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One day in your life, you'll move on from touhou. It may be remembered as a piece of history, but your favorite touhou will fade away from your memory.
so make sure to enjoy them to the fullest while you still can

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I can print pictures of my favourite touhou and keep them forever, you know.

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what danbooru tag is this? i've been looking for images like this forever

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Not even close, you sound like some angsty teen/normalfag who just now remembers that he used to like Pokemon or some kid's cartoons or something.

Touhou's different in that, being made for an adult audience, if you like it as an adult there is no reason to ever suddenly not like it one day.

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>your favorite touhou will fade away from your memory

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I honestly don't think that'll happen.

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What aspect of the image are you talking about?

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It doesn't happen suddenly. You find yourself thinking less about your touhou over time, until you forget.

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Because I didn't made myself, because my future me will be made out of the experience, and in that experience will be her, if one day I become a good human, caring, warm to other people and empathic, you will be part of it, because you are the master pillar of the tower that is my life, that growths every day, and couldn't keep growing without you, I may forget most stones, but you will always be there to keep the top straight and strong, until the day I die and we colapse, and we will be nothing but a pile of trash.
but will be together, I love you Mokou

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dying and fading away

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That can only happen if /jp/ stops having touhou threads.
And that won't happen.

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Haven't you noticed /jp/ and the touhou fandom is dying down?

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Remember that moot is going to sell 4c to jews, not more Touhou threads until ZUN introduce a Jewish character.

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...No, not even a slight hint.

It's actually expanding, what with the more common decent PVDs being released and whatnot.

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Only if you get Alzheimer's

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depressing touhou thread?

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The good news is that you won't be sad when your love fades, you will just stop caring.

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Gona Dump some sadness.

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I have a bunch of Touhou figures. I'm reminded of it every single day. Even if ZUN had been dead for a decade I still wouldn't put them away either, in fact I'd cherish them all the more.

Also there've been Touhou fans for >15 years now... Given how some other big things in Japan have been going for >30 years now, such as Gundam and Kamen Rider, I don't think you quite understand the realities of what you're dealing with here.

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Now I want to read that depressing doujin where Yakuri encounters living Yuyuko and is witness to her suicide. Ended up with Yukari crying over her corpse.
Can't remember what it was called

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Was this the one where Yukari used her gaps to summon swords and kill people in very brutal ways?
If yes then I can at least give you the name of the artist, VISIONERZ.Try searching for that on gensokyo.org and you should find it

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Not a doujin, but this makes me cry manly tears - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5TY1DqJ59E

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Is it the one by personal color?

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We are almost done

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Which is extremely unlikely to happen. I haven't cared about Pokemon since 10 years ago and I still remember most of the original 150 Pokemon as well as most of the plot of the original season-and I wasn't even much of a big fan. In contrast Touhou is pretty much my life.

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In life I may forget, but in death it will be just a giant tea party in Gensokyo.

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Thanks, dumping anon.

It was a nice reading.

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I agree.

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Grimdark bullshit.

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Most people here won't live long enough to move on. That is the only sad part about this. And if you do, why be sad? If you really like something it will never fade from your memory.

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I somehow know how is it to hope to die. To wake up with dream how nice your death will look and how great it would be. I already have planned list what kind of things I would like to do before death. And few other related things, like keeping computer and room ready and not using huge amounts of money.
That's really cheering up thing for me. Thank you a lot!

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I have never seen someone able to draw a vulnerable yukarin before

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What about Chado's very long Yukari vs. Ran saga, which starts with Yukari meeting local badass Kyuubi as a little girl?

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Two by this side, Three by the other, maybe?
Not sure, don't take my word for that.

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I love Personal Color

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i just read that
why did you inform me it exists

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It's been a while since I read it, you'll have to remind me what it was.

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Soul Crushingly Depressing thread?

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It's too late to change my waifu ways.

And I thought I would stop loving videogames someday too.