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Akiha thread. Discuss Akiha.
Totally not Homura.

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aki aki

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Homukihas go there

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Oh yeah, no homus here.

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 ___________  \∴∵ ∵ / ̄ ̄\∵∵∵∵: /     
                \   \∵:∵| ( ̄\ |∵∵∵::/         
    homuhomu        >   \∴|/ ̄| ̄\|∵∵∵/     

 ___________/     .|∴|三 .| 三/∵∵:/   
                       |∴ \ ● /∴∵: |  
                        |∴(・)∴ (・)∴∴:/  
                            ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

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Im always trying to discuss Akiha but everyone else just wants to troll each other.

So, do you think we will get a season 2 with Akiha as the protagonist?

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Report without end.

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The pleasure of being Homuhomu inside

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not homura

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akiha is the best meguca

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>reporting Akiha in a /jp/ board. May as well start reporting Touhou threads.

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I prefer Cirno to Akiha.
She is our eternal goddess after all~

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Yes! Cirno is the best.

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Stop posting that shitty character.

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This is now a twohoes thread.

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Why is this poorly disguised /a/ shit thread still not deleted?

Meido is slipping.

And madoka is not a shit.

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You can suck my dick


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suck my cock dude

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i checked through the lists and wow korea is not one of the civilizations in civ v!
china and japan are both here so its unfair to us koreans because we took over a huge part of asia in our history. see Goguryeo

korean civilization is one of the oldest in the world. we have 5000 years of history which is longer than both china japan and england. also we were never colonised by the western civilization

a lot of important people in history are korean like yi sun-sin, ban kimoon, bands like tvxq 2PM are both high selling

companies like samsung, hyundai are very rich and powerful

combined the koreas have the largest military in the world

i can think of tons of reasons but im disappointed that a civilization like korea is forgotten

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I prefer a slutty vampire myself.

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ξ(✿ ❛◡❛)ξ▄︻┻┳═一 (*´д`*) -i am white ren plese dont shoot

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Stop posting that shitty character.

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When you look closely. OPs picture definitely could be Kaguya in her younger days.
With homu homu socks.

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It's Saten wearing Akiha's clothes and Homu's socks.

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But they didn't have sailor uniforms in Heian Japan!

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Dicku dicku

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Stop hating

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Stop posting that shitty character.

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Oh, cool! Glad a mod deleted all of the off-topic posts so we can continue discussing Akiha!

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peanut butthurt & jelly meido

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Why is Akiha such a sadistic bitch?

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Which girl does the janitor hate more, Saten or Homu?

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I love you meido, thanks for deleting those off-topic posts.

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So if I make a thread with a touhou image and call it a touhou thread then talk about shitting on the floor it's A-OK?

Good to know.

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Where the hell did you come up with that?

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I think a second season of AKIHA will happen because her series literally prints money.

I still gotta watch the first though. But I'm pretty excited for her PSP game since I love dungeon crawlers.

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The shitty one.

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I dont think she was Sadistic, she was a little cold but everything she did was out of love, as we saw from episode 10+.

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From this very thread as a matter of fact.

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Oh that actually is Akiha? I thought that was indeed Homu.

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Homu yeah, motherfuckers!

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What fuck? You post Akiha picture but you never Watched AKIHA? You are missing out. It was an amazing show.

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What's your favorite part of akiha? Mine was went she went akiha akiha

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According to danbooru it's Homura cosplaying as Akiha.

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So a janitor deleting off topic posts in an on topic thread makes you think you can post off topic posts in an on topic thread?

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The Ending, when Akiha was about to fight her last battle. I tear up every time.

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No it's not.

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No, because if she was doing that the OP would be deleted and therefore the thread because it's a non-/jp/-related image that even has the name Homura in it, which is also non-/jp/-related.

This isn't rocket science.

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But shitting on the floor is otaku culture.

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Yes it is.

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I have it saved on my HDD. But I heard from Anon that AKIHA gets a bad end.

It sounds kinda depressing to be honest, since I like her.

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Buttmad meido

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I resent that he left >>7781957 alone.

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This thread reminds me of last year on /jp/ with AoC as mod.

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No, this is a lot more playful than that actually. The janitor seems to be having fun too.

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Looks like your shitty plan didn't work shit!bar.

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Looks like your shitty shit shat shitshit.
Do you know any other bad words, Sion?

Akiha > Homura

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