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Why are rude threads always about Yukari?

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I don't see anything being rude here, she's just getting dressed in her room.

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cuz shes an old as HELL hag

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I would say the person taking the picture is the rude one then

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Her choice of garments is what's rude.

Dem titties hangin' out like a ho at a BBQ.

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Time for number four. Komaich is looking especially erotic today.

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Why are Mokou's tits so big in that picture?

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Is she sweating or is she crying?

I seriously don't get this image.

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Look at her forehead.

Give more Komachi, forget those other hags.

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>number 4
How appropriate.

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Are you calling Komachi old!?

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When the first bacteria died on primordial Earth, it was just another day at work for Komachi.

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When did Mokou get such large breasts?

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Primordial bacteria had no concept of the afterlife, much less the one Komachi's part of. Therefor she did not yet exist.

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Even if you don't believe in an afterlife, an afterlife believes in you.

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Mythology in Touhou doesn't work like that.

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Is that why we have different beliefs in Gensokyo.

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>Is that why hell exists in Gensokyo