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I wish Ran was my mom
I could be Chen brother and we would eat pancakes every morning.
I love pancakes and Ran is the best mom, so she must make the best pancakes. Everybody knows that moms make the best food in the world.
Remember when you ate your mom's homemade dinner? It is delicious

I wish I was Ran's son

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I wish I could lick Chen's sweet hairless vagina under the kotatsu

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Whoa don't go ditch your own mum yet.

Ran and Chen live in Gensokyo with almost limited technology. You won't be able to surf 4 chan anymore. Would you want that?

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Listen, OP. You've clearly been educated in stupidity. You don't want to be Ran's child, you want to be her lover. The Japanese all get a hard on from incest, but in the end it's just wrong.

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I think you people forgot one important factor

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My mom's food wasn't that great.

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Your mom was a slut then
All good moms cook great food

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If you could fly and shoot bullets in a world with monsters of unimaginable power and magic, would you rather be browsing the internet?

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Well I wouldn't.

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>Remember when you ate your mom's homemade dinner?

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>>763725 Remember when you ate your mom's homemade dinner? It is delicious

Oh yes. Healthy and cheap. Very cheap. Some sort of microwaved fish stew based upon those el-cheapo frozen fish blocks at least once a week. Blood pudding. Soups best left unmentioned. Chili con carne where the "con" part is only included through a lot of generosity. Lots of vegetables (she could generally get those for free).

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They're not JUST bullets, you know.

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Oh god, it can't be that bad. At least its better than fast food everyday. SHe attempts to be healthy after all.

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Waffles was here

Pancakes is a loser

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Quick somewhat-related request: anyone have the shop putting Ran's head on all of her tails handy? I forgot to save it the first time I saw it.

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Your mother was an American.

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I wish to be thelittle catboy thread?

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I like this guy. Ain't nothing like homemade waffles.

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I like them both equally. Sometimes pancakes are just fucking over-the-line delicious depending on who makes it or where you eat it, though.

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I know.

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>blood pudding

Might want to reevaluate your platform, professor.

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Truth; my mom sucks and I haven't talked to her in ten years.

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I cook better than my mom. Much better. Since she keeps making bland garbage. I make gourmet stuff. You fail.

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My moms cooking is lousy.
Ever came out for dinner and found just baked chicken patties?
I'm like >>763803 here, I actually cook better than my mom, and I'm no cook let me tell you.