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i just made myself an okonomiyaki

you jelly /jp/?

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Can't you just say "pancake"?

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I don't know why, but I first thought the meat was a mouth and the sauce was the teeth.

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Pants cake

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I had cereal.

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>forget to put some fish skin or whatever it's called

shit i knew something was missing

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>>>/ck/ may be interested.

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It's called katsuo bushi in japanese, bonito flakes in english. It's not fish skin, it's dried, fermented katsuo (a type of tuna) that's been hardened and is then shaved extremely thin. People used to keep big blocks of them in their homes and would shave them as needed but now they just buy it in bags from the grocery store.

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I'm not. I've still got my water.

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No, I'm not jealous of mayo pancakes.

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are you from Poland?

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That looks very delicious.

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Who is OP and why he's wasting all his time in making expensive food every day? Think of all the anime you could watch instead.

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Hardcore, man.

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i fucking love okonomiyakis

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I'm making myself manpizza right now.

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Because manpizzas are fucking awesome.

And deadly for my stomach but I can never resist eating tasty shit.