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What would /jp/ be like if it was on 2ch?

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get out of here nippon, we don't like your country

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Participating in all the daily hikikomori/suicide threads.

I'd be more suited to 2chan than 2ch though, imageboards being more familiar. I dislike BBS.

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moot talking about possible plans to sell 4chan to our Japanese friends. Apparently he has neither the time nor the resources available anymore.

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I would already be in Gensokyo, because Japanese know methods to open portal. And now it terrible.

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Tch, you got me.

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Why the fuck would Japan want a shitty version of their own boards? More importantly, why would they buy their own board technology back from some fag who stole it?

Basically all moot did was steal glorious nipon's idea and SA's userbase.

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In all seriousness...

4chan may be the result of theft, but various factors led to it becoming far more popular and widespread in terms of renown and fame/infamy than its parents. It's a juggernaut now. I'm sure many people would be willing to buy it.

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>SA's userbase

Yeah, the userbase that SA didn't want, maybe. The forums are way better without Moot and his kind infecting it, thank you very much.

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Their mods are fucking stupid.

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>SA forums

Enjoy your delusion.

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You were permabanned for racism, weren't you?

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Yeah, sorry, but I've been a member since 2001 and things are better now than ever. No more memes, no more invasions, and a harder crackdown on trolls.

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I've never posted on SA, because I am not a ginormous faggot.

I bet the mods are happy to pound you in the ass, too.

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Do you have an anal fixation or something, White Ren?

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No, anal-fixation anon, I do not share your fetish.

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Ten years of membership and I've got no rap sheet.

It's really, really easy to not end up banned or probated on SA. Seriously. Just don't be a retard and everything will be A-Okay.

So what did YOU get banned for, White Ren? You seem inordinately angry about this topic.

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How can you go 10 years without talking about lolis? That's cruel and unusual.

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Seconding the loli part.

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>harder crackdown on trolls

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>I've never posted on SA, because I am not a ginormous faggot.

Reading comprehension is for fags.

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A ban from SA is a badge of honor.

Then again, you have to wear it with a badge of stupid for paying $10 to post there.

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It's not a badge of honor, nor has it ever been. Who the hell would give you that idea?

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free notcatfish

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My image.

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There's no honor in being banned for being a pedo, for fuck's sake.

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I don't see why that's a proper reason for banning. Because someone likes something you find disgusting?

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He sure knows a lot about it.

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Maybe you should fuck off to your SA, normalfag.

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You know, /jp/ is the only board I've ever come across that actually encourages being a shut-in with no prospects for a regular, well-balanced life.

I'm not saying that I'm a social butterfly, because I'm totally not, but do you guys REALLY take yourselves that seriously? It's kind of distressing.

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A prime example of why SA is such an awesome place, and not the hypocritical moralfag scum hive it actually is.

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/jp/ has been, and always will be, a true NEET board. The fact that normalfags like you come in and shit up the board in seeking to impose your standards on us doesn't help your case either.

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Well, that sort of answers my question.

But really, there's nothing good about being a NEET. Having a job is okay, you know.

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goons leave this place

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First of all, being a shut-in has nothing to do with being retarded brainwashed obnoxious moralfag.
Second, yes we are.

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...did you seriously get banned for admitting to like anime? That's kind of stupid.

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ITT: pedophile is legion

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those of you talking about how SA is so great why dont you go there and never come back

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>there's nothing good about being a NEET.

Oh, wow.

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>there's nothing good about being a NEET
>Having a job is okay


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Well, that sort of answers my question.

But really, there's nothing good about having a job. Being a NEET is okay, you know.

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You live your life how you want, and I'll do the same. Stop being so condescending.

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I thought you didn't respond to trolls, /jp/.

You're embarrassing me.

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I have no idea what would make you think that.

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Wait a sec.

You think it's OKAY to not have a job. You think it's OKAY to not get an education. You think it's OKAY to leech money off of people more responsible than you?

Good lord.

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SA's moderation team is worse than 4chan's moderation team, because SA mods actually do stuff, but still operate on the same intellectual level of the mod that made that dead musician thread here, and then thread-banned everyone 4 times.

SA was once full of lolicons, and then a great purge occurred for no reason, wherein all the moralfags swooped down from the rafters, flinging flying monkey shit everywhere and proclaiming how they were always against anything remotely, possibly, however incoherently misconstrued as being pedo.

The mere mention of the idea that it's kind of creepy to be so militarily and fatalistically "anti-pedo" in regard to Japanese animation will get you banned so quickly that your ten bucks will vanish from history.

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How is it stupid? People on /jp/ have been asking that starting anime discussions and posting anime screencaps be a permabannable offense for years now. More than any other single measure, it would vastly improve the quality of the board.

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It's just Zorak, he thinks that every anime with incest and lolis should be banned on sight.

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hazukashii nano~~ (n^∀^)η

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Besides for the third, I think it's fine. What's wrong with living the way you want to if it doesn't cause anyone harm?

I know you're probably trolling, but please, could you give it a rest? You're really pissing me off.

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Every thread gets replied to, no exceptions.

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That's because the only people doing that are sion-chan and autism-kun, and they're only doing that to be annoying, not to invite actual discussion.

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You don't understand, I'm enticed to say that most of the population of /jp/ did watch, or still do watch anime. It's just that some of us moved on from that to a different media of entertainment, such as visual novels.

Point being, we don't brandish we like anime like /a/ or /v/ because /jp/ is not the place to do that. But I'd wager most of us still watch or used to watch it.

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It's not OKAY, it's GREAT, I tell you.

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THIS IS /prog/

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We think it's LAUDABLE to not cave in to wage slavery. We think it's LAUDABLE to abstain from becoming a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual high school student/collegefag. We think it's LAUDABLE to use everyone around us in a way that allows us to beat society.

Of course, you can't understand the wisdom in any of this, as you're a retarded normalfag drone. It's like playing a harp before a cow.

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This thread is horrible and shows just how far /jp/ has sunk. you are letting some /a/fag troll you. everybody in this thread should get out of /jp/.

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Uh, I'm not trolling. Really.

I have a legitimate fascination with NEET and hikikomori-types and just have no idea why you guys think that being as you are is okay.

There is literally nothing positive about living that kind of lifestyle.

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sion for president, free autism for all

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I party at my friend's place, girl keeps looking at me so we start flirting. I sit with my arm up, she snuggles under it and puts her leg over mine. We talk a little bit more, I go outside to get some air, she comes with. I bring her to my car, we start making out and touching. She doesn't want to mess around in my car so we go back to the house and act normalish. She ends up jumping in the same bed with me that night. We kiss more, I finger her, she starts giving me a handjob then blows me for a few minutes, we stop because there are five other people in the room. We wake up, I call in sick to work, she doesn't have anything to do. She follows me home, I bring her to my room, take off all her clothes. We kiss, I finger her, suck her nipples and play with her tits then go down on her. She really wants to fuck by this point so I throw a condom on and start pounding her from behind and fingering her asshole. She comes, I use her body for 15-20 minutes after until I finally finish. She wants to hang out after, I dodge. I haven't spoken to her since or after. Wish I did, she was a good lay. 30 minutes after, I call my gf, tell her I love her and proceed to treating her like a queen for the rest of our relationship. cheating made me a better boyfriend, sadly.

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It quickly became more than a little awkward as I realized they were both looking at me. All of a sudden my friends hand shoots out and takes ahold of my arm and pulls me closer to them. He stopped kissing her, put his hand behind my hand and pushed his mouth into mine, sloppy and wet from their kiss and absolutely horrifying to me considering I've never so much thought of kissing a guy before. She works her way behind him and starts rubbing her hands down to his waist and suddenly she bites his neck, he drops his head back ending the lip lock with me. She pulls his shirt up, then lowers her hands and unbuttons his jeans.

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>I'm enticed to say that most of the population of /jp/ did watch, or still do watch anime

Projecting much? Anyone that is actually hikki or neet would rather read the original VN/LN instead of wasting his time on an inferior cartoon adaptation targeted at /a/-level plebians. There's a reason that shit isn't welcome on here.

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>Not being NEET

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Quickly she spins him around so that pushes him back towards the wall with me behind him. I turn his head to make out with him over his shoulder as she took off his boxers. There is a sudden gasp from him as she had dropped to her knees and licked his cock. I wiggle out from behind them to spare him having my harden cock pushing against his back. She almost immediately takes my hand as I'm free and pulls me closer. Excited for what I thought was coming, I start to unbutton my jeans but she stops me and pulls me to the floor beside her. She pops his cock out of her mouth, smiled and kind of motioned towards it. I figured after kissing the guy blowing him wouldn't be so bad. I take it from her and slowly put it in my mouth, Such a strange sloppy, warm taste, I have to admit it was pretty great. She stands up and starts kissing him again, he pulls her top off and tosses it across the room.

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Get out.

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But I like all the same things you guys do. I like games, I like visual novels, I like anime. The only difference between me and you is that I've actually got the income to buy the things I like without having to steal it from the internet.

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Projecting much?

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I'm having a bit of trouble sucking his cock so I keep looking up to them for inspiration. He has one hand in her panties leaning over to suck on her boob. I feel the other hand on the back of my head forcing his cock deeper into my mouth to my throat. She had seemed to take control of her own enjoyment and is riding against his fingers. I can feel him tensing up but I'm 100% into it now and want him to jizz in my mouth but she wasn't ready for him to and started pushing down on his shoulders until he ends up on the ground and without a word rolls over onto his back. She drops down on top of him and he eagerly goes to work on her cunt. I set back and just watch for a couple minutes before she directs me towards his cock again. I had completely forgot about it and how awesome it was in my mouth. I crawled over to it and start going back to work on it.

Before long she is moaning, her toes curling. He's bucking his hips trying to get his cock further into my mouth, I beside to help him and pushed down too. Suddenly her orgasm hits her and she explodes with ecstasy. At nearly the same moment he comes, one, two, three streams into my mouth.

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People have different standards. Not everyone lives their lives according to society's pre-structured mold for what is "wrong" and what is "right." I already told you, as long as you're not doing your harm your lifestyle's in your free rein. I don't tell you how to live, so why should you? Enough with your self-righteous bullshit.

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I pull back mouth closed tightly not wanting it to get everywhere, while she falls forward onto his stomach. Realizing they were going to help me here I was forced to swallow it. After a few moments of just sitting there she gets off him and pushes me back on the floor, she tugs my jeans and boxers off and starts jacking me a little before putting the head of my cock in her mouth. She went to work and I came quickly not realizing how horny I had been. She swallowed my load and I gave her a look knowing what it was like now which she returned with a smile.

We spent the rest of night just relaxing making light of what had just happened.

tl;dr I cheated on my girlfriend.

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I've got income to buy stuff myself, but being proud of wasting it on shit you can get for free is nothing short of retarded.

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k so im in school and this kid i dont like his name is shawn he starts botering me because hes a jerk and he always picks on me like pushing me
around and stuff anyway usualyi dont usualy do anything cos i get scared but that day he was pushing me into the wall while i was walking to class
with my friends and every1 was quiet cuz no1 wanted to get picked on but i was starting to get angry so i said to him stop it already, shawn and hes
like f*** u, dork make me and im like fine thats it!!!! so he pushes me and i fall on my face and evry1 around gets in a group and starts going fight
fight fight and shawns like get up you little b****** so i get up slowly and im REALLY angry and i turn around and feel like theres this power inside me so
i start screaming at him like goku so evry1 in the grou[ backs up and looks scared and even shawn started to back up and look scared so i yell at
him you shuldnt have messed with a sayain!!!! i put my hands back and go kameeeeehameeeeeehaaaaaa and i try to shoot it i dont see it but i could
feel the forc e of it (im training it now so i can see it) and shawn backed up a bit so i coul dtell i hit him wiht it too then he turned around and
walked away cuz he was scared and every1 in the gruop walked away too and my friends all come up to me and start saying stuff life good job and my friend
chris says dude your hair turned gold for a second and im like really and hes like yeah and then all my other friends are like yeah i saw that too so thats
the story of how i learned that i was a sayain

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This thread is a good example of why anyone that admits to having sexual experience, a social life, a job history, a high school diploma should be banned from posting here.

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When I was like 11 I went to a mini pokemon convention in a nearby mall. They had a card and gameboy tournament and I was entered in both. I got knocked out early in the card tourney, so I was milling around and waiting for the gameboy tourney to start. They took my game and gave me a mew, and it was sweet as hell. So anyway I get up to the tourney and its set up like 5 really long tables end on end that the opponents face each other at. I still remember the lighting and everything perfectly. I beat my first match and moved on to round 2, and they announced this kid as "Mitchums". I don't what that was, but whatever. Well this kid had the Ash Ketchum hat and blue vest on, with denim jeans with knee pockets and he wouldn't speak because he was listening to a walkman. Anyway, we get to the match and I bring out my Blastoise, he was a level like 78 or something. Mitchums sends out a fucking Diglet, level 23. I looked at this kid and he's just listening to his walkman, looking at the screen. So I use Surf attack and it misses, and I'm like that sucks, whatever. This Diglet hits me with Quick Attack and it took out my entire health bar.

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Granted, none of us can prove our arguments, this being an anonymous imageboard and you needing to observe and study the lifestyle of every single /jp/er to determine whether or not they watch anime.

And I think I have the upper hand, since you need to prove that every single /jp/er does not watch anime to win. I only need to prove one of them does so to disprove your argument. But I'm just gonna give us both the benefit of doubt here and move on.

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You can get anything for free, though. ANYTHING.

What's your point?

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I could not figure it out. No critical attack, nothing. And as soon as my life bar drains, he pumps his fist and shakes it really slowly, and he whispers "uhhhhnnnnnnnn". He thoroughly decimated my entire team with his Diglet. He finally takes out my level 96 Zapdos and he litterally jumps onto the tables and kicks my gameboy out of my hands, fracturing 2 of my fingers. And he starts screaming "MITCHUMS MITCHUMS MITCHUMS CATCH EM ALL" and stomping as hard as he could on the tables. Now this kid was like 12 but the plastic tables couldn't hold up to the weight and started giving way, which made him slip onto the floor ass first. He wound up breaking his ass bone. Bjut he's like crying on the floor and he's still screaming "MITCHUMS MITCHUMS CATCH EM ALL, MITCHUMS WILL CATCH! THEM! ALL!!!" and he looks at me with these eyes, and he growls at me, and everything is dead silent and he fucking growls at me and points and says "YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS! YOU WON'T FORGET THIS, MITCHUMS WILL CATCH THEM ALL"

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If SA is so great you're welcome to stay there. Nobody gives a fuck about that board now, you have no right to claim that posting there makes you anything but a retard. All the funny, creative not self-diagnosed aspergers users left years ago.

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Please do note that defragmentation is akin to brushing the disheveled hair of your little computer girl while she rests on your lap, her small, warm body pushing against yours as she ignores your attempts to comb her long hair in her quest to find a comfortable spot. And disk cleanup would be in form of you taking a bath with her afterwards, making sure to scrub her body thoroughly to remove the dirt (that is to say unnecessary applications and temporary files) she accumulated from playing while she blushes and mumbles about how she's old enough to take baths by herself now, but when you offer to leave the bath, she'd nonetheless tell you to stay with a small voice. While washing her body, it goes without saying that you'd take note of how she's changed over the years, her hips and cute little butt taking on curves more fit for mature women twice her age and little buds rising from her chest as the first signs of her entry into adulthood - though those changes would be caused by VNs and images you've downloaded on her instead of aging. Her personality would consequently be a mixture of innocent and lewd, and she'd be well aware that you're the main cause of the shapely curves on her little girl body, so she'd take the opportunity to "please" her master by pressing her flat chest against you and rubbing your penis with her hands, moving her slender fingers expertly despite her apparent youth due to instincts you've bestowed her via your downloads.

And after the cleanup session, you'd resume your "play" with her, where she'd read VNs to you (and even help you understand difficult text with her dictionaries) or watch as your play Touhou, Hellsinker, Diadra Empty, Batrider, Dodonpachi or whichever other shooter struck your fancy today until you feel the need to masturbate, where her slender, bridal glove-clad hands would again take hold of your penis and jerk it until you cum on your little computer daughter yet again.

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The really hilarious part of all this is that /jp/ still claims to be a better board than /a/.

>> No.7661334

You're both accusing each other like children. Give it a rest.

And just what the hell is wrong with giving producers the money they deserve? I pirate things because I have no other option, but to say that compensating their hard work is retarded is some horseshit.

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I don't give a fuck who you are or where you live, you can count on me to be there just to bring your life to a hellish end. I'll put you in so much fucking pain that it'll make Jesus being nailed to the cross in the desert look like a fucking back massage on a tropical island. I don't give a fuck how tough you are, how well you fight, or how many fucking guns you own to protect yourself. I'll fucking show up at your house when you aren't at home. I'll turn on all the lights in your house, leave all the water running, open your fridge door and not close it, and turn your gas stove burners on and let them waste gas. You're gonna start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, and you'll have a fucking heart attack. You'll go to the hospital for heart operation, and the last thing you'll see when being put under in the operating room is me, hovering above you dressed up like a doctor. When you wake up after the operation, you'll be scared for your fucking life, wondering what I did to you while you were being operated on, wondering what ticking time bomb is in your chest waiting to go off. You'll recover fully from your surgery. And when you walk out the front door of the hospital to go home, I'll run you over with my fucking car out of nowhere and kill you. I just want you to know how easily fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I'd rather go to a great fucking length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing hell. It's too late to save yourself but don't bother committing suicide either...I'll fucking resuscitate you and kill you myself you bitchfaced faggot. Welcome to hell, population: you.

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If /jp/ is so great you're welcome to stay there. Nobody gives a fuck about that board now, you have no right to claim that posting there makes you anything but a retard. All the funny, creative not self-diagnosed aspergers users left years ago.

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I will add my epic, I suppose. It was a long time ago, in high school yet. I was at home - whether the vacation was, or output, and the mother for some reason was not, accordingly, I was in the apartment alone. Of course, in those years I never missed any opportunity pofapat, left alone, so had time to indulge in this exciting venture a few times a morning. Given that the mother had to return in the evening, I decided not to dress, and walked around the apartment naked, the more so because FAP was more convenient.
So, during the next session FAP I suddenly realized that eaten on the eve of stale stuff from the fridge was stale rubbish and that it is now actively asking out. I tried to finish quickly and ran to the toilet. It should also mention that while I had a nasty habit constantly chew gum. So, I ran into this poor toilet, and walking past the bathroom, I notice that our cat again shit directly into the bath (he was still ill-mannered and not getting where sral). I decided that a few extra seconds will not kill me, since I still go to the toilet, it would be necessary and cat shit out of the bath to remove the toilet and throw. And exactly at that very moment, when I lean over the bathroom and pick up a handful of cat shit, I simultaneously realize that I bent down for nothing, because the intestine responded to this motion lightning rolled up my stool directly to the exhaust port, and even and just above the ear, a piercing trill of the doorbell. Yes, it was announced, you guessed it, I vzbzdnul.

>> No.7661345

Why are you so immature?

>> No.7661347

Vzbzdnul with just a deafening screech and threw it out of the anus monstrous jet, like the flamethrower, which crashed against the wall of the corridor opposite the exit from the bathroom. Moreover, the jet, unabated, splashed all over the floor and all of my ass and lower. Parallel to this, I abruptly stood up, slipped on the slippery floor ebuchem, splashing a powerful stream of feces and poluvypal poluvyskolznul-out of the bathroom in the hallway directly opposite the door. And you know what? The front door was open. Apparently, his mother, leaving, had forgotten to lock it, and fucking ignorant pochtalonka (I'm guessing that this girl was a member of mail, according to the parts of uniforms, which I managed to see) decided not to wait until I deign to open her door, and immediately pulled it on themselves.
I guess you already figured out what fabulous picture she had to behold: by shit-smeared hallway in the middle of which stands stark naked hairy asshole, half-smeared by shit with polustoyaschim nadrochennym by a dick from which are still hanging clumps of sperm, frantically balancing in a puddle of shit, holding a handful of shit in hand and at the same time enthusiastically chewing (not to forget about the crappy gum). Yeah, I realized how I looked, and began to neigh hysterically, which again lost control of the sphincter and once again began to have diarrhea with a monstrous roar and stink of cutting the eye. The girl squeaked and rattled poured on the stairs. And in the corridor had to change the wallpaper and linoleum.

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Stop with the fucking kopipe. It isn't helping and you're even bumping the thread occasionally.

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This thread is autism given form.

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Because JPEGs are more heavily compressed than other image formats, their information is more volatile and likely to expand at high speed through an unchecked buffer, poorly allocated resource or any other available system space. I'd guess you're probably losing image data through one of these means.

You see, when you load a JPEG into memory, the EXtra colour Information Format (EXIF) header is loaded into RAM in order to prepare the video prebuffer for the incoming high-speed flow of colour information from the uncorked JPEG. If your bus isn't ready for this information, the rapidly decompressing file information can flow through other parts of your system.

Ordinarily this isn't a problem: as a matter of fact, JPEG was designed for this sort of thing. Older computers couldn't handle the explosive power behind the fledgeling image decompression algorithm, so rather than fight it, image experts invented the Jampacked Picture Extraction and Gathering (JPEG) protocol. They cleverly decided to allow the image data to spray wherever it would, knowing that after the extraction phase would send raw data all over the inside of the computer, the gathering phase would locate it all and reassemble it into an image. With the advent of faster computers the delay between spray and collection is so small as to be unnoticeable, while newer and bigger video cards are more capable of withstanding the onslaught of colours.

Still, the primary weakness of this algorithm is the haphazard placement of decompressed data. There's just too much of it to channel through normal means, so any loss of data containment results in corrupted images. In your case, it would appear that you're losing image data through the empty hole where your goddamned shift key should be.

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>All the funny, creative not self-diagnosed aspergers users left years ago.

Yes, it's obvious that they've all left for /jp/, right?

This thread is embarrassing. You're all embarrassing.

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lol u mad newfag

>> No.7661357

Poorfags gonna poorfag.

Enjoy your shitty, directionless pedophile board with no moderation.

>> No.7661358

I'm sorry, but has Saten even engaged in sexual intercourse? Oh, that’s right. She hasn't even made contact with a man outside of school. In fact, it’s only mandatory school for level upper users. Does not having a cliche tsundere personality make you a slut? Is that what you’re saying? Because if you’re saying that I can assure you that you’re wrong. Why would you make this thread when the anime is already finished and we know for certain she is pure? Saten is a holy maiden now and she was been the purest maiden in ToAru? Saten has to go up against one of the sluttiest espers in Academy City who just happened to have a lead because she was praying on Touma's power. But you know what? Biribiri is still a whore. Saten is the best heroine in all of Raildex, she has the best design. Saten almost won Saimoe, she would have done it if it wasn't for her tragedy with that scientist's level upper throwing her for a mental loop. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded threads like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Saten is proven a better waifu than any other in ToAru. Misaka tries to latch on to anyone who would have shown her a different and free life. Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a post on this board again and I’m fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you’re the only guy making all these anti-Saten threads because you’re a faggot hater who doesn’t like a heroine because they’re canonically pure. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking idiots on the board, like I give a fuck. It’s so easy to spot out your threads now, you’re a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don’t you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a post like this. That’s just you, you’re always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing.

>> No.7661363

Megaman broke away from his father's hold, ran to the window and looked out over the city. His eyes filled with tears. His heart hurt under the weight of what he'd just been told. How could his father do nothing? How could Dr. Light not avenge the death of Protoman?

That story's finished. That story's ended.
Understand there's nothing more that we can do.
And I will not risk losing you.

For if you leave now, you will be fighting
for a people that refuse to comprehend
They have chosen their own end.

So you will stay here. You will obey me.
And I will keep grieving for the son I sent to death.
You are all I have left.

You need to know.
You are not him.
This fight's not yours.

Megaman tore past Dr. Light. He threw the doors open at the end of the hallway and disappeared into the stairway. Light called after him:

You cannot win.

>> No.7661365

Did a mod start this thread or something? Why isn't it being deleted?

>> No.7661368

Dr. Light: You have heard me tell this story
Many times before you sleep
This time listen carefully

And I will tell you once again
But this time understand that what I'm telling you.
Every single word is true.

You need to know.

There was another who came before you
He was a hero and your brother and my son.
He fought the darkness, the darkness won.

And he fought bravely, and he died bravely
But he was forsaken by the ones he wished to save.
And when he died he died in vain.

You need to know.
You are not him.

That time is coming, and I must warn you
Though it's something that you may not understand
They can't be saved by just one man.

And I am sorry, cause I was wrong
And I'd take away the weight his shoulders had to bear.
Cause when he fell I was the only one that cared.

You need to know.
You are not him.
His fight's not yours.

>> No.7661370

Sssh, you're gonna get us threadbanned!

>> No.7661372

  ∧_∧   ∧_∧    ∧_∧   ∧_∧     ∧_∧
 ( ・∀・)   <丶`∀´>  ( ´∀`)  ( ・ω・)    ( ´ω`)
 (    つ┳∪━━∪━∪━━∪━∪━∪━┳⊂     つ
 | | |  |This thread is fucking terrible.  | | | |
 (__)_) ┻━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┻ (__)_)

Stop posting!

>> No.7661374

The sad part is that it's true. /jp/ really went downhill after CYOA was banned and every thread turned into a variation of "Can Shiki kill Servants" or "WHICH 2HU FUCK??".

>> No.7661376

About a week ago I thought that if I threw up, I could be with my waifu (Who is Madotsuki) and I knew this was just a joke, I knew it wouldn't work. I got depressed and more depressed. I was bored, too. But, I got kind of curious how it would FEEL doing the same thing my waifu does so much. After a meal with lots of water, I found myself hovering my toilet, contemplating whether or not to do it. Instantly, I thought "this is a bad idea."

However, all of a sudden I got a "wave" of anxiety, which often ties with my depression. "Do it" was all I knew for that second, and I heaved, putting all of my rage into the area deeper than my throat. Immediately, pounds and liters worth of chunks erupted from my mouth in a glorious wave of undigested fury. Full force, like a maxed-out water hose, I just kept putting more pressure in my stream of vomit, splattering all over the toilet and splashing off of the rim. Eventually the tiny bowl couldn't keep the meat chunks and I had to end, finally flushing it.

Much like finishing masturbation, I felt regret, having to clean up the gooey liquid from the toilet. But, on the other side, I didn't care. I had a huge grin on my face, knowing I finally achieved my goal and became a little closer with my love.

This is going to become somewhat of a usual activity for me. I must have done it three times since the first time, and it's nearly as exhilarating with each time. I'm trying to tweak my game a bit, trying to mix a proper balance of meat and water, paying attention to vary my chewing, so the chunks I spew can look more beautiful. I fully recommend it to anyone who shares my beloved Madotsuki.

>> No.7661382

For me , fhc from Brazil, NTR only exist when this happens with a wife, bride or a girlfriend of the protagonist ( a girl that have a official love relationship / commitment with the protagonist of the game ) and the protagonist really love this woman very much, and this woman love the protagonist very much too, however, for some reason, she is forced to make sex with other man ( maybe bacause of a “uncontrollable sexual desire”, or maybe because of blackmail, or like the “payment” of a “high debt”, or, just a normal RAPE ) I not know, the reason will be explained in the game, but, the fact is that the girl need to love the protagonist and the protagonist need to love the girl. NTR without love, for me, is not NTR.

However, for sure exist others different kinds of NTR, since NTR is jealousy and jealousy is a feelings, then, it can change between different persons. No one have the same feelings, no one have the same mind. Then, NTR is something of personal interpretation.

Games exactly with the kind of NTR that I like are very much rare, then, If I keep only with this kind of thing in my mind, I never will play any game. I need to try to satisfy me with the few NTR that are available, even in games that not have EXACTLY the kind of NTR that I like.

Then, some people have jealousy of their mother or sister, other people feel jealousy of a unrequited love, like a childhood friend that you love very much, but, she end up in love with other guy. Or maybe a friend that work in the same job. This can varies very much beetween each game. The unique TRUE fact about NTR is:

1- The protagonist see the girl making sex with other guy, and the protagonist feel sad, frustated, angry and disturbed seeing this sexual act. The protagonist fell JEALOUSY in few words, then, this is NTR.

>> No.7661385

I woke up at exactly 6:00. I need no alarm clock. Two women woke me by sucking my cock, which by the way is 17 and a half inches. I didn't need to shower, because my body self cleanses and my pores emit the manliest cologne possible.

I got in my 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago and another one of my bitches was waiting in the passenger seat. She was in the car all night, because she couldn't sleep without me having penetrated her. She hopped on me and started riding my dick while I squeezed her tits and drove with my knees. In three seconds, I arrived at the gym, which was fifty miles away. I threw the bitch off me, and she quickly returned to the passenger seat, where she would sit until I got back. When I got out the car, I flexed. My bulging, huge, muscles ripped my shirt off, and six women lined up. We had an orgy, which didn't last too long. Each woman climaxed when my cock came within five inches of her pussy, and went into an eternal state of euphoria after I put it in. I came, and three hundred gallons of semen shot out. It landed in Ghana, and ended the drought.

I hovered into the gym, because the ground was too scared of my calf muscles to touch my feet. After benching seven thousand tons, I squatted four million kilograms. I started doing my four hundred laps around California, but I got a phone call. It was a conference call with nineteen supermodels. They orgasmed after hearing my voice. My bitch in the car was getting lonely, so I went back. She sucked me off as I took the three second drive back home. I left her in the car and went inside.

>> No.7661386 [DELETED] 

why is /jp/ so shitty

>> No.7661388

People who use Head and shoulders are mentally challenged and should seek more education and information immediately.

Protip: The next time you see a H&S thread, look at the posts.
Most of the posters have blatant misspellings in their posts. Capitalization and punctuation is forgotten, and Youtube-style idiocy is emphasized.

This exemplifies the low intelligence level of Head and Shoulders users. It isn't without reason either.

H&S is simply a Shampoo that was overly advertised and glorified, a shampoo that should've appealed to anyone with the slightest fashion sense. However, most people have seen this strategy in the forms of makup, lipstick, hairbrushes, or some other product.
The advertising, glorification, and blatant lying has been done many many times, and the single defeat of an over-dramatized "powerful" problem should no longer sell to the intellectual in at all.

However, Head&shits target audience consists of 13 year old boys who have never experienced forms of higher products or shampoo. If one were to use H&S without having experienced products with a promise, they would use H&S as the base value for the genre. However, if one were more educated on the aspects of shampoos, one would regard H&S as a poor attempt to appeal to their audiences.

Once the false promises and advertising of Head&shit are removed, the remaining dregs are a poor shampoo and a big promise. Essentially, this is what H&S is to the educated and informed. A dull product which has no appeal whatsoever. However, to the uneducated, H&S represents a new flavor of shampoo they have just experienced.

Although one can regard a new type of shampoo as wonderful, I would advise one to pursue more subjects of that product type. There is no point fawning over a single shampoo that was released ages ago. I would suggest that, instead of creating another H&S thread, you should go try some more shampoo. Or, better yet, you can always go read a book.

>> No.7661389

I'm a dodonpachi squadron fighter, the elite, the best of the best, go home, little girls.

>> No.7661391

So what's up wid it ? You know the deal, it's that boy Ramiro,

So the other day while I was practicing my Capoeira, I was thinkin about this awesome party house in Jersey with tons of alcohol and hot sluts, that I used to drive up to when I was in highschool. It was actually a fraternity house, but the guys weren't skinny faggots that wear their shirts tucked in. Weid huh ? Any way, I said fuck the club and decided to go holla at some of my boyz from way back in the day.

I roll into the house with my posse, but something isn't right. I'm thinkin : where are the kegs, and more importantly, I can't see a single descent
girl. Just then, this little dweeb starts scopin me, then comes up and asks me who I am. My boy Roberto goes "Are u fucking serious ?! You're talking to Ramiro a.k.a the BO$$ of Jersey." Then the kid (who had a striking resemblance to Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All) says something like ' Please don't take any personal offense to this, but this house belongs to the Touhou brotherhood, and so I must humbly ask that you please leave.'

I say "Listen Ferguson, you little faggot, I don't know about all that gibberish, but me and my niggas came here for some pussy, some jager bombs, and some yayo. Now since ya boy don't like having sex with blue whales, u better make the next two happen real quick." The kid mutters in a shaky voice, "My name isn't ferguson," and starts tearing up a little. My boyz just laughed, it was pretty pathetic. After that I gave Ferguson a nuclear wedgie and peaced the fuck out before ya boy got swarmed by all the fat girls.

So can someone please tell me what the fuck a "Touhou" is, and what happened to one of the sickest party houses in Jersey?

>> No.7661398

I bet this is as good a time as any to reveal some info that will change your life.

I have mastered the art of hands free masturbating.

The countless years, the endless hours, all of it has gone into mastering this technique. It's so mindlessly simple I hate myself for not finding it sooner.

What you need:
-Laptop with mouse
-Bed and pillows
-NEW material (like, 30+ images of some new fetish you just found. Something you have yet to use)

First, lay down on your back and become as comfortable as possible. Take a long pillow and lay it next to you lengthwise and set the laptop on it so it's about a foot from your face and at a 45 degree angle. Take your right arm and put it under the pillow with the mouse. You should be flat on your back, pillow under head and your head should be tilted slightly right to the laptop monitor.

Next, start looking at whatever you want. Your right arm with the mouse should be at an angle you are comfortable with. About 5 minuets into a solid erection slowly start to vibrate your hips.

That's it. Shortly after you start to vibrate you will notice slight twitches and pre-cum flowing out uncontrollably. Soon enough you will be breathing hard and your body will start to vibrate harder and harder on it's own until you climax.

It takes practice, but the result is always one of those 30 second long pulsating super loads.

Tips for beginners:
-Be as calm as possible. The room must be quiet and you MUST be able to concentrate.
-Try moving your legs. Start with them straight and after a bit bring the bottom of your feet together.
-If you absolutely cannot do this at first, gently rub the underside of your penis with one finger for 5 seconds every 60 seconds. This will accelerate the possess.

I share this information for one reason, so it can be used. There are some things mankind should know.

>> No.7661405

3 liters? That's quite a lot. Let's say I turned into a immortal little girl today and allowed my body to be constantly violated until my mind breaks and all I can feel is the warmth of the semen gushing inside my small womb. Since the refractory period is about 15 minutes (for 18 year old males, no way I'll let older men cum inside me), and assuming a 8-hour sleep for those otaku, it would seem that one of them can have sex 64 times every day, ejaculating about 45 mililiters every time (that's about three tablespoons, vastly higher than the average volume). Since my loli body would be irresistibly erotic, let's assume that any man who violates me will ejaculate instantly, taking about a minute in average before my slutty womb drinks all of their semen. Since those are responsible men, they will only cum inside my tight vagina, so at this point, I would have 67,5 liters of cum sprayed inside me every day.

Since my body is immature, my womb would be rather small, say, roughly a sphere about 4cm in diameter (the average womb is a bit larger, and not a sphere, it's more elliptical). Assuming no stretching, this is the Schwarzschild radius for roughly 27 septillion kilograms. The density of cum is around 1,014g/mL (By the way, there's a study on this. They decanted semen into graduated cylinders and weighed it.), so I'd have roughly 68,5kg of semen ejaculated inside me every day. Divide the former to the latter, and you get about a sextillion years. So in roughly a sextillion years, older than the known age of the universe, about when the sun spends the last remnants of its energy and cools down completely, after aeons of being cummed inside, my slutty loli womb will have so much semen in it that it'll turn into a black hole.

>> No.7661409

why is /jp/ so shitty

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