Have not fapped in two months now. I kinda realized that it all became a routine and I was just doing it out of habit and I stopped.

I do still have the occasional RAGING LUST OH GOD MUST FAP NOW but at the same time my realist mind tells me that the fap session will just be like all the others before it and I just kinda ignore the horniness.

>> No.7823604

Im serious, i want to be able to jerk off more than 1-2 times a fucking day, their is just way too much porn and now i can barley jerk off to it. I wish we had the ability to always jerk off and feel good.

>> No.7823606


>> No.7823650

>none of them are real

Your perception of their appearance and personality does not differ fundamentally from your perception of the appearance and personality of a 3D girl. They are, to you, no less "real" masturbatory material than 3D girls are, you therefore must respect their feelings and sincerely thank them for their flawless 2D beauty and charming personalities that allowed you to relieve yourself of your lewd desires and excess humour.

Furthermore, Kant once remarked that man is like unto God because he can discern between that which is moral and that which is not and has nonetheless the ability to act on an immoral desire, while base animals are driven by instinct and know no good nor evil. I likewise believe that because man is created in the image of God, he can discern that which is cute and that which is not, even though he may masturbate to non-cute and therefore inferior 3D women; while beasts are incapable of recognizing the cute and are driven only by sexual instincts. Thus, it stands to reason that much like how one upholds and praises moral actions, one must also exalt above all else 2D girls, which are the epitome of cuteness, and that the treatment of an 2D girl should be better than an 3D one. You must, therefore, should not disregard those girls who stole your heart just because they "do not exist." for that is but folly.

Those who masturbate without thinking make me sick.

>> No.7823719
File: 87 KB, 472x379, 1292572965009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You, sir, have enlightened me.

>> No.7823741

I'm on some medications of that class for other issues (you probably don't care what they are) and judging by certain difficulties other people tend to have, and being told so by the person who prescribes them, I'd say this is correct

>> No.7823742

This is probably the most intelligent thing related to masturbation that has ever been said.

>> No.7823757

if you're asking about techniques, I've tried light bondage and found it really helps me, and you shouldn't be afraid of stimulating *other areas*... you should be careful though... and not use something you'll ever want to write with again...

>> No.7823801

I'm feeling pretty bad about my OH SO ALONE too, OP. I don't even care about sex, but I just wish I was close enough to someone at my college that I could go get a hug. Feels bad not having any substantial human contact at all.


I actually teared up writing this. Feels bad, man. I don't know how the rest of you guys can do the hikki thing.

>> No.7823837


There there, there there. Its been months since I was last hugged so I know exactly how you feel. And it is horrible.

I just crave a loving warm cuddle and ....I am feeling teary too now...

>> No.7823848

well that's easy, you just get on an easy to clean surface, or make one with laundry, for example dirty clothes

>> No.7823867

Why do you put yourself through it, then?

>> No.7823897

I haven't felt the touch of human contact in over a decade. Not even an innocent brush against another's clothes. Doing so now would probably make me ill, and result in a two week long panic attack. Just rough it out of you're having trouble anon, in time the thought will make you ill.

>> No.7823906

I know this isn't exactly the thread for it, but I really have to ask.
How, uh, how did you get like that?

>> No.7823925

I don't understand what a dog has to do with this.

>> No.7823942

Social anxiety, let it runs it's course. If you didn't have have it before, you will after six years of isolation. I won't bother going on more about it, not my blog etc...

>> No.7823962

>Have a friend who keeps mentioning social anxiety a lot.
>He seems less and less interested in seeing people lately.
Oh shit.
The thread seems to have finished with its original topic, so now I gotta know. Is it better to let it run its course, or try and at least help somebody out of it?

>> No.7823979 [DELETED] 

My life was an endless nervous wreck before I shut myself inside. I'm mostly at peace now. Your friend is probably heading towards the same thing, encourage him and try to only talk with him online once a day or so.

>> No.7823980


I went on a combination of shit about 5 years back and now I'm a staff sergeant. Although I'll never be a wizard, I expect to enjoy a long career in the military.

>> No.7823992
File: 191 KB, 1024x1024, 1311283078862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But... he's my bro, man.
Surely you get lonely, sometimes?

>> No.7823997

The ronery dies away after a year or two of real isolation.

>> No.7824007

But that's so fucking depressing. Do you talk to people online?

>> No.7824013


What you are doing is asking someone who is a wreck to help someone who is better off.

Think for a bit about this.

>> No.7824014


Same here actually, but that doesn't stop my animal urges.
Unlike >>7823801 though who apparently doesn't care about sex, this otaku lifestyle is leaving me bored with everything, and seeking true and lasting sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, my lifestyle has also severely perverted my tastes to the point that nothing is ever likely to satisfy me. I simply can't get what I want, and it's killing me.

I guess I'll see what fap aids can do for me.

>> No.7824018

No, I...
But, I was just...
Well, shit.

>> No.7824023

I'm talking to you, aren't I.
Anonymous imageboards are the domain of those who get this far in. Helping your friend leads him down this path, trying to stand in his way will only isolate him from you quicker as he grows to resent you.

>> No.7824030

Ah, I more meant online friends. Surely being a shut-in gets pretty boring ater so long?

>> No.7824040

Not really, no.
This is why we have hobbies.

>> No.7824043

Huh. How do you afford these hobbies, benefits?

>> No.7824045

Just masturbate several times a day. Find some good quality porn

>> No.7824056

well, me too. also, nobody ever hugged me, or done shit like that. that's probably why my biggest fetish is romaticism. little things, like holding hands, gentle smiles have a great impact on me. its curious how when I was younger, I never cared about this shit. I remember I used to be proud of it. but, at some point, I started to losing ground.

>> No.7824060

Is social anxiety your thing as well, by any chance?

>> No.7824065

SSI, the application process was a pain in the ass, but it means I'm set until they cancel the program.

>> No.7824070

It's called puberty

>> No.7824074

yeah. but I always wondered if I'm just metally disabled or not...seriously, sometimes I become paranoid about that. what if I can only see and feel a % of a human is supposed to?

>> No.7824075

Oh, right. Disability?

>> No.7824078

puberty doesn't last 25 years.

>> No.7824089

I used to be paranoid about that at one point, before I realised so long as it wasn't affecting anybody but me, I wasn't that bothered.
I still don't quite understand social anxiety, though. I mean, I understand what you guys are feeling, I think, but surely lonliness outweighs social fears by a shitton?

>> No.7824091

>Masturbation is rapidly losing its effectiveness

Actual sexual intercourse is less effective than masturbation. Having never had sex before increases the effectiveness of porn. Sex itself cannot match your own methods because your partner is clumsy in comparison.

I just thought that I'd throw that out there because people glorify the deed even when it's sub-par. Maybe it's a cultural thing?

>> No.7824093

so...how can I get rid of social anxiety, even if my core is built around it?

>> No.7824095

High functioning autistic, paranoid schizophrenic, acute social anxiety, attention deficit disorder (I disagree, but they are professionals afterall), mild depression (since gotten over), suicidal thoughts (thought that was the same as the last but it was marked down separately). I also have asthma.

>> No.7824099

How were you diagnosed?

Also, what are you prescribed for your asthma?

>> No.7824104

probably yes. in fact, my problems get really worse when that handful of irl friends I had started disappearing.

>> No.7824105

That sounds like a barrel of bloody laughs.

>> No.7824112

Did you not try to/are you not trying to make new ones/get back with your old ones?

>> No.7824114

Battery of tests in my early adolescence. Reconfirmed by an extra appointment by a state sponsored doctor. I was apparently still crazy enough to pass their test, and that was that. Nothing, as I don't have insurance. The asthma only flares up around excessive dust or smoke anyway, I don't live an active lifestyle, it's really no bother.

>> No.7824119


>> No.7824120

I wonder if something like that exists in my country...

>> No.7824144

it's impossible. one died from cancer, one killed himself, and the third...well, let's say that if we meet again, I'm sure that one will leave in a plastic bag.
plus other fuckers, but we just pretend to not know each other now.
note that the shit linked with those deaths is so convulted and melodramatic, its good material for a shitty fiction.

>> No.7824149


>Find some good quality porn

Easier said than done. Maybe I'll just reinstall Hizashi no Naka no Rairu.

>> No.7824174

I, uh. This is beginning to sound slightly like the plot for a B-movie.
On the other hand, if it isn't, what's stopping you from making new friends? You did it once, right? Second time should be easier.

>> No.7824215

>like the plot for a B-movie
oh man, indeed is. and you don't know all the details...it's simply crazy.
however, I don't find new friends for two simple reasons. the first is, I don't remember anymore how I'm suposed to do that. the second is that those too long to tell shenanigans deprived me of any capability of trust what other people say. that's how I started to be seriously paranoid also...in this moment, I'm doubting that what I'm typing it's really what I'm thinking.

>> No.7824235

Hey ronery Anons, why not hook up with the traps on /jp/?

Our traps seem to be just as pure as you are. It would be a happy ending for everyone.

>> No.7824248

There's only one person I'll ever want to hook up with /jp/ or otherwise, and that's you ZUN!bar.

>> No.7824251

excuse me, what are you doing? Stop enabling, please

>> No.7824268

Do you look like homu?

OK fine, our non-ronery Anons can hook up with the traps then.

>> No.7824277

Strangely enough, yes.

>> No.7824283

But I don't want to hook up with anyone. At most I just want to not have social anxiety so I could look people in the eye.

>> No.7824313


That trap from earlier honestly gave me pause....

I hate to admit.

>> No.7824325

Use meds that will kill all such urges.

>> No.7824326
File: 791 KB, 1280x720, 34234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People you meet on the internet tend to be even more scary than others irl.

The first and last person i tried to befriend wanted to pee in my butt.

>> No.7824333

If I provide homu cosplay and maid outfits will you wear them 24/7?

I'm sure you can overcome your social anxiety, Anon. Might take a lot of work, meds, and exercise, but I know it's possible.

>> No.7824337


And fuck you for not letting me. You asshole.

>> No.7824343

>pee in my butt
That's funny, one of my online friends introduced me to this new fetish.

Being a huge masochist, I loved the idea of being peed inside.

No homo though bro.

>> No.7824346

Not only would I, but I would prefer to!
Buy quality ZUN!bar, that I can properly impress you with it.

>> No.7824357

That's kind of hot.
I hope I can find someone who will let me pee in their butt one day.

>> No.7824447

There a word or phrase for this kind of porn?
Kind of interested now.

>> No.7824449 [DELETED] 

>actually do something about my loneliness
>anondate is an old dating service nobody uses but I search my area desperately for anyone that has activity
>eventually one person responds
>he's coming to my area
>we muster up an okay online relationship
>he's actually an attractive trap
>we finally go out to see each other
>he comes onto me surprisingly fast
>through out the course of 3 months feel detached from him, can't seem to get a good chemistry with him
>we both become disinterested in each other and sever the relationship
>tries to paint me as a bad person for some reason

And now I don't crave the desire to be with anyone! the cuddling/hugs and kisses was okay, he sort of pressured me into doing all of it which felt weird, but if that relationship taught me anything it's to not spend so much time and money onto one person who you're not 100% sure you like

>> No.7824460

Who are you quoting? Someone on /a/ maybe?

>> No.7824463

Fuck you 4chan. tl;dr

>> No.7824469

I'm using the green text narrative so it's easier and shorter to explain my personal experience.

Get with the times, gramps.

>> No.7824471

Fuck off and go back to /a/b/v/adv/

>> No.7824473


I still laugh at how /jp/ doesn't understand what greentext means.

If Touhou was allowed on /a/ or /v/ so I wouldn't have to spend time on a board that imports foreign concepts and then DOES IT WRONG all the time.

Using greentext as a way to "quote" someone's post or thread is just completely wrong and a retarded misuse of a good feature that is so popular in boards like /a/ and /v/. Fuck, /b/ and /sp/ do it right. It's just /jp/ and /jp/'s lame knockoffs that fail at using greentext.

The true meaning of greentext lies in YOUR POST not in others. It's ironic, because you think that you're quoting others while you're just, in fact, quoting yourself. Yes, greentext can be used when ironically posting a derogatory comment about other posts, but posting while just quoting other posts accomplishes nothing but contribute to spamming the board.

The greentext feature was never meant to serve as quote feature! Why people started using it that way is beyond me. There are plenty of reasons why one would choose to use greentext with his reply. For example, bumping threads with stupid one liner replies should be discouraged and those people should be coerced into using greentext to enlarge and enrich their stories instead.

I want to use greentext, yet I almost never do it on /jp/ because people will jump on me thinking I'm quoting their post or something.

>> No.7824478

Green narratives aren't easier or shorter, just faggier. Stick to the traditional narrative.

>> No.7824480

Yup, I get it. Let's all jump on the dude for not abiding by the /jp/ status quo.

anymore copypasta's you want to dish out? How about the one that explains saging?

>> No.7824490


Must be a relatively new thing considering I never saw it years ago, but anyway.

>> No.7824533

The greater than symbol has been used to quote since USENET.

>> No.7824539

What? How does that stop erections?

>> No.7824570

Try it and see.
Worked wonders for me.

>> No.7824624

4chan FAQ:
>How do I quote somebody?
>To quote a portion of text, simply place a pointer (">") in front of the text you wish to highlight (ex. ">This is a quote"). To link to and highlight an entire post, place two pointers in front of its unique post number (ex. ">>210981"). Cross-linking to another 4chan board is also possible, by placing three pointers before a board letter, followed by a post number (ex. ">>>/x/1208196").

Return yourself to >>>/a/ or >>>/v/ with this new knowledge

>> No.7824631

Did you go get it checked? I mean I don't see how gaining weight or not maintaining hygiene would prevent blood flowing to your dick. there has ot be something I'm missing here

>> No.7824640

I think he's insinuating that the putrid smell of your own body would kill all will to even get your cheesy dick out of your pants, for fear of making the smell worse.

>> No.7824647

Gaining weight and other metabolic changes can be known to lead to erectile dysfunction. After which I got a nasty infection. I could tell you more about that, but I won't.

>> No.7824651

Very well, /jp/. It was never my intentions to get anyone angry, I'll be deleting my post. Now continue your discussion about masturbation.

>> No.7824661

Is it complete impotence, or do you just have to take some meds/lose weight/lay off fapping for a bit?

>> No.7824665

Ignore those nerds; they'll learn to love quotes in time.

>>especially double quotes

>> No.7824669

I CAN get it up. Now. But with more effort than usual, and not as hard as I once could. And of course there is what can only be called "scarring". If fixing it involved losing weight or meds it wouldn't have happened. One involves going outside, the other involves great deals of effort.

>> No.7824674

Stop trying to warp usage and rules, while I don't mind greentext when making a story bite-sized, stop trying to make it sound like its only for that.

>> No.7824688


I'm still waiting for you to delete your post Anon.

>> No.7824689

"Stop trying to warp usage and rules" - No. 7824674
Deal with it.

>> No.7826725
File: 552 KB, 1256x1049, Saten-tan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT: Sluts.

>> No.7826845

What game is this

>> No.7827432

But you're the one that's going to have to deal with everyone else >ing anyways so ???????

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