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If Yuuka found herself in the Mojave Wasteland, and was unable to use her usual arsenal of curtain fire and spell cards, what sort of weapons would she adopt in their stead?

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And what kind of place is this?

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Mob people with thorny tumbleweeds

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Brute strength. She is a youkai, after all.

Although Yuuka. being the Flower Master of the Four Seasons, would probably screech in horror and seek the nearest oasis or verdant land... namely Vault 22.

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She'd use her parasol as a melee weapon until she can modify it into a rifle or a shotgun.

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Fallout New Vegas world.

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She is not an insane nightkin selling wind cows.

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>Brute strength. She is a youkai, after all.

gez, thats explains why melee is overpowered

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Vault 22 had lush plants because the plants were modified to only need a very small amount of water to live. That said, she'd probably get accosted by some fiends and she'd have to settle for their blood as moisture instead.

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Yuuka brings out the worst of secondaries.
Go back to >>>/dragonball z/ with the rest of the Flandre and Cirno fans.

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Going out on a limb, and saying laser pistols and rifles. Maybe a tri-beam. Feels like home.

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I see her as an Elijah's jury-rigged Tesla cannon kinda girl.

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Multiplas would go better with her color scheme.

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Hm, I wonder if she could weaponize whatever spore shit there was in the Big MT. They didn't really explain that, it looked rather contagious and terrifying yet it was never mentioned or given a background or anything.

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This is the Fallout 3/New Vegas world we're talking about, melee is so over powered that it isn't even funny.

She could probably one shot death claws with her parasol.

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You're kidding right?

With a maxed gun build and a maxed melee build, the gun build will outdamage melee every time. Not to mention you have the long-range advantage.

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its the shit in Vault 22

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Oh, so it was the backstory, instead of needing a backstory.

I guess that's what I get for doing OWB before most of anything else.

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Would you expect any less from Yuukarin?

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Tag unarmed, melee and survival.

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Dual spark

Or just wail on people. Yuuka aint nothing to fuck with.

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The true question is: Would you have her as a follower?

Remember, she is very likely to be on a personal quest to make the entire mojave wasteland bloom. At any cost.

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Scratch the dual spark. She'd just wail on them. Yuuka Kazami ani't nothing to fuck with.

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Do you even have to ask?
I would join Yuuka's flower cult any day.

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what is she happily killing here?

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weapons, huh

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fleshpound, killing floor

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Probably Cook-cook. She probably doesn't like people using flame throwers around her.

It is better if you tell her to wait so you can take the shot.

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uh, never played that...

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fuck...I miss my ps3.
or a pc that could run Faggout...

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You can make a good one with 700 dollars, if you know where to buy.

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Does anyone want to play KF? Always looking out for /jp/anon to play with. Add me on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963929770/

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I know, but I'm poor like a armadillo-flavored popsicle right now...thanks anyway.

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>Would you have her as a follower?
>Yuuka and Joshua Graham

all my bottlecaps

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Why do secondaries like this character so much anyway?

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She's a motherly character.

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I'd let Yuuka fire my Tesla-Beaton prototype, if you know what I mean.

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I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone act like that.

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But he is such a sweet fellow. What are you talking about, bub?

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at least secondaries like some fucking thing.

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Hey just a question here and I don't wanna start a new thread about it.

Do you consider Touhou 12 UFO to be easier or harder compared to other Touhou games?

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Nooooo you must enjoy things the way I want them to be enjoyed or I'll get ANGRY!

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I was sad, not angry.

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Normal is easier than SA Normal, hard+ is hardest of all Windows.