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Having watched Bad Apple recently (yes I know I'm a slowpoke by 12 month), it occurred to me that below Gensokyo's whimsical and lighthearted surface a lot of the character's background story are actually very dark and tragic.

Take Yuyuko for example, the original Yuyuko killed herself because she couldn't endure having the power of death over people. Then 1000 year later ghost Yuyuko is driven to make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom to resurrect the soul beneath it only to find out that it was actually her own and thus she could never be resurrected or else Saigyou Ayakashi will be unsealed for good.

Do these grimdark elements of the setting get to you /jp/?

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>slowpoke by 12 month
Even more than that. Bad Apple by Alstroemeria Records wasn't created 12 months ago, you know.

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What is the Bad Apple you're talking about ?
I only know the remix song

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pick one

picture related, it's a grimdark shmup

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They live after beating DOOM

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>only bad apple

Ellys stage sure is dark, I agree with OP. PC98 games weren't as colourful as the windows era.

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That is what i'm talking about
You watched that and thought Touhou is grimdark ?

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>grimdark elements

Terrible, doesn't fit Touhou at all. Your picture is a good example. Yuyuko suicided by using her power to kill anyone she wants. Not by stabbing herself.

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Yes, I watched it, thought about some of the story elements and decided that there's quite a lot of grimdark in Touhou.

I don't get Kaguya looking sad and reaching for the moon though, I'm pretty sure she had a choice and decided to stay in Gensokyo instead of going back to the moon because she like it better here.

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Most touhou's kill or eat people for well, no reason. They arn't the nicest of people themselves. All this touhou love and stuff is just imagination as it is. We're all well aware, we just choose to ignore it and keep loving those loli vampires who would rip our throats out.

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Does it ever actually say that?

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Even if you're correct, Anon, artistic liberty can be a beautiful thing, and OP's image only proves that to me

>Do these grimdark elements of the setting get to you /jp/?

I don't know if it 'gets to me,' but it can definitely be a fun thing to think about. Rumia is a fine example of this. The right perception can turn even a flesh-eating youkai that roams the forest into an object of humor. It's fun to think of the light hearted *and* grimdark aspects of the setting, if you ask me

Also, I prefer this version of Bad Apple: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx76YPgZviE

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The past of Gensokyo is pretty grim.

But today's Gensokyo is tea parties.

What a wonderful age we live in.

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>Rumia is a fine example of this. The right perception can turn even a flesh-eating youkai that roams the forest into an object of humor.

Rumia is a fine example of grimdarkfags running rampant, turning a random innocent Gensokyoan into flesh-eating monster.

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But she eats people. She says as much. I mean, it's not like she's visceral about it or anything, it's not like we SEE her eating anyone since that would completely go against the tone of the game, but if she says as much then it's not hard to extrapolate on what actually happens when Reimu or Marisa aren't beating her up

I mean, unless you're going to go and use the "she's just kidding!/that's a lie!/youkai exaggeration!" defense, that's what happens. Not that I could blame you for doing that, though. Everyone has their own Gensokyo, after all

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>Deciding a world with dark themes is dark, not based on the lore of world, but on a song

Yeah, you're an idiot.

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Gensokyo is grimlight. There's some pretty intense stuff happening, but that doesn't stop everyone from having flower-viewing tea parties.

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>hay guise, Touhou can have grimdark elements
No shit Sherlock.
And yet somehow it always ends with tea parties.

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No, you are skeleton jelly!

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There is something to be said for grimdark reimaginings. Most doujins take liberties with canon one way or the other. Pornification and overt lesbianism is one such liberty (okay, except in the case of Remilia and Yukari, Zun isn't even trying to hide the fact they eat pussy on a regular basis), and noone has a problem with that. So why not embrace the fact that some people (who shall remain unnamed and shut the fuck up you can't prove anything) get erections of comparable magnitude at grimdarkification of the canon?

If I had the financial ability to hire a good doujin artist (or twelve) to make the sprites I'd make a grimdark Touhou game that would scare your pants off.

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Ten Desires showed that all the characters aren't all that nice or well behaved (Religion wars, backstabbing, trickery, etc)

Sad that Reisen is no longer the only backstabbing bitch in Gensokyo.

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Running on the dark-days-are-over line, the explanation is that Rumia used to eat people back when Gensokyo was still a grim place, but these days its just customary.

This would also conveniently explain the doujins where humans from the village still detest youkai even though they aren't eaten very often.

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Touhouverse, examined at face value and taken to its logical conclusion, is dark as fuck. It's just that the cheerful attitude of the residents and the cartoony colourful art style invites you to not think too much about it.

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>Nue will bring the end of the world


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>She says as much

No, she does not. Reimu does.

>it's not hard to extrapolate on what actually happens when Reimu or Marisa aren't beating her up

Only we know what happens. Bad ending happens. Reimu and Marisa go back home to train more and come back later.

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Actually, that is the main reason why i like touhou, I canĀ“t belive you realized it just recently.
But even if someone want to belive that Gensokyo is a cheerful colorful place, we can't say it is wrong either. Everyone has their own Gensokyo, indeed.

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Yeah, it's true.
Mokou's backstory is pretty tragic as well.

>For the first three hundred years, other people hated me, and I was a sad creature who only caused trouble to myself and those around me if I didn't stay in hiding.

>The next three hundred years I spent harboring a grudge against this world, and was able to preserve the faintest sense of identity by immediately dispatching anything that crossed my path, youkai or otherwise.

>For the next three hundred years the youkai in the area couldn't hold my interest anymore, and I lost all motivation towards anything, living out a boring existence.

>But during the next three hundred years, I was finally reunited with my immortal archrival, and we discovered the joys of killing each other over and over.

Let's not forget the fact that she killed the honest man that saved her life, Ihakasa, the day she became immortal, out of greed and lust for revenge.
And of course, her immortal life.

>The youkai of Gensokyo also lived long lives. There were quite a few who had lived longer than I had. However, they were fundamentally different from me. No matter how long they might live, they would still waste away in the end.

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>She says as much
>>No, she does not. Reimu does.

Remilia calls Reimu a murderer for beating Sakuya. Implied Yuyuko eating Mystia. Dismemberment. Incineration. Genocide. A lot of harsh things are thrown around, but everybody has tea in the end.

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>This would also conveniently explain the doujins where humans from the village still detest youkai even though they aren't eaten very often.

Us humans have this primal fear of being prey to any predator, hence whenever a shark or crocodile or what have you becomes a man-eater we always track that motherfucker down and kill it at all cost. So it's little wonder that the humans in gensokyo hate youkai seen as they do it on a regular basis.

The fact that they're little girls actually makes that fact more horrifying, their appearance deceives you into thinking they're harmless.

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Most Youkai look something like this, though.

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>Stripe Pattern

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I've always enjoyed the eyes of a predator

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Yeah. I know, right?

But even in Touhou you can't expect every flesh eating demon hiding inside a cave to be a little loli.

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Not ALL of them, no.

But for the sake of argument, why couldn't I?

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I kind of do. I'd much rather be eaten by a cute girl

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