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How's BHS/EME treating you /jp/?

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Like utter shit.

I hope they go down in flames. No, not just fail as a company, not just waste the past few years working on a game advertising for the masses just to see it bomb on release, but to actually have their headquarters burned to the ground to set an example for all those who would import games from overseas just to butcher them for their core audience.

They deserve it. They really do.

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So good.

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Banned in Sweden anyway.

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Boring MMO anyways, who cares?

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Guild wars 2 looks better.

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Naked abdomens are my fetish.
This is a day of despair for me.

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never cared, never will.

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Can't you just mod it?

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Only faggots play MMOs.

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My little country can't be this retarded!

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Fuck, you made me imagine Olof Palme doing Kirino's pose.

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Oh well.

Blade & Soul will most likely be better anyways.

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You're Swedish?

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No, but it's always interesting to see what Sweden bans next and then ask Helen how she feels about it.

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Right, I'll let you know when the time comes. Not much I'm interested in left to ban, though.

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And then you'll be banned for modding your client.

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PSO2 only.

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not OP but have more screens

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Nah they said they are fine with people modding their armor textures since its client-side only.

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I enjoy reading the reactions on the forums.

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I dunno what to think. I kinda like what that "mom" was talking about with the fact that, did the team really look at these designs and think they were in any way decent for what a good portion of their customer base wants to play?

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They also said they wouldn't be changing the Elin, once.

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In their "what race will you play" poll around 25-30% said Elin.

EME just lost a shitton of customers.

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Yeah have to be careful with your marketing when you have a good chunk of people who are actually interested in playing a certain race.

I'm almost positive we will see some reverts/better changes before the final launch. We still have at least half a year.

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i honestly think the biggest problem is just the stomach covers. they look terrible and they never said anything about covering up the stomachs.

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We're not going to modify the Elin.

Okay, we lied. We'll be adding some very tasteful tights to a scant few of the armor sets.

Okay, we lied again. Bellies are too erotic. Also, we're modding most armors. But we won't ban people who mod their client.

Okay, we lied again. Enjoy your ban. Pedo.

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Agree. No delicious stomach is just mean.

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It looks like a school swimsuit.

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>mfw people will actually find a way to import the korean models

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The tail clipping through the crotch on the localized version looks more un-PC than the original.

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And then they watch in horror as everyone that matters abandons their stupid fucking game.

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But it looks shitty.

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the game is shitty anyways who gives a fuck

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>yfw you're a fucking baka

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I think it looks okay, and haven't played an MMO in a while so I don't think I'm picky. What do you think looks shitty about it? Mashy?

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why did you delete my post you dumb piece of shit janitor. go get fucked you cunt.

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I was waiting for this thread.

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/b/ meme bullshit doesn't belong here. Go back to /v/, where you belong.

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they want a damn PSO rehash rather than a true sequel
the game is looking pretty great, it even has mags and the rooms from PSU

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tera is crap.

it isn't a /b/ meme you piece of crap. i can post whatever pictures i want with my posts, cunt janitor.


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Dear /jp/

stop telling /b/tards to go to /v/, please direct them somewhere else

sincerely /v/

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It is a /b/ meme, no need to get upset.
Sorry /v/, you guys are beyond saving.

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>mfw autistic children are mad when using other boards' memes

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Wait, you can actually tell the difference?

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since when it a janitors job to patrol and delete individual posts they don't like?

Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or loli/shota pornography.

It isn't uncalled for or an image macro reply. learn the rules you're attempting to enforce faggot. since your reading comprehension is so low i'll explain image macro reply means a reply of only an image macro. moot picked a real retard to clean up /jp/.

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How about you read the rules?
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.
>Complaining about 4chan (its policies, moderation, etc.) on the imageboards can result in post deletion and banishment. The administrator will address your questions, comments, complaints, and concerns via e-mail.

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It's the Janitors job to delete extra shitty posts as well. That's why they are called Janitors.

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>Janitors are instructed to not reveal their position to others and are to conduct themselves as would be expected of any other user

and this one? waiting warmly for puddy v2.0 to get you to quit after enough complaints.

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Did they change the Elin animations?

I remember hearing they were going to remove the swaying hips.

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Just because I know a shitty, rule breaking post when I see it doesn't mean I'm a janitor.

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I could not have possibly said things better if I spent 78 hours writing.

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Pretty graphics, shitty game

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That's it, I'm getting my torch and pitchfork.

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izzat that Aeka game or whatever?

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Why are Korean video games localized by American conservatards so shitty?

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Me again.

It was a lot of fun to cut loose on their forums for once. Just speaking my mind about the level of idiocy certain posters exhibit is quite cathartic.

This will probably be the one (perma-)ban I give the absolute fewest shits about. Actually, now that I think about it, it's the only time I've ever been banned for anything.

Which either goes to show how utterly shitty this censorship deal is, or that I simply care way too much about it. I dnno. Either way, fuck EME. They're complete and utter shit. May their shit stink up the place so bad that nobody wants anything to do with them.

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Why is this shitty Korean MMO thread not deleted yet?

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Korea is /jp/ related.
Deal with it.

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It's okay, because they're playing on the Japanese servers.

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They're clearly not.

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I remember that. I also remember one of their devs or community managers making a post after that one saying that they would 'never endorse modifying the game' and that model patches went against the terms of service.

This company is all over the fucking place.