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Why is Remilia such a slut?

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because you don't know what does slut mean.

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no, sluts wear panties over the garterbelt

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I'm hoping for more.

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How can you call such a cute and graceful little girl a slut?

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Remilia = Female Laharl

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Only in some people's interpretations. Not that I mind that interpretation.

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People with common sense wear panties over the garter belt. That's how you wear them.

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Every Touhou is a dirty slut, that's why.

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well, yes. The slutty way to wear them.
Pure and chaste maidens wear panties under garterbelt

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Bumping for more

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Isn't that outfit from the fighting one? While i didn't enjoy it.. the outfits were great.

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Dunno, maybe because she is 500 years old and had sex with lots of guys.

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Pure and chaste maidens don't like easily using the restroom apparently.

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Pure and chaste maidens wear black pantyhose.

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>you now realize everyone in the SDM had at least one Remilia's bodypart in their mouth

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She's a vampire, its probably the other way around.

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I remember one time when I woke up there was something that tasted like foot in my mouth and it turns out I had bitten onto Remi's foot sometime while I was sleeping. It tasted real bad.
Since then, we've slept in separate rooms.
Okay, bye.

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But also a spoiled brat that probably enjoys degrading her humble servants.
And being noble, I don't think she bites anything but necks and maybe wrists.

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I can imagine that getting blood from the same few spots would be pretty tiring after the first few hundred years. She'd want to spice things up a bit by biting the more exotic parts.

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Where's that one Finnish 4koma that Remi likes tasting things in, to contradict this.

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Keep dreaming

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>same few spots
Meling neck doesn't taste the same as, say, Koakuma neck. She'd have plenty of choice.
It'd be like getting bored of plates and spoons, and not the food in them. But then again, hundreds of years do wonders for creating unlikely boredom.

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I guess I'm the only one in this thread who finds Remilia sucking blood from Sakuya's upper, inner thigh to be sexy.

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Suggestion is a powerful weapon

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Being an eternally hormone-addled prepubescent girl is suffering.

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You misspelled "heaven"

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There doesn't need to be a difference.

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Fapping to Remi-sama is great

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Nobody cares.

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