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Hey /jp/, what do you guys think of the lolita style?

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Scary bitches.

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Does it depend on what kind of lolita they wear, or is this your opinion on all kinds of lolita

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I think it should stay in /cgl/

I'm also sick of seeing generically "dark" girls in anime/games/etc wearing it.

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Just asking /jp/s opinion on this, since it is a little part of otaku culture in my opinion.

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Like everything else, it only looks good in 2D.

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Okay, this one is better. But the scary rosy/white-dresses looks like giant-babies, ready to kill you any time.

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I see.

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2D lolita style is good, 3D is NOPE tier.

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I have always liked pretty frills and stuff for a very long time, about ten years?

But livejournal, emo lolita, and international lolita community are all pretty disastrous.


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It's not my favorite kind either, classic and gothic are god-tier.

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Usually I'm not scared by 3D lolita, but the ones posted in this thread are ugly. >>>/cgl/

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As long as the girl is not fat, it's fine.

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You sillies, lolita style is for DOLLS not actual WOMEN!

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emo lolita?


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What if it's worn by a girl that looks like a doll?

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I've read threads on /cgl/ where they talked about whoring themselves so they could afford lolita clothes.
After that I couldn't like it anymore.

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How is something that originated in gothic communities otaku culture? Because anime likes that style to make its girls wear needlessly complicated dresses?

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/cgl/ is only a small percentage of the actual lolitas, not all of them are like that, trust me.

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I wanna see this, can you find it on archive?

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It came from Japan, quite often seen in Anime and Manga.

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I'm quite fond of little girls in frilly clothes. In 2d, obviously.

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>It came from Japan
Oh you're one of THOSE people.

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You are now hearing the "Adams Family"-theme

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Sushi and Fundoshi also came from Japan and often seen in Anime and Manga.
Maybe if you post dolls wearing them it will be board relevant but all you've posted so far belongs in >>>/cgl/. It is also more beneficial for you because you'll have people who are interested there.

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I like the clothes. The seem to paint an elegant character but you see too much of just gothic lolita with cold personalities. I'd like to see more sweet lolita with cute personalities or other variants.

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how does that one go again?

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I would love to have sex with one of them.
(or with anyone actually)
but most of the ones I've seen are actually ugly, her faces, pretty ugly, and I guess they do this to feel pretty.

I mean, I'd love to have sex with a really cute one.
Or even if my girlfriend did that once in a while or something it would be ok (I wouldn't go out with her though)

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Get out of /jp/, ``please''!!

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While it might be the correct place for a topic such as this (if it's 3d at any rate), sending someone to /cgl/ is morally reprehensible. It's like kindly directing a suicidal person to the nearest gun store.

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I like whatever it is when they have the lolita style kimonos with the short skirt.

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If you seriously think that he's serious, there's something seriously wrong with you.

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I concour. That's arousing.

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request some of those

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I like the style itself, pretty dresses and all, but the problem comes from the people who wear it. Typical women don't make very cute "lolitas".

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Fundoshi or kimono things?

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/cgl/ is great fun to browse now and again, if only because of all the people bitching. And the odd nice cosplay.

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If every girl and woman would dress in lolita/gothic/gothic-lolita style, act accordingly and be non-fat, world would be so great place to live I wouldn't need to watch anime or fap to Touhou hentai.

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A world full of skinny bitches?

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Fundoshi (2D by the way) for me.

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it is also an interesting place to troll. they're very insecure about their weight, about their face, about their fashion sense, about a lot of things.

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...but where's the zettai ryouiki?

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Cannot stop laughing.

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I hopped over there, and the first thread I saw was...
I am incapable of properly expressing my feelings about this. Suffice to say, they're not positive.

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I don't understand what makes something lolita and not just an alice like dress or a maid.

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only those severely fucked-up in their head would want a world full of landwhales, bitches and chubbies

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How come you're not posting any FAT lolitas then? Oh that's right, because they only looks good on skinny girls, not land whales.

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frills, bows, etc. so yeah, a lot of Alice cosplays and also some maids fall under lolita. it's a broad category.

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basically lolita is people trying to look like the following:

1. cake
2. dolls
3. little girls
4. anime characters

since 1,2 and 4 are not even human and they're too old for 3 it usually turns into a clusterfuck of fail.

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I want a world full of cute faced lolis, not skinny women who might still have ugly faces.

I don't think it looks good at all on anyone, I just like the kimono style ones. I like the look of modernized japanese robes. I wish Japan would do it more rather than falling into that t-shirt and jeans shit America spilled all over the world.

Also emphasis is on the lolita personality being bitches rather than being in support of fatties. I wouldn't trade fat women for women who acted like what I've seen of lolita dressed characters.

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>Lolita style - Fat women who try to look like cake.

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And skinny women irrationally hating everyone. Except themselves. Scratch that, especially themselves. While attempting to look like little girls/cake/dolls.

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Trips and a post like that. You win the internetz.

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Hah, no, you're not going to make yourself feel better just by saying that fattie. All the skinny women I know are wonderful people... Can't say that about fat girls that I know, most of the time they must be the center of attention because they're daddies little princesses and all that crap.

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>women I know
Get the fuck out.

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Sorry, I forgot that this is the land of basement dwellers and neckbears.

Getting the fuck out.

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I like it alot.

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I don't mind except for the pigeon footed poupee girl stuff.

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Oh, I meant the /cgl/ "lolita" fanbase. Not everybody in general. There's no way I'd make that dumb of a generalization. Like you just did. Why don't you go make yourself feel better about being a horrible person by telling people how unattractive they are elsewhere, nobody here cares.

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personaly i dont like the cake part of it..
most other styles os lolita i like but gothic is always looks the best to me...

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