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fat hag

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another that will never be scanned

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The Crawling Chaos has many avatars.

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what a fatass
get it anon?

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A bit of fat is forgivable if a lot of it stays in the chest region.

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Yukari is the sexiest touhou

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Going to have to agree with that. Reimu is my favorite but Yukari is gives me a boner every time.
Put them together and I cant stop fapping.

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Shlicked like Catherine the Great herself.

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Oh god that picture is so arousing I can't even put the words to it.

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uhm, I guess that everybody here have seen already that Radiohead doujin, so no need to sause it...

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Fucking summer.

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>tripfag that just recently showed up bitching about summer

Really? Also internetwhiteknight.jpg

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Ew! Someone got SHAFT all over my favorite touhou!

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Tripfriend? Without a tripcode?


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I recognize that style of typing. Go back to /a/, JM.

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You know what I meant. Stop circlejerking. Nice dub trips though.

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Don't think I have. But I'm already royally pleased with Yukari making Reimu feel like a woman, so thanks anyway.

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sorry, you got wrong. I go to /a/ sometimes, thought.
who's JM?

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> just recently showed up

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You are the summer.

Can you be a woman if you're a futanari?

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They're the initials to your real name, presuming you're who I'm thinking of.

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That's pretty ironic, bad-fake-kun.

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well, excuse me but now I feel obliged to
be warned, futanari inside.

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sorry, my initials are GG. I thought of a trip acronym.

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It's not ironic at all. In any way, shape, or form.

You would like to be me, but being me is an impossibility. I am without equal.

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I'm the real one you stupid nigger.

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Most certainly, seeing how it was actually a broom.

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May your delusion give you solace.

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Fairly certain there is some anatomy in there that does not exist naturally on any human being. Or on another other creature outside the Marianas trench.
Most frightening and peculiar.

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Hoh hoh, you should research a bit more.

Can those women that have sex change operations be called ''men''?

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If what dear grandpa told me is true, the clitoris of women are actually the feminine versions of men's penis glands.

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And yes, it is.

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you mean the penis is the masculine version of female glands


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>Hoh hoh, you should research a bit more.

If what you seem to be implying is true, ignorance is bliss.

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Women are incomplete men, tool. The penis is what the true form is their undeveloped organs should be.

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Ran's messy hair~♥

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Keine has a swinging, waggling manhood that puts the Saturn V to shame. So has Yukari, although hers is apparently some sort of moldy, deep-sea zombie mutant version that eats people. And Reimu is a dog.

It's a really fucked up day in Gensokyo.

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don't call me a tool

i read somewhere that it was the opposite

and i read lots of books

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Are you a relative Helen or did you get amnesia recently and forget everything about Touhou?

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But you can't be bothered with the shift key. Intriguing.

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You have to admit, it's done very well, for a mugen edit.

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i'm sorry

that was mean

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I'm just surprised to see it in a context that does not also include Arc or Currybutt.