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there's a new trailer
anyone knows about new rumors about this?

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3 things

epic trailer is epic

lazy reimu is lazy

epic music is epic

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why would youmu pets myon?

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What's the release date? I can't find it anywhere.

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C80, I think

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>he reads youtube comments

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same reason you pet your dick

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Guys, guys, >>7683200 is quoting a youtube comment, don't take it as a benchmark of /jp/ posting style.

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This looks amazing.

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Also, it's going to be 16 minutes long with an OP and ED

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Reading the comments hurt.

The animation is definitely good though. Better than the other ones like Memory of Stars and A Summer Day's Dream.

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It's really difficult to tell the two apart though.

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he reads 4chan posts

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Is it really necessary to include at least part of the first trailer in every single new trailer they make?

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I don't mind. I could watch this trailer a hundred times.

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It looks like the video itself is the whole thing..

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>i keep throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening...

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I don't get that comment.
Someone explain.

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"take all of my money"

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That is better than someone saying epic and someone saying 10 dislikes came from silly haters xD

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it's a brazilian custom, don't worry about it

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Where the hell are the Prisimrivers? And Lily?

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>Its making it totally like Marisa is the main chaarcter

Marisa IS the main-character.

Fucking secondaries...Reported.

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Actually i just gave him a thumbs down, but i guess that is enough.

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She is so beautiful.

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Seeing things like this, full length touhou animes would just print money. Easily.

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So would a Pokemon MMO, but hey.

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These animations are fun to see, certainly, but they make me dread the prospect of a Touhou anime ever getting made. Feels so off, and I know the money would force it to be something like this.

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there will be one someday

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And the community will be worse than any other MMO in existence. Look to /vp/ for a preview.

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not really

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Holey Sheet... This had better not become official. Anything Touhou is better off fan-made.

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>maybe 90 seconds of new footage
>almost all of that is Marisa
>implying that's not every single frame they've produced so far

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How the hell would it become official. At least you don't have to worry about that.

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Still no Tenshi.

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My favorite part was when Reimu turned her head and gazed introspectively off into the distance while the cherry blossoms fell. It was very innovative and I've never before seen such powerful imagery.

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Games after 9.5 don't matter, ya know?

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Then why are they making a movie based on 7?

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PCB anime?


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For once, it doesn't look like a pretentious anime unlike the others touhou anime i saw,
the animation was good and there's no stupid fanon.
Was it really necessary to show Letty getting beaten ?

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Okay, say what you will, Marisa is pretty much perfect in this, and so is Youmu.

Reimu seems off, though. Too little disinterested in the fighting scenes, too much otherwise.

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The original OP made it seem like it was going to be about Reimu, so why is the entire new part of the trailer Marisa?

Maybe Reimu will be facing Ran and Yukari, whatever.

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To whet your appetite and then completely shatter you expectations the next moment.

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Cheer up. Hug a Letty.

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Get out of /jp/.

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I never got the first part of the trailer, are they doing EoSD or is that pure flashback material?

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No idea. Apparently it is PCB

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Bugger. I'd kill to see how they animated Meilings danmaku.

So, refresh my memory, what got Reimu (Or Marisa, whatever) going after Ran and Yukair?

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lmao looks gay as shit bro

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So from the trailer it seems like it will be EOSD + PCB.
Do they really have enough screen time to fit both EOSD and PCB story in 16mins?
And the PCB storyline is just Marisa soloing everyone from the trailer.

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They're still doing this? I though ZUN told the circles to stop.

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I think this is a different circle.

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what happened to the 2nd maikaze anime?

this seems to be just a song PV, nothing more.

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Yukkuri torture OVAs y/n?

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I cant read japanese but I believe they show this at Japan Expo.

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Get out.

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But i saw Mokou

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So does this mean that we can't chase people out when they ask "What anime is this from" anymore?

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You get out, you're just jealous because Tenshi isn't in it

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Oh, cool, another Touhou anime project. Yeah, another one. Another.

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You don't get it. Fuck off.

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Oh, you're saying Touhou is now too undeground to get? And if this gets made the capitalist cats will sell it out and you'll have to go and be a stuck up hipster elsewhere?

Or do you have the usual "no fun allowed" rectum ache syndrome?

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Isn't ZUN against anime derivatives?

>> No.7684071

I've read that yeah.

But I think the people making the movie don't really give a damn.

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I think he is only against official anime works.
He just doesnt want people to think that Touhou is an anime. He want Touhou to stay as a game franchise instead of people going
A: Do you know about Touhou?
B: Hell yeah the Touhou anime is good.

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Official, large scale studio ones, yes.

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Touhou anime in 2012. I can feel it. Then /jp/ will cry as usual.

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Right after Mima comes back.

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>I can feel it.
And the boss of TH14 will be Mima?

>> No.7684131

Mima will be the EX Boss in 10 Desires and playable in TH14. Fixed your statement.

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C80? What's that mean exactly?

>> No.7684206

i'm crying

>> No.7684209

I had a feeling someone was going to chastise me for asking that.

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No no, the battleship was already released.

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>C80? What's that mean exactly?

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Comiket 80, dude. Google is your friend.

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Oh, that. I knew what that was, just didn't get the slang. Fuck, now I seem like fucking idiot.

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If the shoe fits.

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It is not like everyone knows/cares about Comicets and stuff here.

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What the fuck would you even be doing on /jp/ if you didn't?

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yeah, right. And /v don't care about TGS and E3

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It's an ultra-strong form of plastic explosive.

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You're so funny.

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Guess I may as well ask here: I know C80 is in just a few weeks, but when will the date for C81 be set?

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( ´_ゝ`)

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I'll answer myself: idolfags. Kinda forgot about them.

Last three days of the year, every year.

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Now you're just doing this on purpose.

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Summer, please go away. Love, /jp/. Also I'm glad Patchy looks cute in this.

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So trendy and edgy xD

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wow ... and i thought the 1st trailer was good enough, this 2nd one is just simply amazing, so next would be an IN trailer? =o

Nice vid =d

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Go back to bed, Tewi.

And what happened to the ufotable thing?, did ever got released?

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I think you're a secondary. ;3

>> No.7684352

4/10, had me going there for a second.

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Looked interesting, but what the hell is up Youmu having those huge tits? It seems kind of weird to me.

>> No.7684363


Those are what make Youmu so soft.

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Nothin' wrong with that.

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Pfft, that's what you think

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Sakuya with her scraf, taken from the blog.

Maybe it won't be juste a solo Marisa route.

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I just think it's kind of weird, she's considered to look kind of young but I swear she has larger breasts than half the cast in this thing.

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She's not really that much younger than most of the cast anyways.

In any case, it's hardly a good idea to get caught up on canon appearances in touhou.

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It looks like it's just the shirt. She doesn't have them from the side.

>> No.7684382

Yuyuko would like to have a word with you.

>> No.7684394


It's not that big a deal, I must say. It's just a minor annoyance I can get over.


Maybe, but I swear each time Youmu showed up they kept growing.

>> No.7684398

She is much younger than most of the cast, with her age still barely in double digits, but that's irrelevant, I guess.

Physically, though, she's supposed to be immature and small. Smaller-than-Marisa small. Barely-higher-than-Team-9 small.

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Was meaning the human parts of the cast.

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Youmu appears to have a broken back.

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But there's already a PCB anime!

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please die

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Cirno ?

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Weird thing about that was it kinda looked like she was riding Cirno.

>> No.7684509

I don't know what that is.

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Can they for once focus NOT on EoSD and PCB? And of course LOL MARISA MUSTAR SPARK SO RUNDUM XD!!11 But I guess they have to do it if they want it to be accepted by fans. Just make Alice tsundere enough and it will be great success!

>> No.7684545

Dude, what? How is Marisa using her signature attack SO RANDUM? It's like calling Cirno out for using ice.

>> No.7684559

I second this, they need to get with the times, and Marisa is just too unlikable to be the main character.

>> No.7684586

>Just make Alice tsundere enough

Please die, secondary scum.

>> No.7684589

wat ? Marisa unlikeable ?

>> No.7684593

Marisa doesn't only has Master Spark. Most of the times, it feels like she's over relying on it. Use a few pretty green stars, then go straight for the big laser. Isn't it supposed to be a powerful attack?

>> No.7684846

>Can they for once focus NOT on EoSD and PCB?
They're obviously going in order?

Wow, you're fucking retarded.

>> No.7684891

It's a legitimate concern, Marisa is turning into a one-trick pony.

>> No.7684925

She's pretty tsundere in IN.

>> No.7684930

The IaMP manual labels her a tsundere too.

>> No.7684942

>I guess they have to do it if they want it to be accepted by fans.

Yeah, naturally you have to stay true to the story if you want to be accepted by fans of said story, Captain Obvious.

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No, it's not. Marisa is all about the fucking lasers. She has a laser shot type in every game. Her B option bombs in both EoSD and PCB are Master Spark. Her final spellcards in Imperishable Night and Fairy Wars are Master Spark. Literally fifty percent of her SWR spellcards are Master Spark.

And even if you did have a non-retarded point to begin with, describing the inclusion of Marisa's signature spell isn't "LOL RANDUMB XD" (I have never seen somebody use that phrase who wasn't a total retard), it's totally and completely expected, pretty much the total and complete opposite of random.

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When you pick Marisa in the games it reflects that Reimu is too uninterested to get involved in the incident. Marisa was obviously picked for this play-through.

That being said, I feel it displays Reimu correctly.

>> No.7684998

>Marisa uses Master Spark in almost every game almost all the time

That's the problem. She needs to stop doing Master Spark all the time, and do some actual dodging or danmaku instead. Reimu would have been the better choice of main character because she isn't boring like Marisa.

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Hey, fuck you.

No, I didn't read the thread. I just dislike you.

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When I watched the original first half I gritted my teeth a bit because they showed that they had character preference (guess who).

Now that I watch this I was expecting to rage but didn't feel that way in the end, because at least a) Reimu keeps not giving a damn and b) They don't make Marisa that unlikable Mary Sue-like smug that 80% of her fanart/doujins portrays her like, but instead her cheery, girl-ish (girl-ish LOOKING) self.

Note that this pretty much is a depiction of Marisa A so nevermind Reimu's and Sakuya's apparent non-importance.

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Always another short little video.

Yet nothing significant ever actually comes out.

>> No.7685039

You're saying that now, but you'll be bitching like crazy when a major studio actually takes up touhou.

>> No.7685043

Look at it this way: How would you try to animate a fierce battle using her star danmaku? With the master spark she can just use the hakkero as a weapon and suddenly it's much easier to animate the battles.

>> No.7685054

I'm sure ZUN would step in if they would attempt to do stuff like this because it would have pretty much the same effects as making an official anime.

>> No.7685083

Yes, but I want that chance to bitch...

>> No.7685108

In a danmaku battle, Marisa will do one of four things: throw stars, shoot lasers, dodge bullets, and run people over on her broom. During this trailer, Marisa threw stars, shot lasers, dodged bullets, and ran people over on her broom. I am having a really fucking hard time seeing what the problem is here except you don't think Marisa should be shooting lasers.

>> No.7685138

>dodge bullets

Not that I'm interested in this but I don't think that should count. It's like saying one of the things a soldier must do is breath.

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A gif needs to be made of 1:56-1:57 when Marisa is having angry sex with Cirno's upper head.

>> No.7685177

Wait wait wait!!
Didn't Zun himself forbid new anime?

>> No.7685178

There is no combat without movement.

>> No.7685248

It's really quite a shame that air power made gigantic fixed defensive emplacements obsolete.

>> No.7685358

For some reason I'd prefer music videos that follow the plot and make some sort of sense over a normal anime with voice acting and all... There's a (high) possibility the latter would suck, but videos with good music and animated touhous doing danmaku should be a pretty foolproof concept.

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i can't wait for subterranean animism version.

>> No.7685425

IIRC he didn't outright forbid it, but required people to explicitly ask him.

>> No.7685506

You now realize that a Touhou anime would make Touhou /a/ related and thus /jp/ would lose its purpose and likely be deleted.

>> No.7685526

The animation quality is good in this one. I wouldn't mind a whole fan-made episode.

>> No.7685546

This looks like shit.

And where is my conclusion to that missing donation box story?

>> No.7685604 [DELETED] 

The butthurt flows though this forum.

>> No.7685609

Leper-quality post.

>> No.7685636

Getting upset over 1 maybe even max of 2 episodes of a touhou animation thing /jp/?
You guys need to calm down if Zun wanted or allowed a full length touhou anime it would of happen already.
These people are probably waiting until Zun dies to make a full length anime.

>> No.7686054

touhou would be a great anime just as naruto and bleach

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