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Touhou 1: Reimu goes on a genocidal rampage.
Touhou 2: Reimu seeks revenge for Mima's revenge for Reimu's previous rampage.
Touhou 3: Reimu interferes with academia and scientific progress.
Touhou 4: Reimu kills a youkai who tried to help her.
Touhou 5: Reimu orphans Alice and destroys an entire world for its creator's belief in free enterprise.
Touhou 6: Reimu places a little girl under house arrest.
Touhou 7: Reimu prevents an innocent girl from being revived.
Touhou 7.5: Reimu breaks up parties.
Touhou 8: Reimu strips away Gensokyo's defenses against a Lunar invasion.
Touhou 9: Reimu attacks people for no good reason.
Touhou 10: Reimu oppresses other religions.
Touhou 10.5: Reimu endorses slave labor.
Touhou 11: Reimu cuts back funding for alternative energy sources.
Touhou 12: Reimu persecutes Youkai Jesus.

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Touhou 1: Reimu defends her propery.
Touhou 2: Reimu executes a counterinsurgency operation.
Touhou 3: Reimu halts unethical experiments.
Touhou 4: Reimu enforces building codes.
Touhou 5: Operation Makai Freedom.
Touhou 6: Reimu prevents a West Nile virus epidemic.
Touhou 7: Reimu puts an end to vile necromancy.
Touhou 7.5: Reimu arrests hooligans for public drunkenness.
Touhou 8: Reimu enforces international law.
Touhou 9: Reimu protects the peace.
Touhou 10: Reimu defends the faith.
Touhou 11: Reimu promotes nuclear non-proliferation.
Touhou 12: Reimu subjugates dangerous extremists.

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agreed true canon is grimdark as FUCK

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But what about Touhou 13?

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Reimu busts an underground rave party.

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Reimu finds love

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That's quite good. But 8 seems backwards.

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But wait, I'm a democrat but I believe what's on the left?


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I'm a democrat and I think both of those lists are silly.

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Go "Independant"

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Reimu considers converting to Taoism after re-sealing their prince.

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It means you need to start watching Glenn Beck and subscribe to fox news.

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This is your flag now. Enjoy.

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Republican for life.

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Does America only have two parties or something?

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Technically there can be as many parties as people will throw on the ballot. In New York, there was a "Rent is Too Damn High" party for the last election.

However as far as voting goes, it's like having Reimu, Marisa, and the Aki sisters in a popularity contest.

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>Touhou 5: Operation Makai Freedom.

Fucking awesome.

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>Touhou 4: Reimu kills a youkai who tried to help her.

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>Does America only have two parties or something?

HAHAHAHAHA no. For instance, inside the "Republican Party" there's the Libertarians (obsessed with limited government and personal freedoms above all else) the Fuck Taxes Forever crowd, the Moralfags (JAY-SUS APPLE PIE FAMILY VALUES), and so on.

In Europe, each group would be their own party, but in 'Murrica there's only two parties that broadly encompass all those little groups. So any candidate for either party has to at least pay lip service to ALL the varied sects of the party, and candidates that win the party nominations are almost always ones that have broad appeal to ALL of those little sects.

So the guy who wins the election in America has the support of at least 51% of the populace, whereas in Europe, with six or seven parties, the guy winning the election only has the support of 21% of the populace.

Which is a recipe for dissent, disaster and gangs of youths with severe disenfranchisement syndrome firebombing every car in sight...

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>Which is a recipe for dissent, disaster and gangs of youths with severe disenfranchisement syndrome firebombing every car in sight...
Yeah, Europe is a real warzone.


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Only two parties that really matter, anyway

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Who says Aki sisters wouldn't beat Reimu and Marisa in a three-way contest? I know they'd get my vote if there was no other Touhou to choose.

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>Who says Aki sisters wouldn't beat Reimu and Marisa in a three-way contest?
...the fan base?

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If you're trying to be sarcastic it's not working as I'm pretty sure Europe has more dissent than the States, having a hands-on experience and everything.

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How so?

Remember who won the last time Touhous were pitted against each other one on one?

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>Operation Makai Freedom

Fuck, I laughed.

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So Americans can't pass important legislation because they try to pander to the majority, and Europe isn't stable because of the opposite?

Is it true, /jp/? Democracy truly doesn't work after all?

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It should be obvious, the most clear fault of what we refer to as democracy is that it's not the rule of the many, but the rule of the few trying to appeal to the many. And people generally underestimate how fickle the masses are when being appealed to.

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>Touhou 11: Reimu cuts back funding for alternative energy sources.

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Fuck, I at least thought we were smarter than that here on /jp/

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Touhou 14: Few years after Fukushima accident exclusion zone is still growing. People who survived and successfully ran tell stories about strange anomalies and dangerous mutants. Groups of armed people enter the Zone to search for artefacts and valuable scrap. They are called Stalkers. In TH14 you take a role of stalker searching portal to Gensokyo.

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I was going to respond to that stupid list, but there was so much wrong with it I got a "field is too long" error.

That should tell you something.

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It tells us you're easily trolled, at least.

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That I cannot deny.

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Touhou 1: Reimu kills homewreckers
Touhou 2: Reimu kills witches
Touhou 3: Reimu kills modern-day witches
Touhou 4: Reimu kills dreams
Touhou 5: Reimu kills the Devil
Touhou 6: Reimu kills vampires, children
Touhou 7: Reimu performs euthanasia
Touhou 8: Reimu kills aliens
Touhou 9: Reimu fights the law, the law didn't win
Touhou 10: Reimu kills religious fanatics
Touhou 11: Reimu dismantles a nuclear bomb, children
Touhou 12: Reimu kills pirates
Touhou 13: Reimu kills a cult of furries

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Thank you, Raymoo

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Reimu preforms abortions without consent

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>Touhou 11: Reimu dismantles a nuclear bomb, children
I don't think I've seen that doujin.

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Touhou 6: Reimu destroys vile demonic vampires' plots
Touhou 7: Reimu prevents the revival of the undead
Touhou 8: Reimu teaches aliens some manners
Touhou 9: Reimu prevents hooligans from fighting
Touhou 10: Reimu vanquishes heretics
Touhou 11: Reimu prevents hell from breaking loose
Touhou 12: Reimu vanquishes more heretics
Touhou 13: Reimu vanquishes undead heretics

Reimu is theocratic dictator of Gensokyo

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Hakurei Reimu
Paternal Autocrat
Power-Hungry Demagogue

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Touhou 6: Reimu plays 紅魔嬢スカーレットX.
Touhou 7: Reimu ends an ice age and causes global warming.
Touhou 9: Reimu betrays the law.
Touhou 10: Hakurei Crusade.
Touhou 12: 2nd Hakurei Crusade.
Touhou 13: 3rd Hakurei Crusade.
Touhou 14: Reimu Dies