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Touhou wth an xbox controller.

Yay or nay?

I've never been able to beat a danmaku touhou game (only the fighting ones), even though I've played all of them. So I'm putting more effort into it now that I have free time.

Controller feels better than the keyboard, but directional arrows seem to be more precise than the stick.

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Who gives a shit.

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I prefer the keyboard.

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Most of the records are set by controller users. But you can get adapted to and be equally good with both. I say stick to keyboard.

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get a controller with an actual d-pad.

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Xbox controllers are terrible, stick with the keyboard if that's all you're bothering with.

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Play with whatever feels comfortable and play frequently.

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I use a ps2 controller clone(logitech), only thing wrong with it is the shit quality d pad everything else is perfect

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Xbox one has nice d-pad (or at least I find it great to play games like Blazblue), but for some reason I can't map the directions to it.

Interesting, do they use d-pad or stick?

The thing is, controller feels more confortable (using focused shots with my pinky it's somewhat annoying) but directional arrows from the keyboard seem to be better than the shitty stick.

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Use a program like Xpadder or Joy2Key to map directions to the D-Pad

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Nobody uses an analog stick. They aren't suited for danmaku at all since these games use just 8 directions. Use the D-pad. And if you're using a 360 controller, mod the D-pad so it doesn't suck.

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I'll try this.

I kind of like the xbox d-pad.

I guess they use better sticks than the one I have, I guess I'll eventually get a decent one.

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I would assume sticks are much more comfortable for more fluid movement, but tapping keys is much more accurate to reflexes.

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the xbox d-pad isn't an actual d-pad. It's another analog stick with a d-pad plate on top of it.

At least, the older ones are.

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That's precisely the problem I have. I couldn't quite put it into words.

The stick sucks for reflexes, or small movements, but if I stay moving I get point items easier.

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>Xbox one has nice d-pad
No, there are better controllers out there with better d-pads.

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Are we talking about analog sticks or arcade sticks that use microswitches? Seimitsu sticks have very short throw distances -- meaning you tap them slightly to the left to activate the switch -- meaning they're very responsive.

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Xbox is just analog stick.

It's not very sensitive, heck, I'm sure my N64 stick was more sensitive.

Yes, but I still like xbox d-pad.

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So, I mapped the directions to the d-pad.

And it sucks, really bad, it seems the d-pad doesn't have much as use other than being comfortable to play fighting game.

Screw it, I'm gonna stick to the keyboard, thanks for the answers anyway.

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I took way too long making this.
Think it would sell?

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what was the point of this thread if you were just gonna ignore all the warnings about the shittyness of the xbox d pad and try it anyway?

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switch shot[sic] and focus.

mashing your thumb playing faerie wars wouldn't work out very well.

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Well, I was asking about the stick, but someone said that you could map the d-pad with another program, so I tried that too.

Still, I was interested in reading opinions about playing with a controller.

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Use a sega saturn usb pad instead.

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And we told you to mod the 360 D-pad because by design it's not very good. Hint, you need to sand the ring the D-pad is in to make it bigger. Gives it much better range of motion.

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Just dodge and shoot

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I use an xbox controller OP.

The stick is more precise for me.

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Just play the keyboard enough to get used to it.

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This. I started with a PS2 controller because I didn't like the keyboard at first, either. Eventually I hit a brick wall (during IN's extra stage, if I remember right), which I was only able to overcame after switching back to keyboard. Not saying you can't play well with a pad, but I found that once I got used to keyboard, the pad just felt less precise. YMMV, of course.

I've heard the opposite: that most of the records are set by either keyboard or arcade stick users.

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Yeah, I can't say I've ever heard of any record set by neither keyboard nor stick, in Touhou or not Touhou.

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I am a keyboard lover, but if I played with a controller, I would use an SNES pad. Y shoot, B for easy reflex-bombs under my thumb knuckle, and L for focus.