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The truth is that no one likes Rinnosuke.

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pretty sure bococho does

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I think he's okay.

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Everyone would like him if he was a girl instead.

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I personally don't like him at all.
But I assume there are a couple non-spammers that do like him.
All I ever see is HURR-MANNOSUKE faggots, however.

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Yeah, what youkai in their right mind would like someone like him?

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The truth is he fucked you're touhou.

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No, it is more likely that he'd get anally raped by a girl like the little bitch he is.

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Maybe among the fans, but all the Touhous are after his cock like there is no tomorrow.

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He can make even Sakuya's frozen heart melt.

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I'm just not that good with the girls, it's not big deal! GOSH!

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Underage b&.

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She's just thinking of all the different ways to shove her knives up his ribcage and twist them around. Things like that make her wet.

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Touhous practically worship his cock. Even Lady Kanako.

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What, did they run out of strap on material again?

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Come on guys, Rinnosuke is exactly the guy you want to be.

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Recently there are so many good threads about Rinnosuke but this picture is ruining my view for for my favourite Touhou.

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I'm sure you meant "she was thinking of ways he would shove his dick into her snatch and twist it around", neh?

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The loner virgin stuck in a dusty forgotten shack in the middle of magical girl land?

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Marisa is obviously head over heels on love with him, but she doesn't stand a chance when there are many other contenders.

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Guys, guys, touhous are all gay!

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Reimu also takes her share.

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But is quickly overwhelmed as his manliness comes into it's own.

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It must be hard being a homosexual in a land full of lesbians.

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Go back to /a/. Toehoes being lesbians is gaia meme/misunderstanding.

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Even vampires aren't immune.

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Neither are devils. She's going to drag him down her lair to feast upon one particular of his body fluids.

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I think he's a cool dude but the whole super manly Rinnosuke thing is kind of silly.

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Well as far as it goes they don't seem attracted to men either. Zun wasn't thinking about relationships when he made them.

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Satorin, too.

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He even does cows and goats from time to time to practice his skills.

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Your "youkai moe" belongs to him as well.

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Is there any touhou left unspoiled?

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And those who refuse to submit are raped.

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well...maybe a couple of the pc-98s

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Lovey Rinnosuke > King of Gensokyo rape Rinnosuke.

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ひでふキタヤン is a pretty cool guy. eh draws rinnosuke being a total dick and doesnt afraid of anything.

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I don't think I've ever seen him with Sariel.

Does that count? Sariel is probably a dude though.

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But Rinnosuke is Uke no matter with who.

This thread is bad and it ruins my image of Rinnosuke.

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But in the end he belongs only to Yukari. The queen of Gensokyo takes all the best for herself.

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go back to /y/

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10/10 I vomited blood in fury

Say sub next time, you underage anime yaoi fangirl

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guise, I'm not an /a/fag, I just play danmakoo games. what the flying fuck is an uke?

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I'm not underage. And /y/ is horrible place.

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>And /y/ is horrible place.
That doesn't mean that you should post here. Get out.

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Okay I laughed. Now.Get.The.Fuck.Out.

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Best Doujinshi series ever?

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I like his character. There's no reason not to like his character. Anybody who doesn't like his character is under the impression Touhou is a land filled with only magical little girls. This couldn't be farther from the truth. I would suggest all of your kindly deal with it. Also, seriously responding to shitposts like this without sageing is beyond stupid. Please don't do that.

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It's a good series but it's not my thing. Except for the Cirno part.

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I'm jelly as fuck.