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>Yukari is known for being a very youkai-like youkai
What the balls does that even mean?

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eats humans and doesn't afraid of anything

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Let's just say it's the reason she's wearing such a long dress all the time.

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That means she is true boss of Gensokyo.

She and Chen are strongest.

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It means she's an incredible jerk.

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Yukari is best - she is doing cool things and she isn't afraid of Reimu.

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>happy keine.jpg
Uh, isn't that Fujiwara-no-Mokou?

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was that strictly necessary to bump the thread ~11 hours later?

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Her way of talking and acting is less coherent than the humans.

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It means she is the worst of youkai scum. To cleanse Gensokyo of youkai filth, she must be dealt with permanently.

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She eats humans and generally doesn't give a fuck.

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I hate fanon which makes Yukari out to be the uberyoukai.

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No~ Here I am!

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It means that she is a prime example of why multiculturalism is flawed, and that Youkai will never successfully integrate into human society.

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>Ability: Manipulation of boundaries
>Threat level: Unknown
>Human friendship level: Average
>Main place of activity: Anywhere and everywhere

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But according to Japanese Youkais and other "special" things are related to "our".....

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Just call her an old hag and she'll be reduced to tears long enough for you to run away.

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Seriously, it's clearly Yuuka. She has ultimate magic, invented master spark, and has youkai moe.

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Yukari built Gensokyo, invaded the moon twice and is the sole phanatsm-power-level boss in all of touhou.

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Trying to figure out who's the most powerful in Gensokyo is like trying to figure out which of rock&paper&scissors is strongest. Only the rock, paper and scissors are replaced with hamsters strapped to nuclear bobms.

But I don't wanna be mean to her ;_;
So what if she's trying to kill me, deep down inside she's still a gentle lovely maiden.

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Stages are not power levels.

gun is the strongest.

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Obviously Guns are strongest.

So Join Duty today to fight with Japanese Youkais.

You know it might be dangerous if they will spread too much and one day you will wake up and find such Reimu in your backyard.

I wish my computer wouldn't overheat while playing Stalker I even bought expensive computer case with good cooling

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What does 'ramee' even mean?

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Are you willing to do your duty?

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It's damee but with that retarded drawl girls have when they feel too much pleasure in porn, see also shugoi instead of sugoi, etc

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>So what if she's trying to kill me, deep down inside she's still a gentle lovely maiden.

You, sir, are a poor fool. She's not a maiden. She's not even a woman. It's a monster. A youkai. A demon. It has no sexual orientation. The woman before you is just a facade used to lure foolish humans, especially men, into a false sense of lust and security. It's true form is that of madness.

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well, it's not like sanity ever did anything good for me

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It's good to know that you racist, paranoid fucks are never going to make it to Gensokyo.

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Where does it say that? To me she seems the least youkai-like.

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While the beauty of the crawling chaos is an acquired taste, it is entirely your own fault if you accept blue and red pills from strangers.

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What nonsense are you saying?
Do you not understand her perfection?
Come, join us in the madness.

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It's okay, Yukari would take care of me. She still has maternal instinct!

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I think you're just paranoid, /jp/.

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If Yukari is so powerful and comprehensible and beyond us, why bother worrying about her at all? She's going to do what she wants regardless of what you do or don't do, so...

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Yeah, but you don't go throwing rocks at a hornet nest, do you?

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Yukari's know hornet's nest. What's to say she won't take offense from you ignoring her?

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Paranoid? Sure, some may call me that.
But do you want to live in a world where youkai roam free, killing and eating people unchecked.
A world where the whims of bloodthirsty monsters decide who lives and who dies.
I don't. That's why I shoot every one of those creeps that have the misfortune of crossing my path.
Call me paranoid, a maniac or whatever else you wish. It doesn't matter. I know I'm doing the right thing. And that's what matters.

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Yukari is a cock blocker

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Holy shit I can't type today.

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I dearly hope you're not implying Gensokyo is such a world, Mr. Groot.

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Consider Keine, a youkai who lives with humans.
Think of Rinnousuke, who is half youkai.

Both of them get along well with humans. Yukari is completely unpredictable and should be approached with caution.

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Hello, /jp/!
Just a friendly reminder that you never know when I am watching you.
Have a nice day! ~♪

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Holy shit, what's she speaking at the last panel?

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"be gentle"

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"Be Gentle!"

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This board actually has a high female population, just incognito.

My reasoning? Men aren't little bitches. Everywhere I look everyone is complaining about some youkai that doesn't agree with their particular taste, or decent threads that get imagesacked by some faggot who is being an elitest asshole. Men actually have some sense of honor and respect, where as women just simply want to have fun. If they're not having fun, they'll become the biggest bitches in the world, wherein you can heavily relate them to anyone on this board. If you've ever been in a semi-longterm relationship you would know what I'm talking about.

So yes, this board is populated mainly in women. But why do they guise themselves as men? Because they think they're being clever; they can bond with the guys without getting told 'tits or gtfo'. When in fact what they're -actually- doing is tricking -other- women into thinking their men. All that's going on here is women pretending to be men, to women pretending to be men, while the men lurk until something intellectual or respectable comes along and posts only then.

You cannot refute this deductive reasoning.
It is true, and there's nothing we can do.
This extra bit of bitchy flavor has become our current seasoning.
Understanding this may turn more than some blue.
Continue to browse with your ignorance and denial.
But go and see, for this board has become the woman's aisle.

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My, my.
Aren't WE bitchy today. Is it your period or something?

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Thanks, guys.


I'm pretty much okay with this.

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We are all little girls here.

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Get out youkai scum, you are not welcome.

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>Yukari built Gensokyo
Shinki can create universes, your point?
>invaded the moon twice
And failed both times.
>sole phanatsm-power-level boss
Ran is harder.

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>And failed both times.
She only failed the first time.
>Ran is harder.
Basing powerlevels on who you think is a harder boss is even stupider than basing it on what stage they're in.

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I'll have to agree.

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Being youkai-like means being mysterious, unpredictable, capricious, and cruel.

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>She only failed the first time.
Actually she tried only once IIRC.
>Basing powerlevels on who you think is a harder boss is even stupider than basing it on what stage they're in.
Except phanatsm isn't a power level.

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You know you've all had a dream where you went to bed weary and miserable after a bad day. Yukari, being herself, likes to use her gaps to view the mortal world. Seeing you so miserable touches her heart and she proceeds to gap into your bedroom wearing a skimpy outfit. As you rise in panic at an intruder, she puts her fingers to your lips and says "shhh" before a tender kiss. She gently makes love to you, washing away the negativity of the day, letting you fall asleep with your head resting on her bosom before getting up and returning through her gap, leaving you to wonder if it was all just a good dream.

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Hmm. Now that I think about it, Yuyuko strolled through the Moon capitol unchecked, got into their armory, took a nice bottle of sake and returned without raising a single alarm.

Meanwhile, Mary Sue Moonwhores were too busy playing with the small fries.

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tl;dr you're a faggot

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But I fap too much to have wet dreams, Anon

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Get out please

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I didn't. ;_;

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My hate will build until some day I become a Youkai of racism. Then, unable to accept being the very thing I despise so much, I will wander the lands in shame until I reach Gensokyo.

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Means that she behaves like she's one of fair folk (to quote tvtropes). A fickle and unpredictable magical alien that operates outside the boundaries of human logic.

Btw, to the people arguing that she is an evil monster - she isn't. I anything, she's working to preserve the status quo, and probably not entirely out of self-interest.

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The average /jp/sie is a filthy highwayman?

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People, what if... what if Reimu is Yukari's biological descendant, the same way Sanae is Suwako's descendant

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If Yukari isn't a virgin then I just fucking quit /jp/ and Touhous

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She could just gap in dicks like they're dildos. It could be like masturbation.

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>they're dildos

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Yukari isn't even necessary biological in nature. The concept of virginity does not even apply.

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But the concept of falling in love with man is still there, right?

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She and all displayed youkais have taken the appearance of mammals known for their lust.

The only beings described as not needing sex for creating descendants would be gods, but even them took the form of a loli and a grown woman, plus, one of them has a confirmed descendant as a character.

Also what the fuck are you doing in a Touhou thread?

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In jap folklore at least some Youkai can breed with humans and with others of their own kind. Besides, in Gensokyo even ghosts can procreate "biologically"

Reimu shares some kind of special relationship with Yukari. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something like that or if Yukari was the Hakurei shrine god. Maybe that's why it doesn't really need faith.

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>He doesn't know the public trip code

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Yukari is Maribel, or ZUN is a giant troll at hinting at it so hard.

>> No.7788879

For hinting at it*

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You mention that gods dont need sex to created then contradict it implying that said descendant was created sexually.

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I love this artist. Excellent in porn and otherwise.

>> No.7788884

It's awesome indeed. Do you know the artist's name perchance?

>> No.7788887

iqdb, do you know it. Its almost if people in this thread are new

>> No.7788891

How is he doing that other than their similar appearance?

>> No.7788892

>What the balls does that even mean?

Her attitudes, beliefs and mannerisms don't seem human.

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This. Every night she climbs on walls, rotates her head, speaks in tongue and vomits

>> No.7788909

She's more youkai than youkai

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If you actually payed attention, Yukari got them buttfucked on PURPOSE.

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You know, I'm so lonely that I'd be happy even if she came to my room each night looking like that.

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Thank you.

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I have something she can mongle.

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Just wondering what you were doing with my crap edits.

Its nice as a wallpaper, the static and scan lines work well on that.

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Peaceful Gensokyo.

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Wow, Chen's left foot must be pretty dextrous.

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Well, she IS a cat.

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Eirin must have been going overboard with the unnecessary limb transplants again.

>> No.7789077


Did Organic Compound release anything new lately?

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My my~ Anonymous! Feeling lonely tonight are we, hmm?

>> No.7792198

Even moreso then usual.
How typical of you to try to take advantage of me when I'm at my weakest.

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Aw~ this Yukarin is so sorry! Would you like some cheering up honey? Let Yukari make it all better~

>> No.7792225

Stop it, you're only making it worse ;_;
Fake hope is worse than none at all.

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Just wait and see my Anonymous~

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You really are a faggot. Sage for roleplay shit.

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Ooh, so angry~

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I'm not 2d, but maybe we can hook up anyway. I'm a shy, rather effeminate male who would love to date another guy from /jp/. We could have sex, then cuddle while playing games, or watching something. I'd also love to suck your dick while you're casually using the PC.

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You gonna get befriended.jpg

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Stop toying with my tender heart, people.
Why must you all be so cruel when I only want the best for all of you.

>> No.7792293

I'm serious, though. Where do you live? I'm in Canada.

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Sure thing, infact why dont you come live at my place and work as a maid?

You will get your own room in the basement with a double bed and shower+internet access.

In turn you dress as a maid and do maid stuff during the day, and lewd stuff at night.

>> No.7792298

Sadly I live in one of the forgotten parts of Europe.
It's better this way though, you deserve someone better.

>> No.7792301

I'm sad to hear that. I wish you good luck, though.
Well... where do YOU live?

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If you must know, Sweden.

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That's a shame. I need to have sex with a male anon from /jp/ real bad, but it seems I'm all alone in Canada.

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Am i the only person on /jp/ who lives on long island, in Shirley, i feel like im the only one.

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I would like to help you out as a fellow /jp/er, but there aint much i can do in this case.

I bet if you ask on /soc/ or /b/ though you will find a million gentlemen willing to stick it in you.

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>> No.7792393

It's not the same, I want to be fucked (and have a loving relationship) with someone I actually like, not a normalfag. That's why I'm asking here. I'm particularly horny tonight, too.

>> No.7792397

Just fucking go away, go to /soc/ and ask to fuck another weeaboos, /jp/ is not where to plan this shit.

>> No.7792402

I was just curious if there were really any /jp/ers on the island, not like i want to meet them or anything.
Please fucking leave.

>> No.7792405

Girl, no. You do not want any of this shit. Guys be crazy up in this bitch. Can't you read? You better get yourself a REAL man and FAST!

Well, pretending to be a black woman was fun, reported

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File: 1.16 MB, 1440x1088, b1b67e417dad2c6661c3e7bd93fd74fc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just go down to your local nightclub/gaybar and go into one of the toilet stalls.

I am sure one of them has to have a glory hole.
There you can work your magic while thinking about your favourite /jp/er.

You wont ever see the other persons face so it will be just like on /jp/!

>> No.7792426

I don't want to leave. I might have a chance...
Not a girl.

>> No.7792434

/jp/ is not fucking gay, you might be confused with those dick/gay threads but that wasn't /jp/, that was /soc/ and /v/. Being a little girl has nothing to do with sex or real human beings.

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Yukarin loves me! This I know,
For the Grimoire tells me so.
Little ones to Her belong;
They are weak, but She is strong.

Yes, Yukarin loves me!
Yes, Yukarin loves me!
Yes, Yukarin loves me!
The Grimoire tells me so.

I love you Yukari. You will always be my waifu.

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File: 560 KB, 740x1036, 5a9c92fb70919ed7f2a6d1a28ac393f5..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7792469

I'd take you up on it. But, Massachusetts here.

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If you're from Massachusetts, then you're guaranteed to be an ugly piece of shit with a disgustingly empty personality.

>> No.7792552

Ouch. Now I'm curious why you hate us so much.

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Probably a Yankees fan.

>> No.7792573


Faeries/fey. That's probably the closest thing to compare.

Saying "Yukari is a youkai-like youkai" means she has the potential to help you out one day and then fuck with you the next just because she feels like it. Most other Youkai are stuck in one mode or the other.

>> No.7792579

Or maybe because I've lived in MA for 20+ years. Everybody here is a fucking virus.

>> No.7792581

Sorry for late replies. I lost internet.
/jp/ isn't gay, but there are gay people on /jp/. Nothing wrong with trying to meet them.
Shame. I'd sort of like to move to USA, though. Would you be able to support me? I'm serious. If I liked you enough, I'd do it. I have nothing left here.

>> No.7792588

Support you? Unfortunately not. But I'd like to talk to you. You seem interesting.

>> No.7792594

Really? I seem interesting?

>> No.7792599


Not in comparison to most of /jp/, no. Compared to the rest of this cesspool of an internet forum, /jp/ has the most reasonable and sane userbase...or at least the most easygoing. I've never seen anyone on /jp/ go into a full-on rage, most of the time it's quiet but scathing disagreement.

>> No.7792600

I do, but we're kinda shitting up /jp/ like this. If you want to continue this, email's in the email field.

>> No.7792602

*you do. Why can't I words?

>> No.7792604

>I do, but we're kinda shitting up /jp/ like this.
I'm used to it.

Anyway, do you have any IM, or do I just mail you?

>> No.7792607

just send an email, we can work out IM and stuff then.

>> No.7792615

How's it feel being older than 35 and on /jp/?

>> No.7792619

I got it when I was 11 and didn't know better. Forgive me.

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Is this thread still aliiiiiive