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Did we ever agree on who'd win a fight?

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EX-Yuuka with the ultimate magic.

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Pretty sure we agreed Yukari won since Yuuka doesn't know how to use the UM.

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Yukari because Seihou isn't canon.

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>Also, after Mystic Square's extra ending, as planned, Yuuka received the ultimate magic. The author himself doesn't know exactly what it is.

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Erin would win.

Too bad everybody horribly underestimates here, even though she was the moonbitches teacher.

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it ends in lezbo secks
everyone is winner

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I guess that's why the moonbitches are so useless.

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hey guys

Cirno wins

She has control over entropy

your move

seriously though, this thread will lead nowhere good, powerlevel threads never do

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Slilly keyboard.


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I agree. They are always like this.

Person 1: My character > Your character
Person 2: No it's not.
Person 1: Yes it is.

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Yuuka is one of the most powerful youkai
Yukari is just some sleepy plotting hag.

Note: Power to destroy all of Gensyoko doesn't mean much of anything. A good deal of touhous could.

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Oh, not this thread again.

Sure, I'll bite. Kopipe time.

Yukari is still pretty popular among most of us, the problem comes more from fans hyping up her strength and making her out to be the mother fucking Flash of Touhou; able to achieve anything with her poorly defined powers and ought to be able to defeat anyone.

It ignores a key part of Yukari Yakumo, she's a schemer. A direct show of force simply isn't Yukari's style, it never had been and never will be. Sure it's fun for doujin artists like Chado to draw up a massive DBZ style fight, or for neck beards to argue about her capabilities, but the thing that makes Yukari so attractive as a character in the first place is her evasive twisted nature. Nothing she does is what it seems, schemes within schemes Yukari plots on the very long term in ways only a few could begin to comprehend.

For a true powerhouse character with combat ability, you need to look to youkai like Suika and Yuka, Yuka especially because of her direct nature. For a powerful but direct mastermind you've got Kanako who is clearly working towards her own agenda but it's not exactly hidden. In comparison Yukari's methods are convoluted to the point where it borders (oh ho) on insanity, she approaches problems from completely unexpected angles obfuscating her objectives with both clear and hidden feints.

The point is, when someone fights Yukari, she is never really serious, often smiling as she laughs off a defeat and retreats having spun the circumstances to her favour. Yukari has never been a direct force kind of youkai. She is a schemer by nature and her powers only support this.

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Can Elder God Demonbane beat Ultimate Magic Yuuka working together with Yukari?

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There has been only one phantasm boss, ever, so Yukari.

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Kazami Yuuka
Ability: Manipulation of flowers
>A flower, sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants (plants of the division Magnoliophyta, also called angiosperms). The biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction, usually by providing a mechanism for the union of sperm with eggs.
Ability: Manipulation of genitalia.

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Stages are not power levels. Unless Yuyuko has been demoted to stage 1 level of power.

Side question: Has Yukari ever been shown in non-fightng games to use those eyegaps? For movement or anything else other than sitting on it in her portrait?

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Yuuka. Thread over.

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The Yama demonstrates how Yukari VS Yuuka would work.

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I don't think so.

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Yeah, but Yuyoko is an incredible troll. I don't think that's really a valid comparison.

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Oh yeah, a BAT. Yukari's fucked now.

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Yuuka would win only if she could defeat 3 people at once. Unless she brought in that other girl she used to hang around with.

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Why would they ever fight? Their interests would never collide. My guess is, given the circumstances, they would be more than glad to collaborate.

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105mm cannon

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Yuuka will make flowers instantly germinate inside Yukari's vag00 and while she's trying to pull them out, she'll close in with the bat.

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And after Yuuka smacks her around a few times, Yukari will look up at her, smile, and say "Who's vagina do you think those flowers are in?"

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Yuuka's vagina is already a flower.

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That would only serve to tickle the strongest of Gensokyo. She could just carry a bunch of these, scatter them and miracle grow them when they inevitably touch Yukari. If she proves to be more evasive than previously calculated, Yuuka could just make the dandelions carry out their whole life cycle in mid air to create more and more seeds until Yukari is put into a corner.

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border of power and powerless.
yukari wins every battle.
but with only gaps...
yuuka has a chance

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Gensyoko would be destroyed and then they both would die.

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There's no such border as that.

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Yukari gaps Yuuka into a small pocket-dimension exactly the same size as Yuuka where the concept of magic does not exist.
Now what?

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>the strongest of Gensokyo
Careful, morsel.

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Yukari's spell cards are mostly based off 2 opposites.
fantasy and reality
wave and particle
motion and silence (was that it? But that's balance.)

it's safe to assume that there are other borders.

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The roots of those plants are slithering through her veins, brains, and everything in between. Yuuka's not some crazy metaphysical half-existence, she's a physical creature. A magical creature, yes, but she's still not going to be doing much without thought.

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yukari because nukes


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A boundary is a boundary. Something that has degrees has no boundary. There's a boundary between male and female. There is not a boundary between sunlight and elephant.

Yukari cannot do whatever she wants.

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At maximum fanon can offer:
Yuuka is Type Earth.
Yukari is omnipotent multi-universe with 2 furry Servants.
Your bet?

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Shiki. (eiki)

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I don't know, but Eirin is a slut and she does anal.

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They wouldn't even get to Yuuka to begin with. If she germinates the seeds as soon as they touch Yukari, they will attach to her skin and thus there will be no gap between her and the plant.

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Eirin/Kaguya/Mokou laughs at Shikieiki. But I'm not sure they can laugh at Yukari or Yuuka (Eirin may, tho).

> Ability: Unknown

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Since plants and flowers are the true harbingers of death, Yuuka doesn't even have to lift a finger and one day her children will be feasting on Yukari's flesh.

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Kindly tell me who in Gensokyo isn't a slut?

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>Yuuka's not some crazy metaphysical half-existence,
As a youkai, she is sort of the embodiment of flowers. Even if she died, she'd probably just respawn like lots of other weaker youkai can.

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a boundary between a non-organic particles and an organism.

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Her power is to control dicks and sperm.

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Stop that.

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Shit. That's just broken. No touhous can stand against that.

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Yuuka is a hero
Yukari is an army
Can a hero defeat an army?

in4b Gilgamesh.

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In every movie and game ever.

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Broly, because his power is maximum.

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Yukari's ability is wallhax, autoheadshot and shit like that right? Then why she lost to the Lunarians who had "advanced technology"? What the hell did they have, Demonbane?

I can only think that Yukari was outwitted. She lost as a tactician, because there were people who's cleverer than her, Eirin and the Watatsukihime.

Or did she lost on purpose? "To teach the youkai not mess with the Lunarians"? Why would they want to if the two worlds almost never meet?

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It's theorized that she did it to kill off most of the powerful and troublesome youkai in Gensokyo, leaving her with a nice and easy kingdom to rule.

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Yukari wins for sure

The fabric of reality is her plaything, she never remotely exerts herself

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plaid wins by default

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suck my cock dude

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Lunarians and Youkai live for a long time. In their perspective, they may meet more regularly than you think.

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Earth meets Moon
Dun think so
There were about 5-6 people that flew to the Moon tho, but not youkai.

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>ultimate magic

PC-98 being canonically disregarded aside, why are people assuming it's some powerful offensive skill, again? It's probably the magic of friendship or something to that effect.

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When has any magic in touhou resulted in something beneficial?

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Subterranean Animism, for starters.

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That game where the "ultimate power" blew open a hole between hell and gensyoko, threatening the entire world with destruction?

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One small, quickly resolved incident does not negate the vast and steady benefits of nuclear power, you luddite.

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Yeah, hot springs are pretty cool.

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>hot springs are pretty cool

Actually, no, they're pretty hot.

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I honestly don't see how people can think Yuuka can beat Yukari. All she has going for her is her raw power.

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