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would you

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Oh come on, at least make the right side gap half out of cloth or frills if you want to contrast properly.

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What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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I'm a sucker for girls with pretty eyes.

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Yukari reminds me of FMA. The gap looks like that world you see when you do human transmutations.

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Why would I, when I could have something superior.

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Who does everyone feel the need to add eyes to apocalyptic waygates to eternal darkness? It's a half-rhetoric question, as I already know the answer, but let's delve into that matter for a bit

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The only reason people are scared of darkness is that they feel they're being watched by things they cannot see.

A better question is why no one draws Rumia like that.

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If I post the Jeepers Creepers lyrics, then would you hate me /jp/?

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Indeed. Pareidolia is the reason weird eyes and mouths are the most common scare tactic.

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I'd her crawling chaos

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She's taken as too weak for that, sadly.

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Because Rumia's gimmick is that she looks too cute to be a man-eating monster.

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When i think with my penis, everything is fuckable.

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Such a strange device, the penis, able to fuck anything but itself.

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Rumia is specifically making a proper darkness that makes everyone, her included, unable to see (and therefore watch), period.

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Rumia is weak thanks to the efforts of people like Edison, Tesla and the caveman who found out how to make fire.

Picture it, the Ghost of Nikolai Tesla bullying Rumia with enormous spheres of electricity.

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Nikolai Tesla: balls of light and a coiled staff that arcs electricity.

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I would have laughed.

/jp/ seriously needs more maid threads.

Its irony, because we're we are going you don't need eyes to see.

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where* I hate words.

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This ruined the OP image for me.

Now I have to delete it from my folder.


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If it's of any comfort (if you can find it), Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, recently hinted he hides her true form, which may or may not inflict insanity on the viewer.

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So THAT'S why she doesn't want anyone seeing her on full moon nights....

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Sounds like a bad idea.

What if she inverts your penis into the 4th dimension?

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The feeble human mind cannot perceive 10-dimensional beings such as the goddesses or demons. Belldandy may not be the dainty, beautiful woman who we see.....

Youkia, goddesses, demons etc. These breathtakingly beautiful woman that see them as......that's just a facade. Their true forms are that of madness.

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