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So what do you think of Jappleng University? It looks promising but when I asked the person who sent me the link today, he said that they've been working on it for a year or so now and missed a deadline. Do you think they will deliver what they promise or fail miserably? Also what other free learning sites are there besides japanese-online and about.japan?

pic semi-unrelated

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What do you think of the planetarium?

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Shit, there are immovable rods still around?

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What the fuck is that?

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What do you think of portals in Japan? I think they exists in small holes but large quantities

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i ask the same question everyday

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They are called "boundaries" or "borders" there

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my verdict is that it comes close to my pic. looks fucking incredible and its free but it'll never be as good for the reason that i cant fap to a website other than /a/b/c/e/gif/r/s/ ahh fuck every section has something i like even /y/

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Full pic?

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more, for the love of god, more

unless it has a penis

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>bonus if it has a penis

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hai i'm back!

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that looks like sum kipi.

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That's a really well done render.

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*in before dental plan

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a challenger appears!

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to be serious I have taken a look at this website and did some research on it and holy fuck someone here pays attention to some possibly good threads! Okay..
Jappleng University is not yet released but a website currently being built to supply what they claim an enormous amount of information about Japan and their language. Their promo page looks beautiful and inviting but their forums are far from sexy. I guess their using it as a temp forum but the last I've seen there was 211 users online so it seems fairly active. I've taken a look around and noticed that yes, they have been around for a while which suggests that the learning material is probably quite large, at least once they release their website. They have a preview of the actual website on the forum which looks very clean and overall as they say it'll be available sometime this summer and for something that is entirely free, it looks very promising.

I've located a few extra links to learn Japanese as well for you:
jappleng.com (what we talked about)

I'm interested on learning japanese so I'll be around a few communities for it.

(pic is the beta that was shown on their website.)

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interesting, very interesting.......BUT....I DEMAND MORE PRONZ!!!!

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Jappleng is looking like one of those things where you have to wonder what's the catch. I mean, is it some starry-eyed weeaboos with more venture capital than they know what to do with? A money-making front for a crazy cult?

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they say they will make monies through ads placed across their site, publishing services, and shit like that. so their catch is probably the extra shit they will sell with it. then again it's not like its the first time a website offers things for free, ign was free at one time and then turned to hell once they went commercial.

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This thread reminds me of /b/.

Fuck, I hate summer.

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Who's the chick on the top, /jp/? Is it Ryoko Hirosue?

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