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I'd *help* her out of those clothes, if you know what I mean

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No, I don't know what you mean. Please explain in full detail.

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No, I don't explain further

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Everyone who likes Eirin has a mother complex.

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I see no problem with that.

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So everyone who likes Reisen has an older sister complex, and little sister complex if they like Tewi?

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I have a Eirin complex.

Unless its Eirin i cant even get it up~

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She seems comfortable and tought, a person who you can rely on

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shows just how much of a fat ass she has

I'd hit it

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She seems just like the person whom I could talk about my problems and she would tell me it's alright and pat my head and tell me I'm a good boy.

Ok, perhaps >>7791966 had a point afterall.

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I just love that long silver hair

my favourite hag

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I want her to sit on my face with her big delicious butt.

..And then i want her to put a tube up her ass and the other end down my throat.
This way i can get all her warm stinky love into my belly.

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Oh my, you might want to see a doctor about that. I can recommend a good one-- her name is Dr. Yagokoro.

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Strip and get on the bench.

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I think you need help.
Professional help.

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I like to see Eirin as a caring person who likes to help people, not as a Unit 731 freak doctor like fanon makes her out. She would know my flaws, but accept them. I could turn to her if I ever felt I needed help. Yes, a bit motherly, I guess. But there's nothing wrong with that.

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I'd fuck her in the tits if you know what I mean.

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This is my favourite Eirin image. I don't know why, it just is.

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I think that applies also to the people who likes Ran or Byakuren.... Byakuren Mostly... Mai Motheru

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Except for the fact that she HAS been known to slip drugs into the rabbits' tea every once in a while.
You know, for science!

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I'd help her out of them and then put them on, I want to wear her panties.

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Posting Eirin in an Eirin thread.

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She is good medic right?

So probably she could do everything that current medics could do right? That would be kind of helpful to know.

Traditional method of opening portal is the best but still if you will get teleported into Touhou by unfortunate accident then it won't be bad because she could solve your problems. It actually might be worth to consider this.

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You guys are such lady killers when it comes to 2D women.

Even if you entered the 2D world they would shun you as a normalfag there.

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I would drink her tea even if it was drugged.
I trust her enough to know she wouldn't give me anything too harmful.

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Only Touhou of whom ZUN art I've fapped to.

Eirin, so good.

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Yes, probably just a mild aphrodisiac.

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She wouldn't even have to bother with that.
Just being near her would give me the same effects.

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Define "mild".

..Then again my body is ready for anything as long as it is Eirin~

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Your body
Will never be ready

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Eirin gives the best prostate exams

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I dont care what you guys say, i find Eirin Pretty hot...

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I don't think any sane person could claim the opposite.

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I don't think you're supposed to ejaculate during a prostate exam.

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It cant be helped when the doctor is soo good at her job~

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Luckily Eirin is willing to try out different doctoring methods.

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But my penis just wants to show appreciation for such a great job~

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What about the people that like KaguyOH RIGHT!

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I admit, even though I love all the other inhabitants of Eientei, I just kind of don't like Kaguya.
For some reason her character just doesn't appeal to me.

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I like to believe that Eirin is the kind of person who is kind and responsible enough to milk your prostate regularly after accidentally making you impotent with one of her drugs.


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SHe's just too MarySue-ish.

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Aside for being a princess and a Hourai person I can't think of anything Mary Sueish about her.

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Oh, I guess being extremely beautiful would do it. I tend to forget that since they all the Touhous look pretty similar.

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>I can't think
I bet.

>Black long hair
>surounded by women(and to a lesser extent, rabbits)
Does all that really not ring a bell?

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>surounded by women
Yeah, that's a real significant character trait in Gensokyo.

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I wish Eirin would lock me down on one of her stretchers and firmly press her ass on my face to let lose a hot one me.

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>Black long hair
Those are not Mary Sue-ish traits. You don't know what Mary Sue means.

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would you trust a fat doctor telling you to lose weight and get healthy?


then just stay where you are and she'll service you

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I`m not fat.

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I wanna put my head in Eirin's lap and fall asleep while she's gently stroking my hair and telling me stories.

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bump because /jp/ is shitty right now.

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New Eirin doujin is out.

Copypasted from the TH board.

Eirin x Anon
Eirin has started to meet a young man.

Heterosexual, anal sex and an explanation of the dangers of anal sex. Love.