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Akiha is really cute. She is my favorite character from any VN. Can we talk about Akiha? The cutest part I find about her is her hairband and black hair. They make her seem mysterious and cool.

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Why are her endings in Tsukihime so sad?
Fuck you Nasu.

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I don't care how badly this thread will end.

Akiha is love.

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Madoka a sh-

Uh, I like her better with her real hair color.

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I agree, Akiha is a cutie.

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Don't start that.

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>Save your niisan's life
>Put him in danger ten years later anyway

Stay classy Akiha.

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It's kinda weird though, why are the Akiha/Homu comparisons more prevalent now than when Madoka was actually running? I didn't see many at all back then

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Madoka is a shit.

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Shiki is mostly a danger to others.

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ZUN!bar finally watched it and has started shitposting anonymously.

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ZUN!spam offering himself to Autismo.

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>>ZUN!bar finally watched it and has started shitposting anonymously.

I haven't watched it, I don't poop-post, and I don't post as Anon.

That's three strikes, Anon. You're out.

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You could avoid the thread rather than just turning it in to a thread where you burn your reputation further by seriously defending yourself.

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Glad to see akiaki finally getting the recognition she deserves.

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Never existed!

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FUCKING BUTTMAD MEIDO deleting my homu pics NOBODY GIVES A SHIT about Akiha she is a stupid slut who stole Homura's look, I can't wait for moot to fire his sorry ass

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>>a reputation

Doesn't exist for anyone on here.

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aki aki

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/jp/ was great today,the spam died down, it looks like all the outsiders left, but then you had to make this fucking thread again. I like akiha threads but because of you, these threads now have a bad name for being shitposts. thanks a lot asshole.

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Cut the crap, you aren't fooling anyone by trying to "hide" a Homura thread in an Akiha thread.

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>Homura is a chrono commando

oh my god what has happened

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Dude, relax. The shitposting stuff is being deleted. It's just a normal Akiha thread.

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We still have a fucking akiha thread on page 14.

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Akiha can give you a hair job with her hair alone. Sentient hair follicles.


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Yes, god forbid we have more than one thread about the same subject.

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I am not so sure i would like her hair touching my dick to be honest, but it sounds like it would be a "hot" experience.

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Different characters is one thing

The same exact character is another

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There's a stupid cat and a dog of the church at the window.

I'm scared.

Also, Akiha can cook. Not as well as Kohaku, but who knew.

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I just read this part of the vn,which was awesome but please tell me there is more of akiha in this, like a actual romance day.

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>Save your niisan's life
>Put him in danger ten years later anyway
>Save his useless ass again


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>and black hair.
Vermillion Akiha is best Akiha.

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>>Red AHIKA and Iori

Canon pairing is canon.

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Sure, Akiha good end is heart warming.

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I like black-haired Akiha. Black hair, blue eyes...

The strongest combination.

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Im talking about Kagetsu Tohya..

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No one would even remember Akiha nowadays without popularity of Homu.

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There's Akiha and Shiki discussing miscellaneous things in Akiha's room... Akiha and Shiki + Ciel at the school sports festival.

Akiha doesn't get a lot of parts in Kagetsu Tohya. It's a real shame. She also doesn't get her own nightmare sequence, which is something Ciel and Arcueid get. The closest you come to hearing about Akiha/Kohaku/Ciel's views of the dream world are that they all remember things they would really not like to remember.

My favorite sequence with all three is the card game. Kohaku and Hisui, conspiring, and Shiki throwing a monkey wrench in Akiha's strategy.

Tohno family is best family.

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I'm stunned no one's posted pics of that ZR girl from Occult Academy. This is, after all, an Akiha thread.

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That sucks, all i care about is her and arc and they both get nothing, its making it real hard to skip through all the repeating seances knowing your not gonna get what you want. so much for a fan vn.

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>Stay classy Akiha.
To be fair, Shiki has the survival instinct of a dodo bird.

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aki aki

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>Black hair, blue eyes...

>The strongest combination.
You know who else had black hair and blue eyes?
That's right, Superman.

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Has there been any more word on the supposed Tsukihime remake?
I'm kind of hoping it never happens, since any adjustment to Akiha's character would necessarily be for the worse.

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>Has there been any more word on the supposed Tsukihime remake?
Nothing new since 2008.
You should give up on this

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Karma. She's a sadistic bitch after all.

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Akiha's sadism is the miracle of the universe. <3 <3 <3

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I think you should look yourself in a mirror and stop calling the kettle black.

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I'm bringing this back after 10 hours so that the midday crew can appreciate this wonderful thread as well.

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Kagetsu Tohya is for minutia and random. You don't play it expecting to have deep character development or relationship advancement.

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Why the fuck was this never exploited?

"N-nii-san, are you sure you want me to?" asks Akiha, timidly. She's afraid of hurting you, it seems, but perhaps she is also a little excited by the idea.
"Even getting a-aroused by my hair...this is a bit indecent, isn't it nii-san?" Yet, her silky, shimmering hair moves as if guided by the wind and brushes against your cock. It's so feathery and slight that you let out an involuntary cry. Akiha blushes on hearing, but slowly beaks out into a contented smile.

She stokes the base of your cock tenderly with her small hands, while locks of her hair twist around the head of your penis, sweetly torturing it, etc., etc.

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Because nobody understands beauty like we do.

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It almost was, but similar character designs got in the way.


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Her hair brushes against my manhood like a drifting jellyfish's tentacles against the hard reef. Her hairs heat absorbing properties sting like a nematocyst.

The sensation is proving almost too much. My senses draw away from me, like the shore receding into the ocean before crashing in a massive wave.

My whole body wavers from the mightys currents of my benthic zone. A heat slowly builds up within me, like the deepest volcanic vents which sustain uncountable forms of life yet undiscovered by man.

I glance up at Akiha just as my will deserts me. Oh, Akiha, you are a rock for me in these tremulous time. You are my Mar Pacifico.

I stare into her eyes as I drift into the subliminal zone.

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>Shiki useless
You haven't read the Akiha true end have you?
Shiki saved her live for sacrificing himself.

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Well done, are you a oceanographer?

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Not professionally, but I find it fascinating.
Wikipedia helped.

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I sometimes wish I had an imouto, but I doubt she would be as great as Akiha.

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I have an imouto that I think she's superior to Akiha. She doesn't suck blood and has never tried to murder me.

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But she is a fucking youkai.

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>But she is a fucking youkai.
Is that so?

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Koume Keito, so good.

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Does anyone have any other pictures of Akiha with the black hairband? It matches her hair better.

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So according to Touhou logic it would be alright to rape her?

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Akiha is a Half-Oni

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Do we have any information as to the origin of the Tohno family's inhuman blood? Is it just some generic japanese oni?

>> No.7796304

I'm pretty sure it's mention in the Far Side route.

That the Tohno Family was from humans who fucked with ogre-like demons.

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aki aki

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"Homuhomu" can be used as a verb as "do Homuhomu" (ほむほむする) which means to caress, console or take care of.

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Which homu do you like better, homu homu or moemu moemu?

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I'd caress homu if you know what I mean

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I want to sniff homu's homutail.

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I'm not sure if we should really count Akiha as a Touhou. She isn't shown to have any danmaku skill or abilities. In fact, the only person in Tsukihime with any confirmed danmaku ability at all is Magical Amber, but little is known about this enigmatic and secretive character.

All that aside, Akiha does enjoy drinking tea, drinking alcohol, and drinking blood, so she could probably fake it, if she needed to.

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>no homus club

What the FUCK? That school doesnt have a Homu club? Well then, we will have to start one.

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homu is basically /jp/ personified, except perhaps her love for used pantsu is even greater.

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Arc can danmaku. Well, at least she can do energy beams.

>> No.7796557

Arc isn't very imaginative, so her spell cards would suffer as a result.

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Maybe, but how many STGs is she actually in?

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Explains Akiha's love of booze.

>> No.7797600 [DELETED] 

>Arc isn't very imaginative
>Ignoring the fact that one of her most powerful trump cards only relies on sheer imagination

Sure thing bro.

>> No.7797607

>Arc isn't very imaginative
>Ignoring the fact that one of her most powerful trump cards only relies on sheer imagination

Quite the opposite. Considering she can even summon the world from 1000 years into the future through sheer imagination. Plus she stated that there is no world she cannot make.

>> No.7798160


Kagestu Tohya had a little addition to Akiha Normal End. It made all things good again.

>> No.7798174

She wasn't imaginative enough to completely destroy Roa with her Marble Phantasm, so I'm not sure this is much of an argument in her favor.

>> No.7798182

It kinda sucked, I wanted more romance, not a random mystery story.

>> No.7798197

Dude, did you forget that she needs to use 70% of both her powers to control her impulses, right? And that she didn't even had that when she fought Roa? Stop selectively reading. Most of Arc's mental energies were being used to supress her boodlust, she likely didn't even had 0.9% of power during that fight. At normal output she would have easily erased Roa with an Alt Nagel.

>> No.7798208

It was an addition to True End, not Normal End.

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>Most of Arc's mental energies were being used to supress her boodlust,
"Mental energies?"

>> No.7798414

Yeah, mental power, what you use in RPGs in order to cast spells.

>All True Ancestors have the desire to drink the blood of those that they should be controlling.
>To control that impulse, they are exhausting their own mental energies.
>While possessing the ability to change the world according to their "thoughts", those "thoughts" are almost completely being used to restrain themselves.

>> No.7798429

That's called will power, Socrates.

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So the reason that Arc is such a ditz as because she's using so much of her brainpower to defuse her homicidal instincts that she doesn't have much left to actually think with. That makes her seem a little less cute.

Still better than Ciel.

>> No.7799452

That is not how brains work.

>> No.7799454

No, Arcueid is supposed to be perfect. Plus Period says Arc only developed this airhead personality after Shiki cut her up. Normal Arc is Princess Arc/Archetype Earth.

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So... you're saying Arc is a bit like Kelso from That 70's Show, or like that big guy from Sven Hassel's books? Not really dumb, but happier and getting along better by not thinking?

I am completely neutral about this idea without neither liking nor disliking.

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>No, Arcueid is supposed to be perfect.
I wonder what went wrong?

>> No.7799530

I meant perfect as in "Arcueid is superior to the other True Ancestors just like the TAs are superior to humans in terms of intellect, power and other things". Which she is, Nasu calls it "a gain of function" after Arc reconstructed herself from being cut up. You can call her broken because this airhead persona is not what the True Ancestors wanted their perfect executioner to be, but that doesn't really affect her main qualities at all, she is still superior to humans.

>> No.7799559

well you can have a genius IQ and still be an airheaded fuck.

>> No.7799564

When did kelso stop being an idiot?

I kind off stopped watching that show in the later seasons because it got terrible.

>> No.7799578

Arcueid is 18 Intelligence, 6 Wisdom.

>> No.7799587

don't say that its will rile the jimmies of the powerlevel fags.

>> No.7799603

If someone would really discuss D&D "power levels," then I'm afraid we are all too late.

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He never did.

The idea is that he is actually of average or above intelligence, but has intentionally chosen to live like an idiot because he feels happier that way.
Which, when you think about it, actually makes some sense. When you are either average or exceptionally intelligent, people demand responsibility and achievements of you, and are far less tolerant of any personal quirks you may have. Nobody expects anything of an idiot, nor cares what stupid crap an idiot does.

But until I see Arc riding a canoe on asphalt pulled behind a truck while wearing a Commander Keen helmet, I'm not really going to take the idea seriously.

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aki aki

>> No.7799625

>implying only an idiot would do something that awesome.

>> No.7799626

I don't know what '70s show you watched, but Kelso's rare "moments of intellect" were so horribly corrupt that he could only have reached them by legitimately being a complete and total idiot. The rest of the time consisted of him being hit in the eye and acting spectacularly dumb.

His actor is also a complete and total moron, so it's not a stretch.

>> No.7799630

get out.

>> No.7799635 [DELETED] 
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What's wrong? Why are you mad?

>> No.7799636

I'd go through life an idiot to have half the game Kusher does. Not to mention being balls deep in demi moore.

(I am so old)

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>> No.7799713

Brandy and a good book.

Now thats a great night in.

>> No.7799731 [DELETED] 

I can't even tell if that's homu or aki.

>> No.7799740

It is not too late to change your hikikomori ways!

>> No.7799749

I'm no shut in, bro. I'm just nowhere near as good with the ladies as Ashton Kuscher.

>> No.7799761 [DELETED] 
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>> No.7799776

white hairband: Akiha
black hairband: Homura.

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>I can't even tell if that's homu or aki.
moody expression
chest like a cliff face

It's Akiha.

>> No.7799836

Remember, it's not Akiha if she doesn't have a long ass neck

>> No.7799846

Akiha is a giraffe

>> No.7799866 [DELETED] 
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>> No.7799876

Doesn't everyone in Tsukihime have long necks?

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>Do we have any information as to the origin of the Tohno family's inhuman blood? Is it just some generic japanese oni?
>Doesn't everyone in Tsukihime have long necks?
I've solved the puzzle.
The Tohno family is descended from rokuro-kubis.

>> No.7800142

Akiha is my favorite TM girl

>> No.7801047

/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 冫、  <  o rly
 `     \_____

|` /
| /

|  hush

>> No.7801061

>Nasu calls it "a gain of function" after Arc reconstructed herself from being cut up
Shut up, Nasu. Just admit Arc is actually a saiyan.

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I need to know the title of this game.
It is required.

>> No.7801641



It's written in the damn window.

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Sorry for not speaking moon language.

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No problem, I forgive you.

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There can be no animosity between those who share a love toward Akiha.

>> No.7803073 [DELETED] 

Homura thread?

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>Homura thread?
I didn't ask for this.

>> No.7803180,1 [INTERNAL]  [DELETED] 

>The janitor will never allow Vampire Homuha

>> No.7803180,2 [INTERNAL] 

>The janitor will never not delete Vampire Homuha

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Aside from cars, there really isn't anything modern or technological in Tsukihime. It could have just as easily taken place in 1960 as it could today.

Would you be willing to go back into the lightless pre-internet, pre-home PC era, if it meant you would live in the Tohno household?

Please write your answer and explain why in a 200 word paper, due next Wednesday.

Now who wants to help me pass out papers?

>> No.7804134


>> No.7804158

Akiha mentioned something about a Large TV being taken back by the Kishima family.

>> No.7804213

They had TVs in the 60's.
They were black and white CRTs with vacuum tubes, but they were TVs. Some of them were likely very large.

>> No.7805231
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Wake the fuck up, /jp/.
You need to spend some quality time with your neesan.

>> No.7805231,1 [INTERNAL] 

Could you post more of Vampire Homuha please? I really like her.

>> No.7806056

>Doesn't everyone in Tsukihime have long necks?

Yes, but Akiha's neck is even longer than usual.

>> No.7806067

I think you probably meant "imouto" if the pic is related.

>> No.7806468
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I was accounting for those who have sisters older than or near the same age as them.

Pic related. Even as a big sis, Akiha continues to be wonderful.

>> No.7806500
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>> No.7806620
File: 5 KB, 100x100, iconex26ga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7806633
File: 327 KB, 806x441, akiha-dere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's more like this.

>> No.7806672
File: 1.61 MB, 3000x4000, 1207272137488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7806704

I'm really enjoying the melty blood part 2 manga.

>> No.7806708
File: 138 KB, 833x1200, lose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An embarrassed Akiha is fine, too.

>> No.7806721
File: 144 KB, 1066x750, robot-be-gone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's like they took everything awesome from the Melty Blood Tohno takeover plan path, alchemically fused it, and published complete awesome.

This is what a Type-Moon product should look like. I feel sorry for the franchise if CP continues to bomb.

>> No.7806745
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>I feel sorry for the franchise if CP continues to bomb.

Any show where the OP is the single best part of the episode, every episode, deserves to bomb.

>> No.7806750

I am forced to concur.

>> No.7806762

Carnival Phantasm is the best show made in the past 20 years.

>> No.7806766

So, CP doesn't sell well?

>> No.7806814

I don't care how well it sells. If it represents what Type-Moon is putting out in the future, I will have no part of it.

Don't say hurtful things like that.

>> No.7806853


But that's what bombing means. Commercial failure, independent of any artistic or entertainment value (or lack thereof).

>> No.7807100

No, that's not necessarily true. It's a bomb if it fails to be any good. Something truly crappy can still sell well initially based on reputation and hype alone. Then, you actually watch it, and wonder why the fuck you did it.

>> No.7807788
File: 125 KB, 850x1615, sample-99ab6d55630c93b5eecda6102dce013d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No, that's not necessarily true. It's a bomb if it fails to be any good. Something truly crappy can still sell well initially based on reputation and hype alone. Then, you actually watch it, and wonder why the fuck you did it.
This is sort of why Mega Man Battle Network 4 sold so well despite being horrible; it sold on MMBN3 good press.

Then the MMBN5 comes out and is actually a good game, but it doesn't sell well because of how poor a game MMBN4 was.

Why the fuck am I talking about this shit it doesn't relate to anything.

Here, have a foot.

>> No.7807804

Liked the idea of the Dark Chips from RMBN 4. Hated the plot. I thought 5's Chaos Soul system was dumb. They should've just redesigned the Dark Chips so that they could be used safely, but with limited use, otherwise they became not safe, sort of like .hack's Data Drain ability.

>> No.7807883
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>> No.7807900

Akiha's avoidance of technology is truly the mark of an aristocrat.

>> No.7807953

It's a real question if her isolation from modern technology is self imposed, or just the result of how her father limited her exposure.

>> No.7807972

I would hate to think what would happen to Akiha if she were to inadvertently have images of herself wearing what she considers casual wear posted online. She would be roped into being an online idol by Kohaku's cute, yet malevolent, scheming.

>> No.7808154
File: 233 KB, 796x1000, 1276217466982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She would be roped into being an online idol by Kohaku's cute, yet malevolent, scheming.
I've always loved Akiha relationship with Kohaku. They have completely different dispositions and are often at each others throats, but they compliment each other well. They have a lot of good banter.

>> No.7809199
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>> No.7811028
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>> No.7811079
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>> No.7811129
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wanna be made subject to that corporal punishment

>> No.7811162
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>> No.7811296
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>> No.7811658
File: 574 KB, 1600x1200, akiha-omegasmug-1600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7811667
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So /a/, who would you pick? Aki aki or homu homu?

>> No.7811700
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Accept your doom.

>> No.7811706
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This thread is a honey pot.

>> No.7811846
File: 104 KB, 550x550, 3d36eb1d99c219916422870c3bed0aa0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7811911
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>> No.7811970
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>> No.7811980
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>> No.7812242
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I never understood this scene. Was she under the impression that it was eaten in one bite?
I know the Tohno's were very traditional, but even then shouldn't they have come across a load of bread at some point?

How would Dio react to this?

>> No.7812268


Is it just me or is her neck almost twice as long as it should be in that picture?

>> No.7812273
File: 69 KB, 442x606, 31f925ec21578b2e44791c0001385d7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, that's normal.
It is only that Akiha was blessed with naturally aristocratic features.

>> No.7812274
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Akiha is loev

>> No.7812311

worried Akiha is so cute.

>> No.7813519
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>> No.7815505
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This thread is getting close to a week old.
How often does that happen on /jp/, once a season?

>> No.7815526

>How often does that happen on /jp/, once a season?
Something much closer to weekly, sometimes with multiple threads.

Once a season you get threads that lasts a month or two, or up. Like the recent Rika thread.

>> No.7815536
File: 362 KB, 874x1300, [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happens with the Ar Tonelico threads every week.

>> No.7815543
File: 243 KB, 589x1533, 1300566150141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No thanks, OP. I like Arcueid more.

>> No.7815575
File: 164 KB, 480x640, 8afad0a31825b35f66b8b01162fdf4b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7815576


and the VNTS weekly update thread, usually.

>> No.7816282
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I do not agree with your opinion, but I believe you are both entitled to it and entitled to speak it.

>> No.7816305
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Oh I'm on to you, friend!

>> No.7816360
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>> No.7816985
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>> No.7817198
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>> No.7819422

oh hay, this thread still exists

>> No.7819438

I like Akiha in everything but Tsukihime.
Is there something wrong with me?

>> No.7819643

We get fucking threads that last months, now go back to where ever you came from.

>> No.7819960
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>> No.7821226
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>> No.7821231
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Her birthday is coming in ~3 weeks. I hope you've prepared the presents already

>> No.7821284
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>> No.7821378
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>> No.7821439
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>> No.7823241
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