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If you had to choose just one of the Moriya Shine girls to be your woman, who would that be? You can still be friends with the others.

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Provided that I have the experience to not make a fool out of myself and converse with her as an equal, Suwako.

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Kanako or Suwako but nope, i prefer to stay away from that place.

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Kanako and Suwako have each other already.

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yes I would enjoy my used goods and frog eggs thank you

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One of the two goddesses. Probably Suwako though.

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That's kinda wrong. Suwako has a legion of men fuck friends at her command. Kanako is forever virgin.

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Easy as pie.

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Kanako. She looks like my mom, only eternally hot.

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super sexually experienced modern japanese hotness; shapely tits and ass
super mega hyper sexually experienced loli that's older than 1000 years of existence; probably has "wrestling" techniques that can leave you gasping for air in 10 seconds
1000 year old pure untouched classy lady; most likely freaky in bed when you teach her

they're all so good, this decision is hard to make

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>forcing people to make a choice

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Kanako. Screw those other two sluts, don't even want them as friends.

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reimu's armpits

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Suwako is the only logical choice.

The other is a slut and the other a granny.

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no thanks

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Sanae, of course.

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>Suwako is the only logical choice.

Sanae is already a sexfriend and I wouldnt want an old hag like Kanako.

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>>which 2hu would u fcuk thread

Sanae because she's actually a normal girl.

Plus I remember ZUN mentioning she liked watching super sentai shows or something.

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I think I'll go with Kanako.

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Kanako, no doubt.

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But it's a good 2hu fuk thread.

Also, Kanako.

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Suwako of course.

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I'd pick Kanako.

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I want to lick a Suwako

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Only plebs like Suwako. They don't understand Kanako's ladylike grace and dignity.

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I would make my waifu my wife, i cant wait for her to cheat on me as i cant please her in bed.

Looking forward to having her sneak back into our bed at night after having been in a massive orgy with strangers, and i will pretend not to notice even though she reeks of semen and sweat~

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The choice is simple.

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Kanako is hag shit for normalfags that don't understand the superiority of DFC and loli.


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Suwako. She has the best figure and is the most experienced too.

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Sanae, obviously.

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Is..is it realy that strange wanting to lick another mans semen from your wife's armpits as she sleeps next to you in the bed?

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You'll hallucinate.

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I dunno about you, but it sounds really strange to me.

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I admit it, I flinched for a second.

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Yes. Yes, it is very weird.

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Why can't we stop talking about the Moriya shrine?

We probably talk about them more than about any other group of touhous. Especially in this context.

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>They see your dick.

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Kanako all day everyday.

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Bonus points if the said other men's sperm were freshly leaking out from Sanae's vagina.

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Something about Suwako looks...different

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It's her shit amphibian complexion. The same one she had in the game.

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I'll pick none. Friend Zone forever.

I'm to busy watching anime and playing video gmes to have woman.

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Mature Form Suwako

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I like Sanae and I fucking hate the slut meme. It would be ok if she had a singe boyfriend back in the real world, but this is fucking too much. Fuck you.

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Remember sir, these embittered anons only do this because Sanae didn't date them, anyone who doesn't like THEM is automatically a slut.

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I don't think Sanae has the slightest idea about the concept of "dating".

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D'aww, the jealousy still clouding your mind, but then with your sort, when you've set your mind on something, there's nothing stopping.

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But i love sluts.. Infact i cant love anything but well trained sluts~
And i prefer if they dont like me to much, they need to cheat on me with other men and become even sluttier.

Because that is my fetish.jpg

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Its just a bunch of trolls, idiots and NTR fetishists. Which sadly means about half of /jp/. Just ignore Sanae threads because they're always terrible, even if you like the character.

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But an NTR fetishist is both stupid and a troll. Worse, actually. Fucking bottom feeders.

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Suwako's socks.

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Here we go again...

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No, it's just because she sucked cock to be in more games. Get your facts right!

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Suwako socks, you say?

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I read that as "Suwako's cocks" and I'm mildly aroused now.

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Kanako-sama, of course.

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Suwako's hat.

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Kanako, there is no other choice. Even if you asked to chose between all of Gensokyo. Things would be different around here if Kanako was my wife.

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Can't I just stick to praying to them like I already do?

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Kanako, I want her to spoil and baby me.

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Need you really ask?

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This thread is far too lewd, have some motherly homecooking.

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Does anyone know what artist this is or where I can get more? google, iqdb, saucenao, and exhentai aren't giving me any clues.

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That whore...

That cum leaking slut....
>>7773959 What a slut!

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That shitpost...

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The proof is in the picture.

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i feel like kanako could really take good care of me but also keep me in my place although yukari is still my favorite hag

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We desperately need a Godwin's Law for Sanae and sluttiness.

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What a slut!

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She's such a cum filled whore, she's filled with so much cum that there's no more room her own husbands... What a slut...;_;

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Slutty mc slut slut

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Man, I'm so glad my waifu isn't called a slut on a constant basis. I think my throat would knot up and my head start to boil from hearing it all the time. I don't know how Sanaefags deal with it.

>> No.7774373

If you didn't want me to post that....THEN WHY DID YOU POST THOSE PICTURES?

>not a slut
If Sanae wasn't a slut, THEN WHY IS SHE SUCH A SLUT?

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These meme-spewing idiots are lower life forms.

It's as simple as that.

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How can I ever make Sanae bear my own children if she daily gets filled to the brim with other men's?

They just won't eave her alone, and she just takes it and lets them fill her up ;_;

>> No.7774398

The breast depicted in these pictures are getting bigger and bigger with each poSt.

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The world of anime blogging is woefully over-saturated, filled to the brim with an endless knaves’ gallery of blowhards pontificating at length about the latest trends and their newest obsessions.

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Thanks for pointing out the cause and effect. Loololo Sanae is a slut xd.

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She's so slutty, she lets other men steal her lewd breast milk, leaving none for her own husband...

>> No.7774414

Those hips will never bear your own children. Too much competition, too minuscule chances, how does it make you feel? ;_;

>> No.7774418

At this point its just reverse trolling, mostly by the same person. Spam the slut shit in the most retarded way so that people feel dumb just for bringing it up. Its really no different from people going on about how stupid Cirno is.

>> No.7774419

I will never slap my childhood friend. Sometimes I don't understand my own feelings.

>> No.7774423

>Shit on the floor.

>> No.7774430

It's okay to NTR fap over Sanae never being capable of bearing your children.

She she is just being assaulted by too many men, trying too hard to accept them all. ;_;

>> No.7774437

Yeah sure is fun to be able talk shit on other people like >>7012767.

>> No.7774434

Enjoy my children Suigin!

>> No.7774435

Sanae is too kind to people. She should moderate her passion.

>> No.7774452

I think she isn't considerate of her husband. She just easily gives up her breastmilk to other men, so there won't even be a drop left. It's unfair ;_;

>> No.7774453

Holy shit you need to get that prescribed.

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Would I even need to speak to get in those white panties. I'm sure I could just make a "pants off" motion and she's be good to go.

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She's so slutty, she lets other men steal her lewd breast milk, leaving none for her own husband.

>> No.7774488

Lewd breastmilk is the key ingredient in producing sluts and whores.

Sanae's lewd grade +A essence could be useful to breed a new generation of sluts if she wasn't giving it away so freely.
It's a shame, but really lucky for those who gets to take her milk I guess. Everybody else than her own husband ;_;

>> No.7774492

>She is giving a footjob to a crack rock.

>> No.7774519

Sanae's children will be NTR'd too, they will never know the taste of their mom's milk.
All the men she cheats with gets all the privilege ;_;

>> No.7774521

Also note that one must carefully take a look at the tags to know if it's Reimu or her mom.

>> No.7774526

No, Sanae loves sex, but I think she leaves a lot of things for her husband and kids. Like breast milk. Because that's not really a part of sex.

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I'd Kanako-sama with my Growing Onbashira

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>implying those "kids" were from the husband

>> No.7774540


Haha I never expected to see this image edited to look like Sanae...Made my mornin' anon.

>> No.7774536

Lies, they'll extract all that lewd essence from her and take it all for themselves as they ravage her turn after turn after turn. Leaving not a single drop left, she loves the sex more than her family ;_;

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one of my fav arts.

>> No.7774567

>Sanae loves sex
All the more reason for her to give in to every whim and commands of the men having their way with her. She will always end up giving them all of herself ;_;

>> No.7774591

I doubt it. Sanae can have any man she pleases whenever she wants it. She can force a man to fuck her. She's the one in power. Sex is all on her terms. She's like a high-class escort. Men are only subject to her whims because they all want to fuck her, but she can choose to not fuck them and fuck someone else instead.

So don't worry, she'll have milk for you.

>> No.7774594

Sanae's lewd milk instinctively seeks out other men.
Her milk is instinctively programmed to NTR her husband and family ;_;

>> No.7774602

Yeah, this is the sexually charged Sanae I see. She's like one of those 200k per year earning prostitutes in legal brothels in Australia.

She's a normal woman that's good at sex and gets paid for it.

>> No.7774603

>earning 200 thousand a year

>> No.7774604

Its fun watching this guy spam the meme to death

>> No.7774606

Then why is she always giving all of her milk away and leaves nothing left?

I should know, there's never anything left, even when i just want little droplets of her inside me ;_;

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Because you're not her husband.

>> No.7774612

That's because Sanae has become a lewd slut, and people just keep posting lewd images of her slutting it out with other men...

>> No.7774613

Normally, they get 10 men in 8 hour shifts on a busy day. I suppose that's a lot of sex in a single day.

>> No.7774620

That's not true, Sanae is my waifu, she already accepted it and married me.

I have proof because she never has time for sex with me ;_;

>> No.7774634

Let it go, man. Just let it go.

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Why is this even a question?

The correct answer is obvious.

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She is mine an no others.

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>implying that reverse psychology would put an end to the whole sanae slut meme altogether

>> No.7774648

I think you just need to look at this.
That's all the proof you need of Sanae being a submissive little slut, obeying the cock to her fullest.

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Suwako without a doubt.

>> No.7774649

I'd get with Kanako.

I would then try to start a polygamous with all three. We'd have passionate foursomes every other night.

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oh wait...

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Where's the awful translation of this?

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>> No.7774715

>So don't worry, she'll have milk for you.
That's just wishful thinking. Sanae's lewd essence has already been preprogrammed to seek out and given to other men who are not her husband.

There was never any delicious mother milk, it's all become tasty lewd slut juices ;_;

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File: 662 KB, 1301x1834, autumn_breeze_maiden_64.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moriya family orgy is best.

>> No.7774774

>Moriya family orgy is best.
No! Let Sanae have a penis.
And you... just out of it.
But that would be the best!

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Sanae with a penis is fine too.

>> No.7774794

My faith in humanity has been restored.

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File: 601 KB, 1402x2000, é¦é+éªéd!_007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Sanae = Suwako > Kanako

But I choose Sanae today because I'm in such a mood.

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>> No.7774822

Sanae gets more practice than the other two. Her lewdness, her breast essence, her slutness has already surpassed them

>> No.7774825

No, that's just Sanae having sex because she likes late night snack sex.

The other picture is just one of those parties with men she selected. Everybody knows Sanae is her own master.

>> No.7774829

Suwako would be the grandmaster in these lewd things. Sanae is her disciple. Kanako is the resident pure hag that wants to fuck but is afraid of fucking.

[x] Harem End

>> No.7774832


>> No.7774838

Honesty can be cruel sometimes, but I have no intention of lying on an anonymous imageboard about game characters.

>> No.7774842

Then how come she looks so slutty while getting ravaged by their cocks?

>> No.7774847

Because you're supposed to be? I mean, it's like you're telling me guys shouldn't have a sense of satisfaction when they orgasm...

>> No.7774849
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Suwako is the optimal choice.

>> No.7774854

Not if she's not slutty and not giving in to everything they want from her...

But she is. You can even see her holding up that sex slave miko sign. And thay have drawn all sorts of markings on her body ;_;

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Kanako, a thousand times Kanako

>> No.7774985
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Kanako is big...

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kanako, there can be no other. still would like to be friends with suwako but fuck sanae i hate that green haired slut

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I want a Kanako-sama inside me aswell~

>> No.7775153
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>> No.7775193

I'd drink Kanako under the table if you know what I mean.

>> No.7775201 [DELETED] 

I'd do a drinking contest with Kanako.
and lose horribly