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What do you think about the new Touhous /jp/?

I'm slowly starting to like them.

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It's kind of messy, the spellcard rules make it impossible for characters to kill each other in danmaku, to which all battles starting from eosd are forced to be like the most technical game mechanics don't really apply so don't bring that crap in. So, you are slowly starting to like them?

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I like 'em.
I wonder if fanon will come up with a reason for Mamizou to hate Ran, rather than it being just a race thing.

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New touhou is great although I am really not liking the "1000 items on the screen at all times" thing it shares with UFO. It was fun and I still haven't got the scoring system to a science but it beats the hell out of th12.8 and th12. I don't like the characters as they are all sluts but I am glad that most of them have very silly hair accessories.
I want there to be another MoF like mechanics and scoring system but with weaker bombs and EoSD like danmaku.

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Not enoguh

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>Implying democracy is a good form of government.

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Oh God why would I even go in there?

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They should make a new fighter with all those new characters.

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I like the poor man's Mima and the new floorshitter.

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Still didn't played the new one. Damn, touhou become so boring. ZUN needs to bring something new out, not always the same shit.
I really liked the tengu shooters, like StB or DS. That was something different and i really like the "episodical" little parts. You don't have to spend an whole hour in playing untill you reach the last stage like in the standard danmaku (my autism doesn't allow it me to give the game so long my attention). You can play each spellcard individually, that makes a lot more fun.

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>my autism doesn't allow it me to give the game so long my attention

Y-Yeah, I guess it's a good thing you didn't play. In fact, stay away from it, it might damage you even more.

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>You can play each spellcard individually, that makes a lot more fun.
You can do that in TD as well.

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I liked the game, plus Futo-hime is already my waifu.

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>my autism doesn't allow it me to give the game so long my attention
Isn't that actually pretty anti-autistic?

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Maybe it's anti-anti-autistic

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I already liked them more than the UFO or SA cast when I first saw them.

Especially SA. That game had such a horrible cast except for Yuugi.

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Indeed, that's THE sign of ADD. But that guy is trolling anyway, so it doesn't matter.

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I liked them from the start. I always do.

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It'll be fun to see interpretations of them, the gray-haired one is already being drawn with vocaloids.

great, MORE names to remember, and not easy ones.

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Yeah, well, fuck you.

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What's the matter? Can't deal with someone having a different taste?

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Not trolling. ADD can be indeed a side-effect to autism. But this isn't the point, you should have lurk enough to know that noone here uses the term "autism" right.

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Mamizou is really good. Actually worthy of Extra Stage, which could not be said about Nue AGAIN.
Miko is not really a memorable boss or even character at all.
The fifth stage boss is however great.
Yoshika will propably be the character from this game that people will end up liking the most. She will get most space in the next Aya game and all that jazz.

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I like them. Especially Seiga and Miko. Cute as fuck.

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Haven't saved much Mamizou yet. I think she's my least favorite.

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Worst Extra Stage Boss by far.
Best 6th Stage Boss by far.

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Seiga is adorable. Miko is cool too. Stage 5 ghosts I like even though I can't remember their names.

The game though, I think sucks.

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Yoshika is one of the best Touhous ever made. I like Seiga and ghost midboss and Kyouko. The rest I don't care about yet. I'm trying to not let my disdain for the game affect the characters or songs.

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I like the new Touhous. Some took a while to get used to, but overall I like the cast. Of course, there hasn't been a Touhou worthy of absolute disdain so far.

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I think they're cool overall. Strangely enough I like Kyouko more than most of the other ones. Don't know why.

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Tanuki Marisa > Mamizou

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I haven't fapped to any of them yet.

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well, there's certainly potential.
I suppose time will tell

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Not even the demo characters?

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Same here.

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I like Miko's hairstyle and headphones. Her sword looks pretty cool too.

Kyouko and Yoshika are fine, but I couldn't care less for the extra boss, stage 4 or stage 5 bosses.

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Just look that hair. They're like handlebars, just begging for someone to grab on and do lewd things to her. Fuckin' masterpiece.

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never really hated them, when it comes to touhous there's no really quality separation, they are all extremely eccentric. I have my favorite ones, but none I hate.

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Any good high-res wallpapers of Miko yet? I thought she was cute from the first time I saw her, and after reading her backstory I like her as a character, too. Already one of my favorite Touhous.

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>I'm slowly starting to like them.
And that's how it goes.

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And up.

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Yeah that's the proof that touhou's characters are nothing without a good fanon behind it supporting them.

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I think I'd start to like them if a english patch would be avaible even without fanon.

And no, reading the dialogues on the wiki is not the same

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Read the script while you play.

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It's not the same