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Accelerator > Aizen > Living Tribunal > Goku > superman > Naruto > Luffy > Ichigo > Arcueid > Shirou > Touma > Galactus > Shiki > SHIKI > 3rd personality Shiki > Getter Emperor > STTGL> Ideon > ORT > Elder God Demonbane > Accelerator


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Actual discussion > shit > power level threads

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Madoka is shit.

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I looked up this fag the other day and found out he can't get UV light. How are his bones not dead?

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Please stop trying to create a meme

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Unless you go awakened Accelerator he isn't that big of a big shot at all.
And if you do go awakened Accelerator, he still can't meassure up against things like The Flash or say, even something like Lancer.
Or a FF1 black mage, using magic not following ToAru-verse rules.

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Oh wow, when I think about it, isn't Gae Bolg the perfect thing to kill Accelerator with?

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He can consciously allow it to affect him, it just doesn't most of the time.

Let's not do the "how to kill accelerator" faggotry all over again, it's been done to death and it doesn't belong here.

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Amuri > Accelerator
Literally nothing can touch her and she can survive in outer space.

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Power words

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I thought Indexes were just Disney versions of the X-Men. They're not that powerful or something.

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It is. If it potentially can be hit, Gae Bolg reverses cause and effect and hits before anything else even happened.
Gae Bolg could have problems with say Berserker's God Hand, given how the spear in no way even theoretically get through no matter the hit.

Accelerator's shield can still let things through though, it just generally doesn't let things it have recognized as harmful through. But with something like Gae Bolg that reverses cause and effect, by the time the shield would consider whether or not to let it through, it would have already gotten through.

Even if one go by the way of it blocking it, Gae Bolg wouldn't simply be blocked by that, and would end in a power struggle ala Gae Bolg vs Rho Aias, and end in Accelerator breaking/overheating, then pierced.
But then again, the shield would never had a chance to block it, so it doesn't really matter.

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Scrooge McDuck>*

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And then an elder essence Solar shows up and fucking kills them all.

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How is Accelerator at the top when he got his shit kicked by Touma? For that matter why isn't touma at the top for having the ability to nullify everything all those other characters can do, pretty much at will?

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So what's stopping teleporters from just teleporting a club with nails into Accelerator's ass again?

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Because it's a troll list and touma is just an angry teenager with plot armour.

Raildex teleportation isn't true teleportation, it involves moving things through higher dimensions and isn't instant.

He can vector things that are being teleported to him before they reach him.

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Anime > Not-Anime

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Some plot bullshit, who cares, this series is shit. It just pandering to beta nerds who like big boobs.

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Hey, it's pandering to lovers of small boobs too! Though yeah, otherwise it's shit.
>beta nerds

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Hi there.
Now fuck off back to >>>/a/

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Index fans are worse than K-on fans. This is a fact.

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Thats such a cool story mark

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> Above All
SSS+ Tier: Abrahamic God, The Beyonder (Pre-Retcon), The One-Above-All
> Virtual omnipotence, powers exceeding the universe
SS Tier: Golden Tribe, Lord of Nightmares, Lambdadelta, Bernkastel, Demonbane, Kami Tenchi, The Living Tribunal
> Powers on universe-scale, absolute power over concepts of reality itself
S Tier: Yuki Nagato, Haruhi, GER, Dr. Manhattan, Bellcross, TTGL, Galactus, Outer Cthulu Gods
> Nearly invincible defensive and offensive skills
A Tier: Alucard, The Flash, Shiki, Awakened Accelerator, Post-Spinach Popeye
> Ridiculously powerful characters
B Tier: Goku, Superman, Kamen Rider Black RX
> Overrated, but still powerful
C Tier: Aizen, Batman with prep time, Wolverine

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>No Arcueid

That list is shit.

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>Gae Bolg could have problems with say Berserker's God Hand, given how the spear in no way even theoretically get through no matter the hit.

God Hand blocks C rank and down.
B rank and above get through.
Gae Bolg is B rank.
But I get your meaning anyway.


Archetype: Earth and Types of any planet would be between A and S rank. A+?

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dude...she was omitted because that's te list of who can resist more seconds aganist her before being obliterated by her destructive power and submitted by her beauty.

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>Archetype: Earth and Types of any planet would be between A and S rank. A+?

Not sure, but in canon Arcueid's Marble Phantasm has been shown to be planetary scale reality warping. What with she summoning the end of the world and Dust of Osiris planning to use that world to kill "all" of humanity. So I'd say she is a solid B tier, maybe A.

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>Anything on this list being put above Getter Emperor

With the possible exception of Galactus, seeing as he is an avatar of a core power of the universe and largely responsible for maintaining it.

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Shitmoon and faildex are the worst fanbases.