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Lady will never pose like that.

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The uncanny valley perspective makes me itch.

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Nope.jpg. I've seen the doujinshis of homu homu, Anon.

She's usually pretty slutty in them. I'm very OK with this though; I just pretend the shadow dudes are me or something.

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What's the doujin called?

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Get your eyesight checked lately, Zun!bar?

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This is a new low for you, ZUN!bar. How can you not recognize Akiha-sama?

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you fucking secondary fag piece of shit

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That's not Akiha. I can see some breasts.

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Akiha has breasts.

Just really small ones.

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Die already.

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90% Maya with 10% homu socks

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It's def Homu, those diamond-print stockings are a dead giveaway

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Personally, I understand why ZUN!bar-sama would want that to be Homu.
Homu beats Akiha any day. She takes everything Akiha does and does it better. On top of that she has tits and a nice personality.
If you don't thinks so, you're a retarded nostalgia-fag. Stop living in the early 00s.

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Indeed. Those are at least B cups.

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Did we watch the same anime?

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>>Homu beats Akiha any day. She takes everything Akiha does and does it better.

Agreed 100%.

You're the best, Anon.

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>you're a retarded nostalgia-fag. Stop living in the early 00s.
but...2000 isn't that long ago. Right? Right? ;_;

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I think it probably has more to do with her being from an anime, whereas Akiha is a visual novel character first and foremost.

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These days I can never tell whether you're trolling or acting plain retarded Zunbar, and that also goes for the manority of /jp/.

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Your grammar is trolling.

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Anime characters are automatically inferior to VN characters.

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Homu is nice. She traveled back in time repeatedly to save a friend. Not sure if Akiha would do the same.

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>She takes everything Akiha does and does it better.

They were never in the same situation nor are they similar character types so they never did they same thing.

>she has tits
>implying bigger is better


>Not sure if Akiha would do the same.

For her most important person? Like how Madoka was to Homu? You would have to be seriously retarded to think Akiha wouldn't literally go to hell and back.

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Akiha crippled herself to keep his "brother" alive.

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You'll never lick Akiha-sama's boots.

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Akiha would give her life to save someone who isn't even a love interest!
I like Akemi Homura, but at the end of the day she's just an Akiha clone, not the other way around.

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Akiha invented Long Black Hair w/ headband

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AKiha isn't an idiot like Homu, she would get it right the first time. Save Shiki and let the rest of the world burn.

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>>my face when

Nice trolling, Anon.

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Does Bakahime got mahou shoujos? No? Than it's SHIT!
Homu homu by the way.

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Did that offscreen male just punch out all Akiha's blood?

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Use spoiler tags.

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I'm 100% sure Homura could beat Akiha in a fight.

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Obviously. Time freeze is overpowered.

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Madoka a shit.

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>Does Bakahime got mahou shoujos?


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Say that to homu's cruise missile and not online and see what happens.

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looks more like a Sidewinder to me

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>stop living in the early 00s.
People will continue talking about Tsukihime. No one will be talking about Shitty Shoujo Sayaka in 2021.
Deal with it.

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> Lady will never pose like that.

But she did. What are you going to do now? Chit-chat amongst yourself how shameful it is? Well, lady doesn't care about opinions of mere peasants.

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>4.5 m long

No, its poorly drawn missile weaponry by some clueless corean employed at shaft.

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The truth. This is why Akiha is numba one da best.

Also cause she can wipe things out of existence(sorta) just by looking at them. Pretty sure Homerun can't do that.

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We should ask /k/

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It's actually a bunker buster bomb.


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My prediction:
20'th December 2011 - ZUNbar! and his fanboys formed an even bigger homu homu party
6'th November 2012 - /homu/ - one of the new meguca sub-boards on 4chan - beats /b/ and is now 4chan's most visited board.
12'th November 2012 - "Akiha" gets filtered to "not homu", type-moon-fags get banned and butt-devastated.
21'th April 2013 - tsukihime seems to be completely forgotten. The first president of homuland gets elected - the world seems on piece.
2'nd August 2013 - official commemoration day of universal peace. World starts to get boring. Everyone rewatched madoka for the next 8 years.
7'th July 2021 - Shoujo Sayaka gets in touched with the incubators from outer space. She sacrificed herself for the sake of an upcomming fabulous violinist. Everyone will remember her heroically act for all eternity.

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I just got a d-mail that can confirm this.

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Zunbar for homuland president

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Well duh, Time Magic is True Sorcery in Nasuverse, far beyond the level of youkai powers

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>Everyone rewatched madoka for the next 8 years.

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/k/ here. >>7773547 is correct.

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How about all you /a/ssholes go back to fucking /a/ and take your shit with you.

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>>"Akiha" gets filtered to "not homu"

Love it

If moot was cool he would do this right now.

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Try again.

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Homu is shit, get used to it.

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Maybe he'll see this thread, since he browses /jp/ in the closet, but I bet he hasn't even watched the show.

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homu is hot shit. Quit being so tsundere anon-kun.

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I dont think Akiha would spend a millennium in a timeloop to save anyone, like Homura.

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Also, I'm glad to see you agree on the superiority of Homu

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>she's just an Akiha clone
Other than appearance that doesn't even make sense

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Why do you claim this?
Do you even know Akiha?

She sacrificed her life for Kohaku, knowing that Kohaku is the mastermind.

That love is multiplied a thousand more times for Shiki.

And you believe that your copy of a character is superior to her?

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Even appearance is a stretch.

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see >>7773453

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Nice indirect ZUN!bar insult.


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That was certainly not my intention and I apologize if ZUN!bar was offended in any way.

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1000 years of repeating the same shit eat day
A fairly quick death

Thats not even a comparison. Did you watch Groundhog Day? That fucker wished for death half way in.

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True dedication is repeating the same days for 1000 years *and* suffering a horrible death at the end of each repetition.

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I see we are agreed. Because Homura suffered her loves death at the end of each repetition. Thats even worse than death.

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Something seams a little off there... doesnt look like muff diving.

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Stop pulling out "1000 years" out of fucking nowhere. Rika was in the loop for a century and nobody knows how many loops Homuhomu repeated.

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Time has no definite basis so our brain judges by proportion.The more time you live the faster time appears to move. To someone who's lived several hundred years, a year to them would go by like a day does to you or me. Lrn2 human perception.

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>your face
Guess I hurt your feelings, im sorry.

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>the dumbest thing I have ever read.
Ohh lord, you and
should hook up.

also, butt devastated.

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I like both Akiha and Homu, they can't be friends and eat cake? please?

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You are a confusing guy.

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This means that Homudoka is officially /jp/ related?
...oh god. better leave before you guys make me hate it

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>autistic idiot linking the same post 3 times
>high school dropout that's too stupid to understand basic psychology

gb2/b/ kiddo

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>poster makes a valid argument
>herp derp u mad XD

How I retarded?

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please stop fight in homu thread

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>poster makes a valid argument

Sorry, if I actually took you seriously, I would look like the idiot.

Umm, yeah, thats what he ment, because this thread is /jp/ releated

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You know ZUNbar, won't you change your mind when MBAACC comes to PC, and Akiha has a fighting game whera Homu doesn't?

>> No.7774202

Maybe, but homu homu will have a PSP RPG.

It will be an instant download for many /jp/ers.

>> No.7774208

What about Grief Syndrome?

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Remember when Akiha was encouraged by her dead lover before her final battle? Man that made me tear up. Still does.

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homu homu

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The best

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I like how she often appears in 3P doujinshis with Sayaka.

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Akiha has better combos

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Note to self: edit that pic later and switch "Madoka" to "Shiki".

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This has truly become the shittiest thread ever to deface /jp/'s first page.

How long can one ZUN!spam samefriend a thread before it simply collapses in on itself?

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Not to sound mean, but I think that Zunbar should be banned at this point.

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>>basically everyone is enjoying the thread except White Ren and Jonesy as usual

Do you even like otaku culture?

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Alabama is not capable of positive emotions.

>> No.7776212

homuSHIT is the shittiest character to ever exist in any work of fiction and if you think she's a good character you're mentally retarded and that is a fact

>> No.7776226

>drops like a fly in the first round of saimoe

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Underhanded tactics were used.

>> No.7776238

You literally started posting today. Maybe you should soak up the scenery a bit before calling for the banhammer on the much beloved ZUN!bro.

>> No.7776247

Not really. There is no way to prove how many 'tactical' votes Misaka received, and you can't pretend that Homura didn't receive votes from people who wouldn't have normally bothered voting for her. Misaka still won by a hundred votes. She is one of the most popular light novel heroines. I wish people would stop blaming everything on stupid shit like tactical voting just because the girl they like lost.

>> No.7776258

Saimoe doesn't prove shit about anything. That tournament has been a fuckfest of tactical voting and hateblocs for at least five years.

>> No.7776267

>>Fate + homu

I love this picture.

And yes I recall reading this too; people cheating like HELL.

>> No.7776268

>much beloved ZUN!bro.
by now the only people who like that spammer are the ones who make those cocksucking threads about him

>> No.7776275

Sad but true. It's still fun to watch but it would be nice if the system wasn't so corrupt.

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Akiha, come to me if you want to be together with your Nii-san.

>> No.7776298

I think its the voting population that is the problem, Not the corruption. How can any vote with only around a thousand or two voters, and even then from a very specific group, be considered reliable or informative? Its the fact that there are so few voters that this so called tactical voting can actually make a difference.

>> No.7776312

>otaku culture

On /jp/ - Shitty Anime/General? Not going to happen.

I don't know what that is.

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>>I don't know what that is.
>>positive emotion

Yes, we know.

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You do not pick up on subtleties, do you.

>> No.7776349

I think we should take Homura picture and recolor thme to Akiha, then we can have "Akiha" threads and still be /jp/ related.

>> No.7776361

White Ren is capable only for Sudopig threads.

>> No.7776363

Too bad their characters are completely different.

>> No.7776370

Thats besides the point.

>> No.7776415


Well, I agree that it's gonna be a bit askew because of how narrow the demographic is but I wouldn't say it invalidates the contest entirely.

Like, what is Saimoe? Basically, a contest to decide who the most moe bishoujo is, right? Well, who better to judge that kind of thing than people who care enough to vote for it in the first place.

It's gotta be a better-informed vote than if you pulled the random Tokyo Takashiro off the street and asked him. He's probably gonna vote for the one with the most mainstream appeal.

>> No.7776441

Sure, but considering that hundreds of thousands of people watch the shows, why should the votes 2000 voters from the Japanese equivalent of /a/ matter?

And then people act as though this is the be all end all of contests, and that basically the results are what 'Japan' thinks.

>He's probably gonna vote for the one with the most mainstream appeal.
But the voters already do this.

>> No.7776502

Yeah, I totally see your point. It absolutely shouldn't be considered the last word on anything.

Besides, I kinda feel like moe is an individual thing. All different kinds of traits can trigger a response. Saimoe is just a fun little contest. It's like fantasy football for faggots. Not serious business.

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>>I think we should take Homura picture and recolor thme to Akiha, then we can have "Akiha" threads and still be /jp/ related.

Anon you're a genius.jpg

Someone promote this man.

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>promote this man

>> No.7776577

>decent character in any respect

I'm not even going to get into being better than Akiha because that's just silly.

Madokafags are an eyesore.

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That's a lot of dicks.

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>>we already explained why homu is superior
>>Anon's type moonie face when

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I know, right. We came with good intentions and all they do is rave and piss. When we have to drop the hammer and they just resort to ever more childish methods. Type-moon has a really shitty fanbase apparently.

>Akiha in Homura cosplay

>> No.7776666

homura got dropped out of saimoe by a mid-tier tsundere

if she would have won you guys would be praising saimoe, but because she lost it's a worthless system

being a homurafag must be suffering, i'd offer you my condolences but you're a gigantic faggot who doesn't appreciate the splendor that is akiha

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>> No.7776688

Ehh, not really. Homura is the least MOE of all the Madoka girls. Perhaps if you had episode 10 homura as a stand alone Saimoe character, maby but as a whole, Homura didnt even belong in saimoe. Saimoe hardly even fullfills its own purpose anymore, character selection is a bit to broad.

Unless you are a newfag, which sounds like you area, Saimoe has already killed your deams several times in the past and the current seasons progress means nothing to you.

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Only faggots in denial still believe that saimoe actually means anything. That shit is rigged just like beauty contests for 3d pigs.

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>> No.7776695

>praising saimoe
This has never happened.

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The only character that matters has already won hers.

I'm not some silly Hinagikufag, anon.

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Well if you want to open even more hostilities, im game.
>thats not Kanade

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>> No.7776724

Anon, are you revenge spamming our homu thread.

Be honest now.

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>> No.7776737

Kanade was cute and she probably would have won one if Angel Beats hadn't sucked so much. More episodes would've been a good thing for that show.

She's still got nothing on Rika though.

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File: 1.21 MB, 1500x899, 9850360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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True, it should have been 26 episodes and perhaps then the ending would have left some emotional impact. However, she was the only redeeming element in that show and its amazing she even made it as far as she did past year. I think that alone is a testament to her superiority.

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File: 1.21 MB, 864x1200, 20962165_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7776770

The entire nature of the show was shitty. The fact that they killed people as a joke because they can't die in the world pissed me off. Then on top of that they have 'serious' scenes where people die, even though they had used people dying as comic relief.

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Well, she's the best girl in that show by far at least.

I'm a little sad the Akiha thread isn't going in a proper Akiha-like way but I'll just have to take solace in Carnival Phantasm.

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Pretty much anything > Rika

Actually, most blue haired girls > Rika

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Wow, someone started to spam this thread.
Needless to say, you're awfully buttmad.

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>> No.7776954

>delete saten thread
>leave homura and /a/ imagedump

>> No.7776959
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That's what happens when you let an AI do a human's job.

>> No.7776960
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>> No.7776969
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>> No.7776970
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>> No.7776972

Hopefully the meido will come in here and clean up the non-homu related posts.

I'm OK with you posting Asuka from tohou in /jp/, but please create your own thread for it.

>> No.7776977
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>> No.7776986
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>> No.7776993
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>expectations from a janitor

>> No.7776999
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>> No.7777018
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>delete saten thread
>leave shitty homura and /a/ imagedump

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>> No.7777056

Report spam.

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>> No.7777140

Some sort of x-ray rain?

>> No.7777144
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It's academy city. Anything is possible~

>> No.7777146
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Why is this still not deleted?

>> No.7777151
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Uuoooohhh desire~

>> No.7777152
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>> No.7777193
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>> No.7777278

You forgot this thread meido~

>> No.7777280
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Reported for trying to tell the janitor how to do his job

>> No.7777284

Type moon is always /jp/ related.

>> No.7777302
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Why do people spam slutty samen and evangelion in precious homu homu thread?

>> No.7777327

They're all shitty, and shit congregates.

>> No.7777329
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Bitches be jealous.

>> No.7777329,1 [INTERNAL] 

Fucking meido didn't clean this precious thread.

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