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> he thinks there's a better place than Youkai Mountain in Gensokyo

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I want to cut those elf ears off.

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Why do they have so strange spiky ears?
>he thinks there's a better place than lake close to SDM or Yukaris house.

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Haters gonna hate

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Meanwhile at Youkai Mountain...

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Hakurei Shrine has tea and food (as long as you donate).

Moriya Shrine has free sex.

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No Momiji in that pic so I'll have to deny it.

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Youkai mountain has tea and food, free sex, plus adventurous tengus who will film and star in porn movies with you.

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Moriya Shrine IS on Youkai Mountain though, so you get all that, and Tengu and Kappa, I mean, whats better?

By Odin's beard, whoever made this image please make more

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Which mountain fuk?

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>not choosing the Forest of Magic

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And yes, you can sage with an image, that shit was fixed long ago.

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> not choosing the Bamboo Forest of the Lost

I seriously hope you guys don't do this

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Forest of Magic is low tier.

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Either of the shrines works.

You're a clown, dude.

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>whats better?

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Myouren Temple, motherfucker!!

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I'm pretty sure Nazrin and Nue are the only ones you could even remotely have sex with. Byakuren, Ichirin, and Shou are too pure and Captain my Captain is incorporeal

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I am a simple man of simple tastes

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Mamita ansiosa
Te deposito mi lactosa

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More like a simple man of good tastes.

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> Captain my Captain is incorporeal

As if that would stop us

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i just want to live in a snowy forest with Letty, i don't want to be related with dangerous people

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Letty is an ugly cow.

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Meanwhile at Youkai Mountain...

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No Mugenkan?

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the best

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gonna have to sauce, please

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Assuming you are a human wanting a life of taking it easy
Bhava Agra>Hakugyokurou=Chireiden>Hakurei Shrine>Moriya Shrine>Myouren Temple>Human Village>Mayohiga>Eientei>Tengu Mountain=Forest of Magic>Scarlet Devil Mansion>Makai

-Bhava Agra would be the best place to be. You're free to be lazy and do whatever you want. Also, living with the celestials might help you avoid death for a good while.
-Both in Hakugyokurou and Chireiden you'll be free to take it easy with little to no work. You'll be dead and chilling with the ghost princess in the first while you either party hard all day long with the oni and other bro-tier youkai or become the Komeijis' pet in the second.
-The shrines are cozy and peaceful but you'd need to work, though there's arguably less work in the Hakurei Shrine than in Moriya due to it having less attendance.
-Myouren temple has youkai who are in good terms with humans, so besides working in the maintenance of the temple, you'll have a good life there
-The human village is secure, confortable and has relatively peaceful people but you'd need to work harder.

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-Mayohiga has the Yakumo family, which is cool except you'd need to probably become a shikigami or otherwise work to pay your stay; also, the youkai there will look down on you.
-Eintei is the same as Mayohiga, except that you'll be Eirin's lab rat and servant which will leave you with little time to take it easy. Plus, the youkai there except for Tewi are not very sympathetic towards humans.
-Tengu Mountain and the Forest of Magic aren't particularly bad since you have friendly kappas in the former and friendly magicians in the latter. The only problem is that you'll have to provide for yourself and won't have much time to take it easy.
-In the Scarlet Devil Mansion you'll be a very lowly servant, doing the jobs not even the fairies want. Also, the youkai there are vey unsympthatetic towards humans so you're in danger of being fed to the sisters, sent to play with Flandre or used by Patchouli in her magical experiments; none of those scenarios is likely to end well for you.
-Makai is fucking terrible, let's not go there.

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>Eirin's lab rat


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Have you forgotten the fact that going to any place with youkai contains the risk of being eaten by them? Chireiden is literally a hellhole filled with human-eating youkai (Utsuho even commented on the delicacy) and oni who will expect you to be on their level.

The forest is a big no no, it's the main reason why Reimu has no visitors (Hungry youkai).

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>used by Patchouli in her magical experiments

If that's what it takes to be close to her...

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My bad, I meant it was the main reason she gets no _human visitors who come to donate_.

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The list doesn't take into account the dangers of reaching the location, which is why Bhava Agra is at the top. As for Chireiden, most youkai there (except for Parsee) where non-hostile until the heroine attacked so it wouldn't be much of a problem; though the thing about the oni might be true, but you can just stay away from them by staying in the mansion. After all, as long as you're friendly to Satori, the rest of the pets should respect you.
You're right about the Forest, though. I forgot it was one of the most dangerous places. It should probably be knocked down to the bottom, just above Makai.

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I know those are hot scenarios, but I didn't take fetishes into account in the list. Also, being killed/severely hurt by questionable experiments doesn't seem to be a very good way to take it easy.

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What? I'm not talking about whether the youkai feel like attacking you for the sake of attacking, I'm talking about their DIET. It's like telling a fish that it's safe to go live near fishers as long as he doesn't bite them.

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It's worth it even if I would probably just end up as an expendable test subject. The small chance, no matter how minute it is, of her getting along with me is reason enough for me to try.

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>They do not eat only humans, but animals, birds, fish, vegetables, fruits, alcohol and other things humans normally eat.
From Perfect Memento. Also, youkai preying on humans is said to have become rarer (mainly due to Reimu, I guess) and most youkai in the locations listed are human-friendly. That's why locations with less human-friendly youkai (like the Scarlets) are ranked lower.

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There is no Reimu underground.
Remilia invites humans regularly to her parties. The vampires' contract forbids them to prey on the human residents. They get their meals from the outside world.

BTW, I doubt Patchouli or Eirin would experiment on you.

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Mugenkan or Moriya Shrine are by far the best places.

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So because they eat something other than humans means they won't eat humans at all? And Akyuu says that youkais will eat anybody as long as they don't have spellcards (i.e: you) because it doesn't contradict the spellcard draft.

>human friendly

Because they didn't eat Reimu? Come on, please don't make inferences, get your canon right. Every unnamed enemy in the game has deliberately attacked her and every named enemy has some reason like ''you can't go pass this point'' or ''me smash puny human'' along those words.

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Ok, you may be right about Patchy, but I'm pretty sure Eirin wouldn't think twice before experimenting on you. Also, I didn't know that about the vampires, where does it say that?

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PMiSS, the Vampire article or Reimu's article or one of the historic chapters that contain vampires.

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so if i know Magick and make some spellcards i will not get eaten by Rumias?

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Wouldn't living with Patchy be very safe? She never goes outside and doesn't have many visitors, and she prefers to avoid trouble. You could be Koa-tan's subordinate or something.

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Couldn't you just learn danmaku? I think i remember reading that normal humans can fight with spellcards too and that Reimu sometimes helps them develop them. Anyways, I think you're right about the youkai. Maybe this would be a better list?

Bhava Agra>Hakugyokurou>Hakurei Shrine>Moriya Shrine>Myouren Temple>Human Village>Scarlet Devil Mansion>Chireiden>Mayohiga>Eientei>Tengu Mountain>Forest of Magic>Makai
(Anything below human village is considered less than safe)

-Hakugyokurou stays because being there means you're dead and a ghost so there's no danger.
-Myouren stays because of human-friendly youkai (thanks to Byakuren)
-SDM higher because of the contract thing
-Chireiden follows because of the possibility of being Satori's pet could grant you some safety
-Mayohiga and Eintei stay above Youkai Montain because having a roof over your head makes you safer. Also, Yukari and Eirin are less likely to eat you since they are more fond of humans than lower youkai.
-Youkai montain above the Forest because at least the kappa are relatively friendly.

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You COULD learn danmaku, but that will only protect you in Gensokyo, the underground and all of its Hells don't apply, but like everyone (even pre-spellcard draft) they like using danmaku. Unless ZUN just cheated.

The kappa are actually forbidden (kind of) from meeting humans, any Kappa that gets spotted by a human is deemed an idiot (Nitori) according to Akyuu. Though it's still safer than the forest, or should I say, less dangerous.

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But I don't. Youkai Mountain is best mountain.

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Well, it won't be boring

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So you guys haven't come up with your own spellcards yet?! What have you been doing all this time? I already have one mastered!

I call it Redneck Sign "Wall of Buckshot"

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>the kappa are relatively friendly.

If you consider getting literally anal raped ''friendly''. One of Nitori's spellcards even uses shirikodama as bullets (the tiny tiny spheres).

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>The kappa are actually forbidden (kind of) from meeting humans, any Kappa that gets spotted by a human is deemed an idiot (Nitori)

This apparently does not apply to Marisa. Maybe she's a honorary youkai or...

>according to Akyuu

Oh, figures.

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Card Game Sign [Discard, Draw, Malicious Summon]
Card Game Sign [Malicious Edge]
Card Game Sign [Sephiron OTK]
Card Game Sign [Dual Judgment]

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For some reason I am imagining Jiggle Billy fighting Reimu.


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You know that danmaku bullets are just magically created shapes, right?

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I lol'd harder than I should have.

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Fudd Sign [10mm babykill]

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Goddammit, leave your ''EVERYTHING AKYUU SAYS IS A LIE DONT READ THIS BOOK'' thinking in the garbage. It's already been stated that what ZUN was referring to was the plenty of times where Akyuu says things like ''whether this is true or not isn't confirmed'' and ''not much info is known about this''. The reason explained previously is why Nitori flees from the player.

I should rephrase, she said that ''those kappas who are spotted by humans are the dumbest ones''. If we take WaHH's scenes where the kappas are shown, they are nutcases who can't think straight, hence why Kanako had to stop production before they blew the whole mountain. Not to say that this is the ''avoidance of humans'' but that since this is a public workplace it should be expected for anybody to see them.

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Though this is irrelevant in this particular instance anyway, since Akyuu didn't actually write anything to that effect and your theories are simply a misinterpretation of her words that mean something else entirely:
>When they are spotted, it is just the occasional foolish kappa that has been washed down the river.
The kappa in question isn't foolish because she let herself get spotted by humans. She's foolish because she let herself get carried away by the current. For fucks sake, this much should be obvious.

Also, to stop you from embarassing yourself further, consider the following:
>And on that summer, the Water Youkai Bazaar of the Future was a great and roaring success.
>The many new inventions of the kappa, and the shirikodama, polished until they were sparkling...
>It seemed like many people came to purchase these.
>But, of course, the biggest attraction was the Hisou Tensoku.
>Many youkai and humans alike came to steal a glance at the giant, autonomously moving giant.

And, to get back to PMiSS, yes, this further disproves the >they run away when they notice humans part, or at least its literal reading. Even if you were just misreading it, the actual text isn't exactly flawless either.