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I didn't know there were other pictures like this.

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best meme :D

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There are a ton of them.

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Well I guess i'll sit back and enjoy the show.
I only ever had the one of Yuuka.

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You continuing to post them would be much appreciated.

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The only one I need.

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Just post the mediafire link faggot.

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Mediafire link?

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That's like the cutest shit ever.

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Uploaded my folder~

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yes yes

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It seems your folder has only one Mokou, and some black strange thing with her ribbon.

Shame on you.

Thanks, good sir.

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god damn it. i hate people that promotes this so it can spread over to other boards because i know you people will post them there and already has. i am sure it is already being regulated throughout /b/ and /v/ and it will come full circle back here with more shit attached to it

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Stop bitching and choke on a dick. /jp/ secret club didn't make these.

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Did I say /jp/ made them? No I didn't fuckwit. This place was where people started to post them and some faggot decides it is a good idea to shove this shit everywhere else.

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You're getting awfully mad over something as cute as people wanting to share these adorable pictures with other people

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These aren't so adorable that they need to be posted all over the fucking place twenty four seven. These promote stupid reaction images with captions and then some.

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I think you need to stop exaggerating when the reason for your displeasure boils down to "I don't like them now that they're popular," Anon

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Damn, you told that faggot. Nice.

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Chocolate Youmu is doubly delicious!

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and you're the one who started this thing aren't you

Ruining everything

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you tell them sion-chan

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>This place was where people started to post them
Wrong. And stop being such a newfriend.

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I didn't start it, someone else did and I took a liking to it.

I don't see it posted everywhere, only in this or these threads and where they first became popular.

Can we not make an argument out of this thread?

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Ah, nothing new there, damn.

What's with the naming? and what's mine doing in there, make it go away.

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Here. Animated for you!

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She mad.

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Eventually these pictures will reach equilibrium.
What a shame.

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Can't wait for a chance to use this one on /sp/.

Women's World Cup came a bit too soon...

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World luckswing classic is next spring.

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As far as I know, Japanese luckswing team does not have Yatagarasu as its symbol, though. It has to be divegrass.

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As in all characters covered?

They do make ohayous of characters outside of Touhou.

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If it were complete, it wouldn't be in equilibrium.

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Consider me dense.

What do you mean by "equilibrium" in this case?

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I just said it.

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"consider me dense"

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Well I forgot what I was talking about so it doesn't matter.

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I have reasons to doubt this but then I'm not going to get anything else out of you anyways

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No seriously I forgot. I remember it was something about producing vs reusing but it trailed off from then onwards.
We should stop talking, it's not nice to shit up /jp/ like a fourm.

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What the heck else is this topic supposed to be anyways? Actually saying things is significantly better than mindlessly posting images that have probably been posted before.

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>If it were complete, it wouldn't be in equilibrium.

Actually, yes, it would.

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He means how many new ones are made versus how many made that are just small edits.

Even then it isn't in equilibrium, he probably realized that and just dropped it.