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Holy mother of fuck it's out.

Katsugeki Kidan thread.

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First picture of Momizi where she actually looks girlish.

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Don't even try to explain yourself, just post a random-picture and say "holy motherfucker, it's out!".

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Touhou Katsugeki Kidan - Dai San Maku
It's a platformer with Momizi as the MC. She's out to cut things.

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Nah, still boyish. Well, if you ignore the tits that is.

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How cute. Shame the picture has those disgusting fish things in it. Now I can't save it.

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Seems to be something like a Megaman-Zero clone. Could be quite nice.

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Seriously, they are retarded.

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Well, they're traditional tengu shoes.Can't do anything about it.

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I know, but... why did they ever think of wearing such retarded shoes? How can anyone design those and think they are a good idea?

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>fatty american image how to go to Mc Donalds in getas

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Looks more like a trap than a girl.

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I always looked at these kinds of shoes and wondered... just how are you supposed to walk with these things?

I mean, walking sandals with a bit of a bump on the back is one thing, but this looks like I'd trip at every step I tried to take. Are these actually real?

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They're comfortable, durable and easy to make. They also keep your feet dry.

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Practical shoes are never the cute ones.

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You can't even walk on these things.

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What the hell? Haven't you ever walked with these things? It's not difficult at all to hold balance once you get used to it.

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Oh yeah, and the picture.
Oh wow.

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You have to get used to those first though. There has to be a friend with a camera filming you the first time you walk with those.

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>Haven't you ever walked with these things?
As if you have, weeb.

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It's a tengu.

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Why, excuse me, sir! While I could probably easily find the name of "these things", place an import order at an obscure Japanese site and get a pair, I live in a capitalist society which encourages, and almost enforces, a smooth lifestyle. Kind of like sandals! I go everywhere with sandals. They're more comfortable and easier to take out than a normal shoe. Just slip right in and go for a walk, slip right out and lay on the sofa, OOOOHHH YEEEEAH.

Now, when you pick up a sandal and put a bump on the middle of it, specifically a huge and rectangular one, and expect me to keep balance after using a not-bumped sandal for my whole life... well, I'm not a Tengu, so I wouldn't be able to do that now, hmm?

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Yeah yeah, I forgot to post the image: >>7706292

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So you'd be okay with walking on stilts all your life when you could just be wearing regular shoes, or at least something like clogs?

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But clogs are terrible!

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Clogs are the best footwear ever invented.

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This is why japanese are so awesome. Walking in geta trains your balance and inner chakra.

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Overachievers. I prefer taking it easy. And you should too, else you don't belong in here.

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>taking it easy
Spoken like a true loser.

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I need more merchandise.

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Get out of /jp/.

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A thread about a game /jp/ was reasonably hyped about without images of it?


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You fucking see what our userbase ha Turned into? A bunch of outsiders who know shit about /jp/ and spam the fuck out of it with /v/ related shit and anime while acting like gaia pieces of shit.
/jp/ is done for.

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I'll skip the title screen as it's pretty useless.
(Except for the config menu I can't understand shit about, I can't do anything about the keys.)

It looks a lot like Dai Ni Maku : The first option is the Stage Select,then the Skill Set,
Kourin's shop.
The fourth one is almost new : You can ask Nitori to reinforce your sword or (probably) your shield to raise ATK / DEF / MDEF.

Fifth one is to go back to title screen.

The stats with the red bars are stats you can raise along each level up. I'm just going average for this run, raising everything.

I'm only at stage 3 for now.

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The stage screen is kind of identical to Dai Ni Maku.
The original keys are -
Shift for attacking, Z for using the Skill,X for jumping and C for grazing.

The item besides me is something I've just encountered, it doesn't seem to do anything alone, so I probably need to collect others like it in the stage.

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forgot the picture.

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Hold up. Why are you just proclaiming this is out when Googling seems to suggest it was released a month ago?

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Because I've only noticed yesterday and I didn't see any threads here so I didn't even know they'd made a third one .Thought I'd share.

Century's super important discovery.

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Oh, okay. Just making sure I found the right thing. This looks sufficiently interesting that I want to give it a spin, even though I apparently didn't play the first two. I can get by with zero knowledge of Japanese, right?

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Probably. I just cleared stage 3 and I'm not having any problems, it's pretty simple.

Also, I'll come back to what I've said about the little Yin/Yang item.

You need to collect all of those to unlock the seal on the Torii at the end of the level. (Stage 3 has three of those.)

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Is this an rpg?

Download link?

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All up this thread.

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Awwright I'm stuck on Stage 3. Clearing it doesn't give access to the next one. What now...

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You need to fight Star to get to stage 4. It seems the Nitori place you get to at the end of levels has a secret. And Momiji is able to climb vertical walls in this game.

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It's probably not freeware so I ain't posting shit.
Also it's not an rpg, its more like megaman zero.

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Yeah, brain was full of fuck when I "discovered" the secret.
Also fuck yeah High-B Hi-Ougi

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Mother of god, I hate to say this but this thread is so bad that deleted is one of the better posters. How fucking new do you have to be to not know what geta are? It's like you fuckers found about twowho and came over to /jp/ this week.

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Are you confusing me with someone else? I post very rarely, so it's surprising that you say that.

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Well then, we just have a very different definition of that word.

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I haven't posted in,like, two months. Hell, I didn't even come for a month by lack of internet.

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>new in internet
>never seen samefag-shitposting and trolling

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Post the game you fuckers
or I'm forced to go hadouken on you xD

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epic greentext br/a/ xDDDD ftw

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So did the gatling got a new scripter or the guy did improve? The the two previous games was scripted made it lag even in awesome computer, fighting some of the boss was boring since you could leave the computer for some time and the danmaku would still be far from you because of the slowdowns.
Download link,someone?

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Link of the game?

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Why are you so hard, stupid ice fairy?

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>Dat Laser on the last life bar
>So hard you use Hi-Ougi High+B just to nullify it

Icicle Machingun is a death spell at short range. Whenever you know she's going to use it, dash to get behind her and get free hits.

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