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Track 12 on Touhou Sweets is awesome.

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Yeah, but it's a Mokou remix. She runs a Yakitori stand in the forest.

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That's what it was about? Goddamit Japan.

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Need the name in moon since it's on RS under that name

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holy shit, this is awesome

is there a torrent of the whole album somewhere? tokyotosho's dry

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okay, I'm just blind.
(例大祭5)(同人音楽)[Innocent Key] 東方スイーツ (tta+cue).​rar


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It's feels to me like once you've heard one Reach for the Moon remix, you've heard them all.

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The track title is in English. If you mean the name of the album, you can still rapidshit "Touhou Sweets" and find it I believe.

Just in case, the name in moon is 東方スイーツ.

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>>770447 Eh.
Sage because of faggotry

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Love you too, Anon.

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Thanks for the name, but no it isn't on there.

<< proof

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Go back to /b/ already, young one.

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yes it is, and even tho it's not a mystia remix, it's one of the better Mokou ones i've heard

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Oh wow. Eh is faggotry now?

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om nom nom nom

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Eh.... that's odd.

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Apathy is sageable now. Deal with it. Also, the overuse of ellipses.

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Track 5 on the new IOSYS CD is about China.

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No; a retard just decided that everyone should write equally.
One of those guys who probably tripfag much arround here.

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Why does everything have to be so complicated, you know? It would be nice we can just all get long, you know?

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I hear you. How's the party?

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Might Gaine was supposed to bring chips but he forgot.

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I like the remix of Cirno's theme (track 2) on Touhou Sweets.

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You can fap to Track 2

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Nearly did. Love that voice.

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>こーりん、”漢”の甘味 ~六尺mix~
>こーりん、”漢”の甘味 ~六尺mix~
>こーりん、”漢”の甘味 ~六尺mix~

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