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Look at her, pixiv! Just look at her! Does she look like a big-breasted old woman to you?

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>He still likes Buddhist old hags

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What's the matter, /jp/? Don't you like your 10 grand loli?

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I still need to fap to the TD characters but I can't find any good porn of them yet.

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She's pretty swell. Miko is my favorite new Touhou. I can't quite put my finger on why I like her so much.

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Fuck, you're right.

Y-You mean I have to wait until winter to fap to them?

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Oh, have the shitty fanartists decided upon her as our annual hag sacrifice?

Guess I can deal with that.

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>Does she look like a big-breasted old woman to you?
Kind of

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But I love big-breasted old women, especially touhou versions of them.

What's wrong with me, /jp/?

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Jesus, its like a whole different character.

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You dont have enough arsenic in your diet. I suggest you get some.

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Well, I can't. They can have the tanuki if they want, but not my Miko!

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Over the next five to ten years you will experience the pain I've felt from the majority of Nitori fanart.

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You're so cruel.

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You should ignore all the shit teir artists and put your faith in this mam. Dan calls him Ke-ta.

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Saved as fuck.

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that is not my rumia

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At this point, I'm so desperate I'd ask for H of her from the /jp/ drawfag threads.

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Sure it is, the chocolate is to lure fat otaku, the perfect crime.

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I sure hope that chocolate

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Can't wait for prinny to get banned for nsfw picture.

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Just... Just go away, you heretic!

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Plus, this image reminds me, where is my asymmetrical docking hatesex?

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Miko with some hags on the beach.

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The hate seemed to only last the few days after TD released. Seems like they patched things up over a tea party.

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Weird, didn't mean to spoil that.

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That's bullshit.

Oh well, i still have hope that some artist will do it anyway.

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Kyouko is on the wrong side of the conflict.

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Miko ain't got shit on old lady B. Girl is minor league.

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Oh god, Miko with her sword actually unsheathed. All of my boners.

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There's a lot of material about Yoshika (The best TD Touhou) out there..

You really have a problem with swords... or girls wielding swords.

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Yeah, that's gotta be one of my favorite pictures of her, easily.

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Somebody must have put out a miko Miko picture by now.