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Does anyone else here enjoy masturbating?

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No, im pure.

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I want to suck some titty.

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Yes but not to big tits. DFC all the way.

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Get out you manslut

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I used to, but my dick fell off from masturbating too much and I turned into a little girl with no sexual urges.

Beware the dangers of excessive masturbation or you too will share this fate, remaining as a small girl for eternity and never again feeling carnal pleasure.

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I had some amazing fun with my onahole yesterday.

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Implying we don't wanna be a little girl.

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Why are there so many outsiders posting right now?

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Fucking normalfags. True NEETs aren't obsessed with sex like you people.

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Used it in the non meme way, dipshits. Would gave uses the > if I was.

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Doesn't make it okay.

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Shut your mouth.

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This happened to me as well, except instead of excessive masturbation, I took pills. I can't be a real little girl, but damn it I can try ;_;

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Is it true that artist for this is female?

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I am rather fond of it yes.

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Yes, everyday.

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Personally, I enjoy having sex more.

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i sure as HELL do, to good not censored to HELL and back 3D porn
pic unrelated lol...or is it =/

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leaves me with an empty feeling

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