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Touhou 13.5


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Why's the guy in front ninja running?

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13.5 is already reserved. 2 bad 4 u.

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⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃

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Touhou 20.7 -Eientei Wars-


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No. Never again.

I will be trolled no longer, the setup of the last game was too perfect.

Never again will these bones feel.

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The tingling in your bones will always remain because she will always care about you

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Now you know her pain.

oh my god do I really have zero pictures of Shinki?

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No matter how big a fracture, bones always heal.
See you next touhou release.

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Can't wait to see Mima in a fighting game, I bet she'll have any awesome shitty dash gimmick!

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Maybe that's just it, actually. Maybe ZUN is just going to throw her in the next game for no reason at all..!

That must be it. That's it, right? Don't you agree? It has to be

It has to be



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Why does everyone care if Mima comes back? I mean I know everyone has their favorites, but I don't see a lot of talk about people wanting to see, I dunno, Minoriko come back or anything. Is it just because people want to find out more about the connection between her and Marisa?

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>awesome shitty

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I just really like her, is all. She's one of ZUN's very first daughters, she has such a unique and imposing look, and she's just cool. Plus, dat theme. She's like the PC98 Utsuho

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Because she's Mima?
Just look at her<
She's like an awesome magician Youmu with her half ghost in the lower half of her body.

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But... dude. TD was focused on DIVINE spirits. Mima is just an EVIL spirit. Divine and evil are like total fucking opposites.
Your bones were lying to you all this time, Anon.

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I personally complain all the time about this.
I'm pretty sure ZUN will grow up to be a senile old man and will even forget about his own creations. Just like Toriyama.

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She coulda been antagonizing them or something, making them appear in greater numbers... somehow.
But it's not like they were actually divine spirits anyways.

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Touhou 13.5: Sakuya and her origins revealed

Well, probably not, but at least she still has her place as a top tier character in the fighting games.

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