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>Canon says that Ran is strongest beast youkai
>Mamizou is tanuki
>That means Mamizou is beast youkai
>So Ran>Mamizou

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Ran is only the strongest because of Yukari.

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that is completely incorrect.

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Ran is the strongest beast youkai in Gensokyo.
Mami is not from Gensokyo and wasn't present in Gensokyo by the time PMiSS was written.

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Ran is strongest beast youkai in Gensokyo but
Mamizou came from outside of Gensokyo so she might be even more powerful than Ran

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Ran can bench press 300 lbs. Mamizou is more of a finesse player.

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Ran is a nine tailed kitsune youkai. She is approaching a divine nature steadily.

Yukari probably sees her as a long term investment.

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>Strongest discussions

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Then why didn't Byakuren ask Ran to get rid of Headphones Youkai?

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Where does it even say that?

Even if it was word of ZUN, it was probably said back when the only other beast youkai around to compare her with were runts like Chen.

So, Mamizou (and/or Keine, Lunar rabbits etc for that matter), are in all likelihood equal to (or far stronger) than her.

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because it was nue that asked mami

and nue probably doesn't know Ran

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Speaking of which, we will be needing another PMiSS soon for all of the new characters.

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Ran has her job to keeping Yukari safe while she sleeps. That's why she was hired.

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Mamizou is a Tanuki.

Mamizou is NOT a raccoon youkai or squirrel youkai or what the fuck ever.

Mamizou is not a "beast youkai", or an animal turned youkai. She is an independent animal-like youkai called a Tanuki.

Same thing with Mystia. She is a Night Sparrow type youkai, not a Sparrow youkai. Likewise, Aya is a Tengu, not a Crow youkai like Utsuho.

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next you'll be telling me Ran is a Kitsune!

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But that's wrong, you... uninformed person.

>Where does it even say that?


All caveats apply.

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Who the fuck cares, where are the hatesex doujins? I mean, it's not like we can do anything but wildly guess.

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And even though she is actually described as a beast, Keine is a lycanthrope.

Also contrary to popular fanon/art interpretation, Keine's were-form isn't a cow; she's more akin to a lion (with horns).

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We're missing the point here.
And the point is: whose tail is fluffiest?
Is it possible for Chen to be an impartial judge?

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If we're talking about what PMiSS said, then you can throw the "losing tails after reaching nine tails" version of the Kitsune lore out.

Zun's foxpower is based on # of tails and length, and PMiSS sets Ran at 1 step before divinity.

Which isn't too surprising seeing as Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tobito had just come out before PCB and set a 9 tailed fox as the master of an endless mansion between the "borders" of dimensions with corridors that lead to "portals" into the other realms.

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Mamizou is a beast youkai. Tanuki are raccoon dogs, youkai tanuki are, well, tanuki that grew old enough to gain some power. Likewise, Momiji can also be classified under beast youkai despite also being a tengu. Aya is not, since crow tengu don't come from crows, even though white wolf tengu genuinely are old wolves that decided being the little girl was superior to whatever afterlife awaits wolves..

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you are out of your league little lady.

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>But that's wrong, you... uninformed person.
What about it was wrong?

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Let's start with how he thinks tanuki aren't animals.

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>still referring to Mamizou as a female

You guys are desperate aren't you?

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Just cause she has a pair of giant magical balls doesn't mean she wont be a woman 1/3rd of the time. I would like to see her glasses jizzed on.

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Ran - 9 fluffy tails, mathematical genius, perfect traditional submissive waifu material.

Mamizou - Giant fluffy tail, sex hair, hipster-like appearance most of us can easily empathize with.

It's a hard choice, but my preference ultimately leans more towards Ran. Although, I wouldn't mind taking a long drag from a cigarette alongside Mokou and Mamizou. Your mileage may vary.

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>Headphones youkai

TWEWY x Touhou crossover.

Maybe some day. Guess Miko is going to take a certain other miko's spot for Neku's role.

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>TWEWY x Touhou crossover

Yeah no thanks.

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Excuse my faggotry, but what's the connection between Mamizou and Mokou again?

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Why not? It could be played out pretty well. Neither has a terribad premise, for starters. Instead of Joshua pulling shit, it could be Yukari messing around.

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Just cause she has a pair of giant magical balls doesn't mean she has them on the crotch.

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>actually liking TWEWY


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Nothing. Fanon says Mokou smokes, Momizou looks like a jaded alcoholic with a tendency to smoke. Sort of like us.

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She does. ZUN confirmed it.

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>stop liking what I don't like

No, seriously. Why the unwarranted hate for the game?

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>ZUN confirmed it


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Because it's terrible, for starters. That's just my personal opinion, but I seriously don't see many people on /jp/ liking that garbage.

Anyway, don't discuss it here. Square Enix fanboys belong on >>>/v/

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and so, canon futanari.
fuck yeah.

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I'm just saying that the game had its own inherent merit, separate from the Kingdom Hearts cashpig bullshit. The idea is actually compatible with Touhou, given some storyline altering here and there. Just consider how it could work out instead of shooting down that idea downright.

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I'm just going to say that the game had its own inherent merit, separate from that of the Kingdom Hearts cashcow bullshit.

I mean, the concept could be more compatible than you'd think, given some altering of the game storyline here and there. Just give it some thought instead of shooting down that idea downright.

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what TWEWY even means?

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Mamizou is a shitty Marine Benefit ripoff, what's to discuss?

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Doesn't Mamizou hate foxes for some reason? I would love to see what would happen if she ever met Ran.

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I personally enjoyed it, but people probably hate it because it's Square-Enix and they've garnered a good amount of ridiculous animosity from retarded fanboys.

One reason for people to not like it, though, is that for some strange reason its main antagonists are a mix between Bleach and Death Note characters, and we all know how THOSE fanbases are.

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Mamegane has CHESTicles, not testicles.

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Those final bosses have enough bullet hell in them already, so no thank you.
I don't see any way for any kind of Touhou-related plot to work in that setting, either, so no thank you.
And lastly, I don't see how it's possible to play it without a touch screen, so no thank you.

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>Bleach antagonists
shit nigger what are you doing?

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A ha ha ha


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Don't make her send her gingerbread men after you.

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Watch your blood sugar levels when opening this image

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[x] Touch fluffy tails

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But are her tails strong as well?

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enough to overpower the strongest!

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Reminds me of Tamamo from monmusume quest.

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May my waifu forgive me. I've been having impure thoughts of Mamizou.

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That's understandable. It's the only rational explanation toward a tail that sexy.

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Tanuki are not exactly known for being particularly strong.

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What about wanting to cut it off and keep it as a memento?

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Actually the books mention that 1) Ran is very much below the level of her master and cannot ever get close, not even by training. And 2) Ran's powers depend on how much she is obeying her master, if she does something without Yukari's approval, she'll be weakened as much as a common ordinary fox, shown by when Yukari brutally started kicking and beating up Fox!Ran in BaiJR.

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>shown by when Yukari brutally started kicking and beating up Fox!Ran in BaiJR.

...In danmaku, right?


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>if she does something without Yukari's approval, she'll be weakened as much as a common ordinary fox, shown by when Yukari brutally started kicking and beating up Fox!Ran in BaiJR.

And you know that she attacked you in PCB Extra WITHOUT Yukari's approval? That's how strong she is without Yukari.

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But that's wrong.

Remember, the point of Yukari's BAiJR article was Ran fighting you in her stage with her own power alone (after disobeying Yukari). Ex-level, so weak. And PMiSS does unambiguously call her the strongest beast youkai.

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Ran is a nine-tailed fox. No other animal derived youkai comes close. Never has, never will.

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>What about wanting to cut it off and keep it as a memento?
How about one of those Daniel Boone hats?

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>No other animal derived youkai comes close. Never has, never will.

What about senri, dragon carps and shen?

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Depends if you count draconic and altogether mythical animal youkai as belonging to the same category as youkai derived from existing animals.

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Tanuki are regularly shown in the old myths to be much better at magic than even nine-tailed foxes.

Arguably this makes sense because tanuki are part of the basal clade from which all canid-like species come from, and are thus ancient... something like that generally translates into considerable power with this shit.

Mind you sometimes these same myths show tanuki and foxes getting married and having children but eh.

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When I see these hats I can't help but think of the Junior Woodchucks.

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Older myths than I'm familiar with. But yes, as far as I recall, while tanuki may not be exceptional sorcerers overall they are certainly superior illusionists and shapeshifters - even nine-tailed foxes usually retain some trace amount of fox when transformed into something else.

>Arguably this makes sense because tanuki are part of the basal clade from which all canid-like species come from, and are thus ancient... something like that generally translates into considerable power with this shit.

Not sure how directly it translates, since the ancient Japanese had a rather slippery grip on natural science, to say the least. Also, the popular image of the tanuki as we know it today is about 500 years "younger" than the kitsune. But unlike the tanuki the kitsune is heavily influenced by mainland mythology, so guess you could say the tanuki holds a lot more weight as an original creation.

Got to admit, I haven't paid as much attention to tanuki as I probably should have.

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Master of disguise.

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Guess at least this will hopefully put an end to rumours of other tanuki hiding out in Gensokyo.

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There are already 3 tanuki appearing in canon.

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>Wear Tanuki ears and tail, balance leaf on head
>Steal from everyone in Gensokyo
>Say the Tanuki did it.

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>sometimes these same myths show tanuki and foxes getting married and having children

I wholeheartedly support the Ran x Mamizou pairing.

What rumors?

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Shen are derived from bats or small birds, that particular class of dragons from carp, senri from any animal. They're animal youkai through and through.

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Power level thread?

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I was hoping Yukari would be a Tanuki and then everyone would argue that Yukari is actually weaker than Ran because of it and Yukari is Ran's pet

I love Ran and hope the new tanuki will bring more Ran doujins

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But Yukari said that she would LITERALLY become as weird as a common fox (hence why she was in her fox/kitsune/whatever form).

You should also remember that Yukari may/did not know about Ran disobeying her in PCB, it is stated that her power _diminishing_ is based on her master _being_ in disapproval of it.

Another reason is ZUN doing his common I-don't-give-two-shits and cheating his way into the story which turn into difficulties for the debates.

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I was expecting to get torn apart there, but I have to agree with what you say. Very sound logic.

Anyway, I don't think Mamizou herself is anywhere even close to Ran in terms of magic (or anything else), given how ZUN explains her.

I eagerly await Ran/Mamizou doujins. Even if they're futa.
... hell, especially if they're futa.

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>But Yukari said that she would LITERALLY become as weird as a common fox (hence why she was in her fox/kitsune/whatever form).
<--- is that enough to convince you?

>You should also remember that Yukari may/did not know about Ran disobeying her in PCB, it is stated that her power _diminishing_ is based on her master _being_ in disapproval of it.

By following my will, shikigami can achieve power equal to my level. Therefore, if she properly follows my orders, it would be impossible for her to lose. If she takes selfish actions, her power will be weakened to something that can't even be compared to mine. Fighting in that state is nothing other than foolish.

No disapproval needed. If she follows her orders like in her Yukar's spellcard or in IN, Ran is basically invincible (as much as game mechanics go).

She lost to the humans because she was "fighting in that state".

>> No.7755819

>But Yukari said that she would LITERALLY become as weird as a common fox

No, she did not.

>(hence why she was in her fox/kitsune/whatever form)

No, she was not. (This is where I post the scan, if I could find it, that is.)

>> No.7755827

I downloaded the the scans just to post that image.

( google for | mediafire "bohemian archive" | first link )

>> No.7755861

>I downloaded the the scans just to post that image.

Precisely what I was trying to avoid (it'd take too long on my slow connection).

I guess I should now do it anyway to avoid future problems of this kind, though.

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It doesn't surprise me that Ran would be an EX boss even without Yukari's support. Why else would Yukari choose Ran if she weren't powerful to begin with?

PMiSS uses Ran as an example of how powerful you'd have to be to have a 9-tailed fox as your shikigami. If Yukari had to boost Ran's power or raise her from childhood it wouldn't have been a big accomplishment to make her a servant.

Still, even if Yukari was right about Ran being weakened by not following her orders to not fight with humans. It means normally Ran is even more powerful than what you fought her at in PCB. Or maybe Yukari and Ran haven't fought in so long that Ran's power might have actually grown since that time.

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What this guy said, essentially.
The point isn't that Ran is weak, it's that Yukari is fucking broken.

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9 Tailed Foxes are essentially demigods. Seriously.

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So you're saying Ran is basically Naruto?

Well, I never much liked her anyway.

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Mamizou is hot. Her tail should be alot easier for H doujin artists to draw too.

>> No.7757050

I always considered Ran and Chen to be different than other animal youkai like Aya and Rin since they were once normal animals. If Mamizou were always a youkai, she's not a "beast" youkai, as it were.

Either way, Ran seems to be portrayed as the loyal guardian type of kitsune rather than a trickster. Mamizou might be able to outsmart her. Both her and Nue probably wouldn't be EX-tier without their illusion abilities.

>> No.7757083

Aya is a tengu which is a completly different story,
and Orin was a animal who obtained a youkaiform from living long enough, probally just like Ran and Chen.
Actually Orin is a better example for this since we even see her transforming from catform into youkaiform in SA

>> No.7757107


Rin is a demon.

>> No.7757120

Ran in the strongest because no one would dare harm her fluffy tails. They're like plot armor. They are even more devastating when used for the attack. as seen here.
Its some sort of furry physiological attack. So she can defend at the same time as she attacks. She is the perfect weapon.

>> No.7757123

>So you're saying Ran is basically Naruto?
Naruto didn't invent nine-tailed kitsune, for the record.
They were like, a thing in Japanese folk tales for some hundreds of years. On top of that, there are similar myths from China that are thought to be even older.

I'm 80% sure that you knew that but just to be sure

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>> No.7757128


Foxes figure prominently in animal myths worldwide.

>> No.7757149

>laughing at you 2.png
Zhou's Book mentions nine-tails and that shit was written back in 600 something CE.
It's totally been hundreds of years since then.
My calculator says fourteen.

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Nine-tailed foxes have been in stories since 300,000-

No, 14,000 years ago

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fuck you I liked the "tanukari" fanon.


>> No.7757247

>Nine-tailed foxes
Why 9 tails?
Because 9 is the number of the lowest order of a non-Desarguesian projective plane?

>> No.7757252

Thanks to OP's pic, I now can't unsee Ran:Mamizou::Shikieiki:Suika.

>> No.7757254

100 years per tail, meaning beast with 9 tails are nearing or over a millennium in age, its also a good indicator of spiritual power

>> No.7757262

What if they get 10 tails? Or 11?

>> No.7757264


Number 8 is a lucky number, while the number 9 is an unlucky one, because it sounds like 苦(Pain).

>> No.7757265

thats just silly.

>> No.7757271

they are practically "gods"

>> No.7757276

Note: In japanese pantheon, almost anything can become a deity, and a deity can be a very small thing, though still holy/venerated.

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How many tails owns an endless witch?

But Ran doesn't seem unlucky or evil.

>> No.7757285

No one in Touhou seems evil, ZUN makes them cuddly, otherwise the majority of demons are malicious, including the one Ran is based on.

>> No.7757290


The number comes from posterity. It doesn't reflect on Ran's personality.

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doesn't matter how many she has, I just want to cuddle them.

>> No.7757306


Utsuho was kind of evil, and the Saigyou Ayakashi is definitely evil.

>> No.7757321

I'm guessing in a straight up fight Ran would probably dominate Mamizou.

However Tanuki are tricksters and I expect Mamizou to be perfectly capable of tricking Ran even if she is comparable to a supercomputer.

The best gags would come from Yukari's cooperation. Like Mamizou imitates Yukari and both her and Yukari make conflicting requests to Ran.

Also anybody concerned about the last part of the extra dialogue in Marisa's scenario? Seems like Marisa made an enemy out of Mamizou.

>> No.7758199

when can we expect first RanxMami doujins?

>> No.7758209

I don't get powerlevel threads. It's all opinions and no one is ever right. Also people make up bullshit. Am I missing something?

>> No.7758453

Cirnos IQ > Your IQ

You can expect every silly thing. It's touhou-fandom after all.

>> No.7758472

As powerful as Ran is, she's easily to get to if you exploit her links with Yukari or Chen.

Mamizou as Chen would do untold psychological damage to an unprepared Ran.

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how about this:
Mamizou, with......

>> No.7758946

ZUN needs to make a Touhou with a tail from every shapeshifting mythological creature there is. One fox tail, one cat tail, one tanuki tail, one marten tail, one badger tail, one serpent tail, one river otter tail, one dolphin tail, one soft-shelled turtle tail.

She'll be unstoppable.

>> No.7758964

What, was she conceived from an orgy or something? That will only serve to attract the most fucked up furries into the fandom.

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>> No.7759004


You got it right.

>> No.7759015

brother, I would rather keep the furries out of this. I can uderstand the scat, the guro, the fat lovers and the consensual sex, but can we PLEASE avoid those mongrels?

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So far, no one has proven that Yukari is NOT a tanuki.

>> No.7759511
File: 538 KB, 600x709, ranhagoromo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Had to double check. Was under the impression those were throughly draconic or ghostly. Turns out not as thoroughly as I thought.

You got me.

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Seen a pic not unlike that, surprisingly even posted on /jp/ once.
It is my hope and wish above a lot of other things that it is not posted again, ever.

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Ran is the sexiest

I wish there would be more doujins involving her, preferable with her diapering and mothering Chen and Yukari

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>> No.7759863



>> No.7759866

Diapers do not mix well with mature bodies or tails.

>> No.7759871

bullshit, no way could yukari's tits ever be that small

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>> No.7759889

Is that lunatic? But that's not possible to beat, ZUN never tested his own game.

>> No.7759910


its a fan that hacked the game, making it more difficult. He did the same thing for overdrive spellcards.

you could call it Ten Desires' Extra stage - Ultra Mode.

>> No.7759921

Ah, OK. But some some parts are unbeatable. It makes no sense in playing that.

>> No.7759930

Those sleeves are absolutely retarded. I want to slap the shit out of her for wearing such ridiculous things.

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I would yiff Ran, even in furry mode