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Having waifus is an /a/ related habit. It doesn't belong on /jp/. So if you have a waifu and intend to talk about it, kindly leave.

/jp/ is for translators, artists and scholars of Japanese culture only. It is a place to create original content and engage in meaningful discussions.

Now that this is settled, please continue.

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marvellous picture op.

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Sup OP

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Saten-san is my public-toiletu~

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Signs of new /jp/ denizens:

-Appears constantly irritated, sometimes even enraged
-Tries to act as a board police, but fails
-Hates doubles
-Has a "waifu" and posts about it
-Part of the sion botnet
-Will post greentext stories/blogs
-Incorrectly uses greentext, posts image macros, and spams board with /v/b/a/ "memes"
-Complains about established /jp/ content, usually Touhou
-Tends to overuse the terms "summer", "shitpost(er)", "newfag", and "samefag"
-On that note, they will almost invariably call two people who disagree with them "samefag"
-Thinks being gay, liking cocks, traps = cool
-Tries too hard to seem clever, but appears to be not
-Usually an immigrant or overstaying tourist from /a/ who tries too hard to fit in

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I thought that pasta died a week ago.

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Man, you completely butchered that. It used to be accurate, too.

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but aren't scholars of japanese culture waifu connoisseurs

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In my home country, this is little girl of /jp/, /v/ denizen
1.sending lewd
2.lyingto people
3.sageru as insult
4.dont contributing, instead kuso quality
5.troll doll and kigurumi discussion
6.very smell body, no bath long time, sometime 10 days?

/v/=monkey same

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It was never accurate and it was made by some retard from /a/ pretending to be an oldfag.

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What are you talking about? It pops up essentially every day for the last 2 months or so. It's just that meido is a bit quicker in deleting it now.

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