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Why is she so attractive?

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She is? Well, I guess I wouldn't mind having a date with her...

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She is really lovely!
I want more ecchi and hentai pictures with her!

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The headphones, they make her look hip.

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So, are those fox-ears, or does she just have really bad bedhead?

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They're antenna so she can tune into your desires.

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She has that saintly charm~

And she's a loli. A Saint loli.

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Wolverine morning hair.

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Waiting warmly for Miko/Youmu doujins/swordfights.

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pretty weird lookin' loli to me

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>Go to soap

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She seems pretty tame for a stage 6 boss

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When I see her, I think, "yiff".

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The tame ones are the best in bed.
Come to think of it, there aren't any H-doujins of her yet (or any good quality H in general), are there?

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That's from the new Touhou?
Jesus fuck, why does she have her right palm over her left hand?
Is it another ZUN refrence to JoJo, or was he simply drunk while drawing again?

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You don't need to pound your smelly penis to EVERY Touhou

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Is it just me or are her thumbs on the wrong sides?

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So has Pyramid Head.
He seems to do fine.

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She looks great, but I'm not sure about her personality and mannerisms and stuff.

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I want doujins with her!

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Give it back!

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At some point, she switched from being a prince to a cute girl. I hope someone visits that concept by having her become a girl and then immediately get gangraped by faceless men.

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That sounds terrible!

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For your information, I clean my genitals every day so they don't smell. Now give me the ero.

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so are they ears or is it her hair? Or has no one decided yet? I never expect there to be a logical explanation for anything he draws. But does anyone know what the paddle thing she's holding is?

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Thank you, I wasn't sure. Always good to learn something :)

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I've had no internet for a few weeks but ANOTHER Touhou game? That was fast. What is this one, # 80,000?

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Headphones make everyone look at least 20% sexier.

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I like her design but that hair turns me off I think it'd look better if they were ears drawn like this

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God. You almost killed me there.

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She is pretty cute.

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Give what back?

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I like her.

She and the whole Ten Desires crew have good comedy potential, what with how dysfunctional they are.

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I really really like her belt.

The rest of her I'm indifferent about.

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Serious post because Miko is the greatest.

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Tits or no?

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I don't think big breasts suit her figure very well, and I find her the cutest when she's flat, so no.

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On the more basic level, prince or princess?

Genderswap? Non-treatment FtM? Historical forgery? Or maybe she's like Uthena where despite the most vitriolic claims to the contrary, it really doesn't actually say in writing anywhere that the prince has to be a guy.

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Just small ones. The last few final bosses were all boobinites, I'd like some variety.

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I think she can do them, but I don't think she needs them to fit her character.She does fine having smaller curves, like a Lunasa or a Kaguya.

Not that I object to them when they're there, of course.

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Please, no.