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hey /jp/, why exactly do you hate /a/?

they're pretty tsundere about you, ya know. deep down inside they all admire you, its just difficult for them to express it on the outside.

see? they don't mean what they say. they love you.

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The linked thread is pretty much a standard /jp/ metathread of not quite that long ago.

I miss them.

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its because they don't understand /jp/, and make assumptions, that they make posts such as "bawww why is /jp/ so mean to me, they sage all my posts". in reality though, most /a/fags would admit to liking the things we talk about here.

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You didn't even read the thread.

>They're incapable of discussion. All they know how to do is complain and report threads when they don't adhere to their own personal idea of what /jp/ should be. When they're not reporting shit, they're making spam threads and shitposting ironically. Most of the userbase are also refugees from /v/ trying to fit in by acting all edgy and angry.

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/a/ is a gateway board of the worst kind. It's a bad board, a clusterfuck of newfags and samefags that isn't very well disguised by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive /soc/ faggotry and 3D porn. The normal anon can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the board itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The /a/utists all trying their hardest to look cool, roleplay, cry about how ronery they are, show-off their waifu, spout memes, the whole anonymous is legion and everything about /a/ fuels their escapist fantasies, while moot and his mods are of making jew gold with canvas, this make it fit just right with the lolrandom drives of your average preteen and their sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

/a/ is basically THE board to attract the most hated fanbases and people known to /jp/, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every anon to troll the fuck out of this board and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no /a/ threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.

in conclusion
gaia = /a/

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/a/ cares about /jp/ too much that they'd talk about /jp/ all the damn time

they want to be like us, but they're also intimidated by us. I guess it's kind of like /jp/ being a tier above /a/, with normalfaggotry below.

but yeah, /a/ doesn't know what sage and greentext means, and they get butthurt over tiny things.

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Why does /a/ care about /jp/ so much? Nobody asks you to come and post here.
Just leave us alone.

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Why can't you capitalize letters?

This is why you /a/ kids get treated like gaia level fags.

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>All they know how to do is complain and report threads when they don't adhere to their own personal idea of what /jp/ should be

that's because they assume "sage" is an insult.

that's also because they're idiots that don't know what "Otaku Culture" means, and when we tell them off for posting SNSD threads and meguka, they get defensive about it.

it's because they don't know shit about us, that they're so butthurt. get rid of the misunderstanding, and we'll have our cocks and anuses joined together, /a/ and /jp/, in a massive love circle.

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>they want to be like us, but they're also intimidated by us. I guess it's kind of like /jp/ being a tier above /a/, with normalfaggotry below.
Hahahahahahahahahaha no.

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It has become painfully obvious. It's been three years since I've started lurking /a/ and the downward decline is clear as day. Not even "shit" could be used to describe it's current state. Like a lot of you, I just thought that it was that time of the year but that's not the case anymore. I realized that as each year goes by, it just gets shittier and shittier. Like today, all I've seen is Accel spam, faggots asking for sauce on entry level shit, r/a/dio, recommendation threads, even proud streamfags. You people have reached the pinnacle of shit. Guys, is this really what you've become? Or is it just a phase because even nighttime /a/ is shit nowadays. Anything would be better than suffering through more days like this.

Jeez, it's pissing me off just typing this.

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Fuck, you got me. Ten out of ten.

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Good. They are using sage more.

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how many times have we had to explain to fags that /jp/ is not "Japan gook shit", but "Otaku Culture"? or are you seriously that new?

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>I've made about 40 blatant shit threads in the last week and haven't even gotten a warning page.

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That was posted by one of the worst tripfags on the site.

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Then why do they bitch about /jp/ all the time? Cry about how elitist regular posters are, and how many shit threads we have on our front page.
They even raid us with a shitty topics like /v/ and /b/ does.

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Not everything a retard says is wrong.

Well, he's not right, but he is getting at something real.

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are you certain its /a/ that's shitposting?

I'm pretty sure most of the shitposting comes from resident /jp/ users.

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I know that feel.

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They treat us like their little retarded cousin these days. And we haven't been raided by /a/ in ages.

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>ctrl+f 'reported'


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To be fair, it's not like /a/ is all day thinking about "oh /jp/ is so elitist, we hate them". A fag makes a thread, retards bite, shitposting ensues. Fucking marvelous.

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Because since the split it has become more and more like every other online anime community (which is a fucking terrible thing) to the point where now you can't tell it apart from any shitty place like ann or sankaku or whatever. Also I'm not into anime that much anymore and don't have much of a desire to discuss it.

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thread reported and hidden

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shitposting is a /jp/ problem, stop blaming it on /a/. where do the autists that post kuroko.jpg and that /bun/ shit from? /jp/, nowhere else.

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>I'm pretty sure most of the shitposting comes from resident /jp/ users.
/jp/ raids their own board, yeah.

I'm not talking about ironical shitposters, I'm talking about /a/-kiddies creating threads simular to this one or raiding board with a /b/-type spam.

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/b/-type spam comes from /b/.

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Here's a tip for you: When /a/ raids /jp/, the people raiding aren't actually representative of /a/. It's /b/ and the new, retarded children from /a/ they got to follow them here. You should know this.

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related&thread reported.

Know your place, off-board shitstains.

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What the fuck did you put into your email? I customized the script to make every sage post shown in red, yet I keep seeing this every now and then.

And I can recognize your samefag posts. Sup f/a/g/

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>It's /b/ and the new, retarded children from /a/ they got to follow them here. You should know this.
Yes, I do now this. Too bad that those posters make up about 70-85% of the entire /a/ userbase.

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Why does it not surprise me that half of current shitposters like the pig poster and the frustrated White Ren came up on an original /a/ thread?

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I estimate the percentage of /a/ that is composed of those types of people to be approximately the percentage of /jp/ that is made of terrible posters. Maybe a little more because they are a larger board.

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Hi, guys posting in this thread. Enjoying your stay on /jp/?

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/a/ kinda has a lot of really young posters and trip friends, but I got no real reason to hate them really. I also left for good since the split.

I posted like crazy on /a/ pre-split though. I even got a few GETs on there like the 10k one (which I posted Hisui and Kohaku). Or maybe it was 100k; can't remember.

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fake sages are the new trend on /sp/. deal with it nerd.

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>/a/ kinda has a lot of really young posters and trip friends, but I got no real reason to hate them really
The only good thing about /a/ were doubles, and even they are gone now.

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I browse /a/ and /jp/.

How does that make you feel?

I come to /jp/ when /a/ is overly shitty with naruto and or AMV threads.

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Keep your memes in /a/.

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hey guys /a/ here, i'm pretty new here but i'd like to spend some quality with oni-chan

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Hey guys, newfriend here. How do you "correctly" use sage?

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lurk /jp/, post on /a/. is it really that hard? that means that:
1. your shitty quality posts stay on /a/
2. you don't fuck up /jp/
3. you can still read what /jp/ has to offer.

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At least they're right about /jp/ being shit. It's stuff like this that makes me lose hope.

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Stop bumping this shit already, detectable retard.

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No thank you, cant you just please teach me how to behave like a proper wizard, nee-san?

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1. Make a thread on /jp/ about /a/
2. Link it on /a/
3. Samefag/troll throughout the entire thread about how /jp/ is shitty because of /a/

These are the symptoms of autism

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sup Komeiji.

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Alright OP, this thread ran it's course.

Now delete this thread before it's too late.

>> No.7793181

you can always feel free to leave.

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>even proud streamfags
/a/ has has people like that for many years now.

I can't really express how terrible the board is, but /jp/ is steadily getting worse as well.

>> No.7793186

but trolling makes thread fun

>> No.7793187

/a/ also has roulette threads, waifu threads, post ending in XX threads, etc. etc..

/jp/ is fucking horrible, but it will never be as horrible as /a/

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/b/, I am posting this to you in extreme agony. This is no copy pasta, this isn't a stupid post trying to get attention, this is a serious cry for help. I have been faithfull to you, /b/, for many years, and now I hope you can help me.

I was trying to shave my genitals today, to make them a little more comfortable for summer. I had no razor, so I was using some titanium scissors. Needless to say, I missed and accidentally removed a sizable chunk from the head of my PENIS. I passed out at first, but I woke up an hour or so later, covered in blood. I was able to stop the bleeding...but I wanted to put it back on and hope it would all be better.... I used super glue. It's holdong on there, but theres still blood, and a really bad line around the chunk, and it hurts oh god so bad... I have no medical insurance so I can't go to the doctor, and I live by myself so I can't get anyone else to help.

I need someone on /b/ who knows something about medical stuff. What can I do? I don't know, if I leave it on there with the glue will it heal itself back on? Help me please, it hurts a lot. I've already taken 4 extra strength tylenol and its not helping...

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/jp/ was shit from the start.

/a/ admits that it's full of shitty posters, /jp/ is always in denial.

>> No.7793190

Some of those threads are perfectly fine.

>> No.7793192

Because all those users are slowly moving here, along with their
>implying LOLOLOLOL epic win TTGL FTW KUBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sing me song anon wtf guies :D gay is cool lol

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I like how Komeji named himself after a Touhou and used to post here all the time, and now "migrated" to /a/ because no one here liked him. Seems no one really likes him on /a/ either. Why don't you just fucking kill yourself already Komeji? Your life is less important than the quality of this board.

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True /jp/ posters are fully aware that the board is shit.

No, not really. Just the jaded ones.

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Imagine you are having terrible nightmare.

It's terrible, but it's terrible only to you and no other. It's a horror custom made for you by your own mind.

The content is not important, but the fear is.

When you wake, you wake in a room on a bed. It is your bed, but it is not your bed.

It is your room, but it is not your room.

With effort, you realize you have not awoken at all, but are still asleep and have dreamed of an awakening.

The question remains if you are to wake and be greeted with reality, should you get out of bed or go back to sleep.

You decide to do both, and you fall backward through the bed as the sheets envelop your body.

It's dark, but it's not dark.

You're awake, but you're not awake.

You are dead and being cremated.

As flames disintegrate your flesh, a scream echos through your mind but not does not escape your lips which, even if you could speak, have been glued shut.

You black out once more, and awaken at dawn. As the mingled ashes of bone and oak are scattered on a beach by the one you've left behind, you finally understand:

You are not the ashes of the man, you are the ashes of coffin.

You were not a man dreaming of life, but a tree dreaming you were a man.

This awakening, this epiphany... this is tanasinn.

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tanasinn suck ass

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Wow. Just wow.

One of my friends came over an hour ago and brought his new girlfriend with him.

She was decent looking (not fat or pasty or pimply or wearing a KAWAIILOL shirt) so I greeted her nicely and we all just hung out for a while, talking about this and that.

About thirty minutes after they arrived my two cats wandered into the living room and the girlfriend lets out this scary as hell shriek. At first I thought she was horribly allergic or something, but then she grabbed my friends arm and started babbling about how cute they were and that they'd make SUCH A PERFECT COUPLE IF THEY WERE CATPEOPLE IN HER MANGA and which one she'd make "uke" and "seme" (one is a big gray monster of a cat and the other is a sleek little brown spotty tabby). Well, she said more in a less intelligible way, but that's about what I got from her spiel.

She stopped babbling after a couple minutes and just looked at me, giggling. I stared back for a second and before I could stop myself I said "Get the fuck out." I didn't yell it or anything, but I sounded pretty cold.

The incident ended with her crying and my friend calling me an ass and storming out of my apartment, dragging her along behind him.

Should I be feeling bad right now?

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If you ask me you cant really say that /a/ is worse, it's just different. /jp/ is farther along down the scale of nerd development and while some prefer that it cant be said that it's in any way better. The conversations here are even less constructive than in /a/ though exactly because most people here are already set in their ways.

>> No.7793203

>>I like how Komeji named himself after a Touhou and used to post here all the time

Seriously? I don't think I've ever seen a post by him.

Unless this was while I was away in Afghani-chan or something. Might be thinking of someone else though.

>> No.7793204

I'm honestly astounded that there are still members of /a/ that look up to /jp/ for its hostility. The type of elitism that /jp/ has turned fairly shitty.

>> No.7793205

Stop, thread is almost dead.

>> No.7793206

What? We have two Komeiji tripfags, one is Komeiji is my master, the other is Satorin !komeiji, I doubt that either of them is that shitposter. That guy is from /a/.

>> No.7793207

All wrong. I don't even post here and you guys still get buttmad for some reason.

>> No.7793209

Did you ever post here under a different name? Just curious.

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Get the fuck out, you reject trash.

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File: 14 KB, 538x535, a-jp-never-let-go.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm here to save /jp/.

>> No.7793215 [DELETED] 

Dear /b/:
I, like many of you, suffer from problems. My problems don't involve any of your implausible ones, but mine are worth voicing to you in hope of getting some advice.
Anyways, I began to watch Azumanga Daioh about a month ago, and as I dove deeper and deeper into the series, the more and more I fapped to hentai of it. I continued to do so until the last episode.
Then I watched the series again...and again... and again... I found myself checking out Osaka every on-screen moment she had. I began to stop going to my regular sites just to look at hentai of one person: Osaka.
I eventually had 1000s of pictures and some doujins of Osaka. I began to spend what others called absurd amounts of money on merchandise, and my apartment is coated with Osaka everywhere. I've shut myself off from family and friends and felt an urge to just snuggle with my Osaka dolls. Osaka is all I need. She probably wouldn't like the way my family is or how my friends behave.
I'm in love with Osaka. I keep praying that she'll come to see me one day and decide to live with me. I have nothing left to live for but Osaka. I know she can hear me, so I always talk to her telling her to come and visit me so our union can take place.
So this is where you guys come into the picture. You're an all-purpose advice board. You definitely must know a way to help Osaka break free from behind her glass prison.

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fuck off retard.

>> No.7793218

suck my cock dude

>> No.7793221

Not anything long-term, no.

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what are you still doing here? we're waiting for you at /bun/!

>> No.7793236

>Some reason

Go back to not posting, we'll be significantly less ''buttmad''.

Find it hilarious that /a/ is acting superior to /jp/ too, I thought that was our card? I used to be able to browse /a/ as one of my secondary boards a few years back, shame it seems to keep declining in quality, though I'd be lying if I claimed there weren't some good threads shining in the depths.

>> No.7793239

/a/ and /jp/ have regarded each other as shit boards for a long time.

>> No.7793245

because autism I guess. why do you intend on using proper grammar all the time when it doesn't really matter?

>> No.7793246

Oh hai, I have just known of this wonderful board via /a/, I like visual novel and have played some of them, so from now on I will stay here. Please treat me well :3

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Fuck off.

>> No.7793257

Get the fuck out retard. >:-(

>> No.7793259

The /a/ I remember used to think a return of /jp/ users might cut some of the shitposting since they considered them all elitist bastards that wouldn't feed the 'I've just watched Cowboy bebop! Give me some recommendations!' threads and the like. How true that would be is another matter considering every thread must be replied to etc.

Judging by the thread OP linked, that's no longer the case.

>> No.7793260 [DELETED] 

Hi, I'm Dennis Haysbert with Allstate Insurance. I would like to fuck you nice and deep in the shower - your fist clenching half of my cock at the base while the other half slowly penetrates you. You will be blindfolded with a handful of shampoo while reciting the lyrics to the Beatles's Rocky Raccoon. When you get to the part about Gideon's bible, I will ignite my cock fuse and blow a load so huge you'll grow an adam's apple. That's Allstate's stand. Are you in good hands?

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Why are you guys so mean :'(

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File: 89 KB, 663x163, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this reads like a 12 years old throwing a shitfit
it's funny because the shitposters insist they do it to frustrate other people when they basically achieved autonomous flight from the flames emanating from their butts

>> No.7793272

/jp/ still exists because when raiding time comes, touhoutards are so butthurted...

>> No.7793273

>Most individuals with autism have difficulty understanding abstract language, sarcasm, and metaphor.

>> No.7793276

Most of those people are tumblr, gaia, anime forum, /v/, /cgl/ etc. immigrants who think that they are "lolsoedgyXD" by making such comments and visiting /jp/ later on, asking for a help or translations.

>> No.7793284


HEY! That smiley is mine! Don't use it!

>> No.7793286

Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.
Requesting threadban.

>> No.7793292

Spoken like a true expert at resetting his router.

>> No.7793293

Even /a/ hates ZUN!bar now.

>> No.7793302

This post gave me a mental imagery of a raggedy and injured anon in an WWII uniform radioing for airstrike.

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>> No.7793337

92 replies.

How to get 250+ replies? Make an /a/ thread.

True story.

>> No.7793340

I see OP is still desperate.

>How to get 250+ replies? Make an /a/ thread.
>92 replies.

>> No.7793351

Keep replying. The thread will get 250+. You can't resist shitposting in /a/ threads.

Also, the previous poster wasn't me, and I noko;saged.


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>> No.7793355

Combined the two threads are almost four hundred posts long, though.

>> No.7793358

>>Anons thinking that I drop my trip and secretly spam /jp/ or something

OK, you weird guys are just trolling yourselves or something now.

I never dropped my trip from day 1 because I like being able to search through my post history on /ghost/. And the last thread I created was a Seihou thread a year or two ago. Yeah, it's been that long.

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File: 411 KB, 1024x842, 1294876932715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7793367

that will include you lol

>> No.7793395

The /a/ thread is a good laugh, I've never seen so many people get trolled by copypasta before.

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