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Zun art used to be pretty cute.

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I think it's the fact that once you find out how they act in the stories you can't find them cute anymore.

I mean, if Marisa was smiling sweetly to me, I wouldn't be thinking 'How adorable', I'd be thinking 'Where the fuck is my wallet?'

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These threads become infested with shallow animu fags pretty quickly.

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>Marisa wearing a ring

This seems very wrong

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That is quite disturbing,anon

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Especially PC-98 Marisa whose every other sentence was either あはははははは or ふふふふふふふふふふ。

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Ah yes.
These were drawn at a time when ZUN had some massive problem with drawing fingers

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What was with ZUN and having everyone in socks back then anyway?

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Shoes are harder to draw.

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Because socks are cuter.

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I don't really like the style he went with in Ten Desires...But I like the expressions he does. Utsuho, Marisa in 11 and Aya of course, come to mind.

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Not a fan of the new Reimu smirk?

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I like it when he draws them hatless
ZUN's highest level of erotica

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ZUN used to be very lewd in the past.

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I dunno, I'm kind of digging the new art as well. In some cases at least.

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Why does Marisa look like an alien in Imperishable Night?

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Why would you even post that on a worksafe board?

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zun is fucking savant does that games but cant draw hands
it isnt hard i draw hands and i dont like drawing but can draw perfect hands

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I imagine ZUN spends 95% of his Touhou time programming bullet patterns and composing the music.

Then, one night, he gets completely fucking plastered and scribbles out the character designs. When he wakes up the next morning, he cleans them up a bit, puts them in game, and never bothers with them again.

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Signs of new /jp/ denizens:

-Appears constantly irritated, sometimes even enraged
-Never posts without using sage
-Feels the need to police the board
-Will spam board redirects to anyone who disagrees with or irritates them
-Complains about greentext, image macros, and other standard 4chan fare
-Complains about established /jp/ content, usually Touhou or visual novels
-Tends to overuse the terms "summer", "shitpost(er)", "newfag", and "samefag"
-On that note, they will almost invariably call two people who disagree with them "samefag"
-All in all, treats /jp/ as if it's a secret club that only they belong to

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i don't know man yoshika is pretty fucking moe

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wonder how zuns fails at hands, he isnt dumb, he watches his hands lot of time with his piano
then how????????
his art started sucking after touhou 7
i guess he doesnt like his characters(which is hard to believe because he cant fail that many times)
i dont think it is hard to make a tohou game
it cant be a lot more complicated than danmakufu whatever
any idea?

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Reported for typing like a complete retard.

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Can you post it?

I only played through the demo yet, don't really remember it though.

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okay get prepared for my revenge

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I heard that ZUN claim in an interview that he never spends much time on the drawings. He does the game play and lets the fan do the art.

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so his music is completly repetitve and predictable plus its not as good as before (but still worth)
he doesnt seem to like his characters
never read any plot only heard people complaining about how shitty it is

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>never read any plot only heard people complaining >about how shitty it is

So if the plot isn't DEEP its shit?

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TH13's music isn't what I'd complain about at all. I rather like it. What I WOULD complain about is the trollface bullets that virtually every enemy shoots straight at you the millisecond before they die.

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You must have hated Fairy Wars.

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well sadness

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You can't hate fairy wars.

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I love the fairy manga, but fuck the game.

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ZUN-Art >>>>>>>>> Fanart

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I want to lick her whole body

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oh dear god

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You like it?

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Th-That ass...

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Delicious canon Reimu feet

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looking healthy there, Reimu

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Hard mode is best.

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Qw==, she is the pimpest motafdaka in all gensokyp

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>Zun Art


Zun art makes the best animated touhous.

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Marisa wearing the clothes of Irori from ESP RaDe.

All of my love.

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In that documental he draw a Marisa in like 10 seconds, and it looked pretty good. So it seems that shitty coloring is what somewhat ruins his style. I personally like it

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Whoa, canon thighs

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I wish ZUN would go back to being a super otaku.

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I only found it in spanish since the english one apparently got deleted, but I'm sure you can find it in english. That, or you can either understand spanish or japanese

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You forgot the best one.

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>udon noodles

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Thsat's posted, but the link for


was fucked up.

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>Leider ist dieses Video, das Musik von UMG beinhaltet, in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, da die GEMA die Verlagsrechte hieran nicht eingeräumt hat. Das tut uns leid.
WAT WAT?! Fuck you!!!!!!!
These videos are kamS videos, right?
Ok, I know them all and watch it on Nicovideo! Nicovideo DE!

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Bumping with yuyuko

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I never had a problem with Zun's art until...

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Whats wrong with the hands?

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Please discontinue posting.

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ZUN gave Miko two right hands.

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Couldn't that just be a pinky?

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If you took a pinky and drew it to have the same shape and hand curvature as a thumb, then yes, it could be a pinky.

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you aren't looking hard enough

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I agree, OP.
IN art was the best.
Pic related, it's Medicine if she were in IN.

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Look at that gorgeous smile.
It looks like he put lots of work into the clothes, too.

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Fanart Eirin always looks like an old hag.
In canon, she actually looks pretty cute and youthful.
A bit pale too, but she's a lunarian who used to always spend her time on the dark side of the moon, so it's okay.

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Such a fascinating thread.

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I don't remember anyone in canon looking olden than Eirin. What with her long white-greyish granny hair.

BTW, the "dark side of the moon" is not dark.

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There's no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.

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It's funny that she alone needed to have a radically altered sprite in kamS videos.

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She looks fucking cute!
And Seiga is cute too!

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More sexy and nude ZUN-art!

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True story: I like Zun's Byakuren more than the vast majority of her fanart.

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I like Marisa in ZUN-art very much!
She look a little bit chubby but super cute!

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Tits or gtfo! xD

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You sound like my 3d girlfriend.

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Get out.

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suck my cock dude

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Eh, go away.

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What do you think?

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blush needs more spread and less opacity.

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