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Gensokyo is, with several notable exceptions, a pre-industrial society. Given it is impossible to import manufactured goods into the realm without the assistance of certain individuals, someone like Sanae has no way to import an item she has grown accustomed to in the outside world, such as panties.

The few pairs she was able to bring with her are likely tattered to the point of uselessness at this juncture, and her only source of replacements without entering into negotiations with Yukari are Rinnosuke's second-hand shop.

Thus, she is given the choice of using used panties of unknown origin, or making use of bloomers, a locally produced garment with all the quality of construction one would expect from something produced in a quasi-feudal economy.

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Citation needed.

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B-but you wear panties under your bloomers...

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There's always the chance that her panties could miraculously stay in perfect condition.

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Panties are just pieces of cloth sewn together. They can easily be produced in a pre-industrial society.

Not to mention the parts of Gensokyo Sanae happens to live in are actually really well industrialized.

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Given that textiles might actually be Gensokyo's dominant industry after food production, getting any kind should not be a problem.

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"Industrialized" is pushing it. They might have a magical fusion reactor to drive their steam engines, but I doubt they've got much in the way of factories.

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>fusion reactor to drive steam engines

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>implying Gensokyo's figured out electricity

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But that's sort of plausible.

Electricity isn't of much use in Gensokyo, but to use heat to generate work (Steam engines) is smart.

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It wouldn't really be steam engines, plural. The power source from a nuclear reactor is indeed steam-based, but it's part of the reactor. You're not really going to take the heat and power other distant steam engines, that's many ways of impossible.

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>likely tattered

What could she be doing to cause her panties to become tattered?

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me lifting the ship with one hand

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Lots and lots of sex.

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Eh, you have a good point. I was thinking of Youkai Mountain like Dwarf Fortress for a second. Given that there's only one fusion reactor, and it requires Utsuho to drive it, exactly how industrialized can the mountain be?

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Aya possesing camera and Nitori possesing holo-camuflage is canon. And i doubt its possibe whithout electicity.

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I meant to actually use a fusion reactor to generate steam, on an individual basis, and use one of these per train or whatever.

Naturally, that's stupid as fuck, but so are the Kappas.

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I guess it's perfectly plausible that they produce their various high-tech tools solely by hand.

No, I'm not being sarcastic. It actually is. It's Gensokyo we're talking about.

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Go to bed, Yuuka.

You know there are cameras that don't run on electricity, right? Also, Aya's camera is MAGIC. Didn't you play Shoot the Bullet? Optic camouflage is almost certainly magitech as well.

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You know what Gensokyo needs?

Nikolai Tesla. He was awesome enough to be a Touhou regardless of lack of hat.

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Enjoy your death by electrocution, then.

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sanae's 10 desires:

1 - cum in her mouth
2 - cum in her ass
3 - cumin her p*ssy
4 - cum on her faec
5 - cum on her t*ts
6 - cum on her ass
7 - cum in her hair
8 - cum in her eyes
9 - cum in her ears
10 - cum in her nose

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fuck off

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Touhous neither have proper hygiene equipment.

I wonder if Marisa has blonde anus-hair.

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No armpits? Fucking imposter.

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what a LEWD WITCH!

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I think the thing on your pic still need a battery to light a flare. Unless you mean this.
The term "magitech" is kind of vague still.l So its Debatable i guess

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Shit. Good point.

I'm just gonna chalk this one up to magic.

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Hello there Edison, you hack. How is that trial and error research methodology working for you?

Or do you need another public humilliation by yours truly?

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Tesla-san... So Dreamy...

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I guess their robots run on magic too.

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Who even moves their eyes down when they blink? Honestly.

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Looks like a korean kid.

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Wow that looks like one of those autistic k-ons.

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It could have been worse.

It really could have.

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thats good

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Why's she covered in piss?

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>Eh, you have a good point. I was thinking of Youkai Mountain like Dwarf Fortress for a second. Given that there's only one fusion reactor, and it requires Utsuho to drive it, exactly how industrialized can the mountain be?
Utsuho Reiuji has cancelled Operating Nuclear Reactor; is attending a party.

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>Hong Meiling has cancelled Guarding; attacked by Giant Catfish


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Well I would assume that at least nitori (other kappas too?) would be at the party as well.

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They have a giant underground research facility inside the mountain. The mountain itself has been emitting smoke for at least a century now, so apparently that's how long the kappa have operated the machines inside. So no, obviously they don't necessarily need Utsuho (just like humanity doesn't actually need nuclear plants, they're just more convenient (exactly how convenient is outside the scope of this thread)).

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Blowout soon, fellow youkai...

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Where's that crop from?

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My theory about Aya's camera is that it probably fell to Gensokyo like many other items and it keeps working thanks to either magic or whatever it is the Kappas use to power their inventions.
Which gets me thinking, danmaku seems to be made from energy, right? So maybe they could use it to power things?

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I nearly thought that it was good thread.

Good job OP. Funny joke.

Technology to make clothes in industrialized version was available since around 400 years. In China they still use 100 years old machines to produce clothes that in west are branded as high quality. It's just matter of doing patterns that change with each epoch.

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Alice could sew her some.

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Poor Okuu... I'd keep her company.