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Has this doujin finally been translated?

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Happy, loving sex really is the best. I wish there was more of it.

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Can i get a link for this one.

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link plox

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Y'all's lazy.

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is this /v/ ?
people are supposed to know exhentai and browse it everyday

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Eirin is so hot. I'd fuck her in the butt, if you know what I mean.

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I've tried that but I always just see some dumb animal eating bamboo.

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No, im not from /v/, just really lazy. /v/ has been spamming shit here so i can see why you would think so though.

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Get out, retard.

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why do you want her to get an anus infection?

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Can lunarians even get sick? I thought they were kinda superhuman...

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Risk of STDs is a well documented fetish. Are apparently people who simply can't orgasm without exposing themselves (or believing they do) to risk of HIV infection.

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>I'd fuck her in the butt, if you know what I mean.
Because she's saving her virginity for ME xD

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These are mainly (if not exclusively) gays though.

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dont only gays get that stuff with anal? im sure having anal sex with your wife or lover is fine. not like we want to talk about 3d shit here though.

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All humans have the same fragile anal tissue. Any anal sex has the high potential to open anal micro-fissures, allowing HIV-infected semen to enter the bloodstream.

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I wonder what her fart smells like

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probably like mothballs and disinfectant

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Green tea with miso soup

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Can't say anything about that, because I'm honestly surprised to see somebody who even knows that fetish exists (even on/jp/). It's right up there with all the various cannibalism fetishes as far as unhealthy sexual practices go.

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I knew about this fetish too, learned about it from a furry to boot. Those guys along with kigs are prone to the really weird fetishes.

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Getting scary now.

Still, do elaborate if you like. We are all bound to become wiser, better people with this knowledge.

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wouldn't you have to have HIV anyway to begin with? I love anal its one of my biggest fetishes.

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> Eirin's scared of bacteria
The fuck is this shit

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It goes the other way around too. Any sort of mucous gland can, in theory, spread the disease (or any disease). Bleeding, open sores, cuts and other damage that comes with anal sex is also a vector for infection.

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Knowledge is burden upon the soul, but a healthy kind fo burden. If someone far more smarter and with more knowledge than you is hesitant to go across water because they think it might be mixed with waste water, would you follow their advice, or call them wusses?

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Is english your first language?

While mysophobia is not all that uncommon, it'd seem like the kind of thing unsuited for a medical professional

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I don't know about others mate, but for Eirin only I'll call her "pussy".

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Eirin gets around this issue easily since she can:

1: Throw in a rabbit and check.
2: Fly.

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I suppose we should all be happy that STD's exists, if they did not there would be rampant orgies everywhere and there would be no stopping the power of the slut.

..I would probably be a slut myself.
>Picture half related, Youkai and white liquids~

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You got me, I just noticed the mistakes I made. No, english is not my first language.

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If you think that's bad, there are people who actually get off on infecting their lover with a parasite that starts as a small growth inside their body, growing and growing until it expels itself forcefully from their painfully stretched and torn vagina. And that's not the end, they then proceed to force their lover to nourish and take care of the parasite for at least 20 years.

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Wow, that is a fucking involved fetish.

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/r/ that picture with the screenshots of the bugchaser thread posts.

The people who actually like that stuff are scary as fuck.

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That always makes me nauseous.

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What's worse, at least half of normalfags have that fetish. And I've even seen /jp/ posters admit to it before. Some even claim they want to do that shit to their waifu.

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>I suppose we should all be happy that STD's exists, if they did not there would be rampant orgies everywhere

B-but I'm not happy about that at all!

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Can i please get a link to this?

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That's the worst kind of STD.

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Does anyone remember that doujin where Eirin is raping Kaguya at the end? Most of the doujin is about other characters, it just has a panel with Eirin doing a sexy pose at the end as she molests Kaguya.